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Are you for the 819 billion stimulus package?

posted 2/3/2009 3:06:38 AM |
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tagged: politics, straddle

Are you for the 819 billion dollar stimulus package that Obama and the dems are trying to pass? Over the last few days a lot of Americans started learning about all the pork in this package. It passed the house, but all the house republicans voted against it, along with 12 democrats. It now goes to the senate for a full vote in mid Feb. I believe. The stimulus package has lost so much approval rating for almost a week now, and what was once a sure passage of this package bill is now in doubt in the senate unless some changes are made to it. Right now it looks like one moderate republican from Vermont will be supporting the current package, but there are a few democrats that may not, including democrat Ben Nelson. Obama will be trying to work both republicans and democrats for their votes on passage of it for the next two weeks.

How I feel about it is I hope the package fails. For one, there's way too much pork in it.

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Feb 3 @ 7:46AM  
Fairly good summation. The senate will look it over and you can expect changes from them, probably cutting most of the pork. Then the senate and house will get together and a joint committee will render a final bill probably closer to the senate version. It will pass both houses quickly and Obama will sign it. Look for this to take about two weeks.

Feb 3 @ 8:16AM  
I don't understand everything that's in this stimulus package, but from what little I do understand...I hope it fails.

Feb 3 @ 8:56AM  
Typical DC ploy........ask for way more than you expect.....

Dumb kid:..."Mom, can I have a cookie?"

Smart Kid:....."Mom, can I have 5 cookies?"
MOM:..."No, you can only have 1...."

Whatever gets passed will have a lot of "PORK" in it.....always has, always will....

If they truely wanted to boost the economy, and vitually end unemployment, they should take that 819 Billion, and make it available to Small Businesses (less than 10 employees) on a "0%" loan basis (Maximum loan $250,000), with one of the basic requirement to qualify is the addition (immediate) of at least 5 employees in "higher than minimum wage" positions. Repayment would be based upon a percentage of the NET profits on a monthly basis, after one year.

But, we all know this ain't gonna happen....Cuz it cuts out BIG Business Porkers......


Feb 3 @ 9:27AM  
I'm all for anything that is gonna help out our financial crisis and I don't think this is gonna change that, so I hope it fails also.

Feb 3 @ 11:14AM  
Do you guys remember that email that was going around awhile back?? It was a break down of giving every U.S. CITIZEN a huge amount of cash and then the break down of what they would spend it on. Yeah that would have jump started our economy hell then people could pay their bills upgrade on a home or car.

Feb 3 @ 11:24AM  
It was a break down of giving every U.S. CITIZEN a huge amount of cash

I believe it was what, $2,700?

Feb 3 @ 11:31AM  
From what I understand when watching a interview with Newt Gingrich. THe Package was long ter. And the majority of it wasn't to go into effect for 10 years. The Democrates are stretching there hands out to feel the water. Obama didn't spend much time with the machine before he was a Senator, now he has to play with the big boys and learn how to control them, or they are going to Spend us further into Depression.

Feb 3 @ 6:58PM  
No. Who's going to pay for the war if the government throws away all its money?

To be fair I said the same thing about Bush's package as well. Obama (being a black guy) may be offering an even bigger package than Bush, but no matter the size in both cases the country's getting screwed.

Feb 3 @ 9:45PM  
By now it's been done inot the ground, and all... but who is sugning the ckecks?

Feb 3 @ 11:33PM  
As the bill stands now...No, I don't want it to pass.

I'd like to tell them to give me MY money back...let me go stimulate the economy.

Feb 6 @ 2:26AM  
I haven't really been following the news like I usual do. But from what I heard it's not enough, and it will only get the economy going for two years at best. But that was coming from a Republican. And Obama didn't really listen to the Republican's plan. The economy is dire shape. I really wish the democrats and republicans would stop playing politics. I haven't really followed it as close as I usually do, so maybe I'm getting it ass backwards. Other then that, I think Obama is doing a good job from what I've heard. He's definitely not afraid to admit when he makes a mistake, and seems to gather as much information as possible from both sides before he takes action.

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Are you for the 819 billion stimulus package?