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Michael Phelps Busted Smoking Marijuana

posted 2/2/2009 7:03:44 PM |
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tagged: news, life, marijuana, sunshine

Ok, I am super sick. I went to the store for medicine and got interviewed by our local news station. They asked me what I thought about Michael Phelps being caught smoking a bong.

Before I give my answer, what all do you think??

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Michael Phelps Busted Smoking Marijuana
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Feb 2 @ 7:15PM  
It's nobody's business, but he needs to be discrete. I saw the coverage and am sure that whoever ratted him out got paid a pretty penny for recording it, most likely with a phone.

Feb 2 @ 7:17PM  
As long as he is not putting anyone in danger, its his business not anyone elses.

Feb 2 @ 7:18PM  
I dont care what people do in their spare time, as long as it doesnt involve children in a bad way, must be at least two consenting adults....or maybe one in my case. If he wants to smoke reefer, that's his business, and shame on the asshole for taking/posting the picture. Especially since he THOUGHT he could trust that person.

Feb 2 @ 7:19PM  
If he's gonna do it, then he's gonna do it. Should he have some discretion? hell yeah! there are people in this world that see him as a role model...all he's doing now is destroying that or in essence telling them that if he can do it, so can they. Sports figures and being role models are one of my pet peeves! but that's for another time...

I'm sorry that you're not feeling that karma for your blog on the weather down there?

Feb 2 @ 7:25PM  
Would there be this big an issue if he were caught pouring down a bottle of scotch? That's my answer.. bfhd.

Feb 2 @ 7:31PM  
You have been keeping this secret from me got scotch? Glenrothes perhaps?

Feb 2 @ 7:31PM  
Well, I told the reporter that it was sad for the fact that alot of kids looked up to him as a role model, that now it's going to be all over the internet. It's kind of tarnished his image. But, to each his own. Damn sure could have been worse. It's not my business how someone else runs their life. If that's what he chooses to do, then so be it, luckily, they let him keep all his medals.

What pissed me off was that he said it was poor judgement. Dude, you should have been able to judge that before you picked up a bong and started smoking with 2 random chicks. How old is he? I'm sure he knows right from wrong. If that's what he enjoys doing, he needs to do it on his own time and not with others.....

Feb 2 @ 7:36PM  
Glenfiddich... just a tot.

Feb 2 @ 7:45PM  
Now all those multi-million dollar endorsements will really slow down

Feb 2 @ 7:54PM  
Neglected the greenie, my bad...I brought this bong to Mike's place and time slipped away I guess. He has all of these endorsements that reward him monetarily so he can afford the good stuff wait a minute! My cell phone can't record videos.

Feb 2 @ 7:59PM  
It's been so long since I got high, I dont think I could pass a drug test anymore. I probably couldnt tell the difference between California red hair and Hawaiin.

Feb 2 @ 8:15PM  
I probably couldnt tell the difference between California red hair and Hawaiin.

But we damned sure can remember it!!! Don't recall if it led to the good looking fun women or if the good looking fun women led me to it. Wait, oh yes, I recall now, it was both!!!!

Feb 2 @ 8:16PM  
Makes me recall what was so good about the good old days!

Feb 2 @ 8:51PM  
I didnt do drugs, drugs did me! At least I think that's what happened, it's sooo hard to remember......

Feb 2 @ 8:54PM  
maybe a good top water leaf to relax with
But not much money in that stuff anymore
anyway; enjoy

Feb 2 @ 9:24PM  
I think the media is blowing it further out of proportion that it should be. If they want to make a big deal about him being a good influence on younger kids, then why flash it all over the airwaves for the younger kids to see?!?!?

Gotta wonder tho..... how many kids think he's "cooler" now??

Feb 2 @ 9:30PM  
I'm really sick about hearing this shit all weekend. The guy fucked up. You would think the media would finally move on, but after a few days they're still talking about this crap.

Feb 2 @ 9:39PM  
My thoughts are that when people are losing jobs or lost them, can't pay their bills to even eat or stay warm, how important is this shit.

Feb 2 @ 10:15PM  
Michael Phelps took a bong hit,made Baby Jeebus and the Bald Eagle cry.

He also scissor-kicked my grandma and lit my hair on fire.

Its just weed,damn.

Feb 3 @ 2:24AM  
at least you know he has a good lung capacity... hehe

Feb 3 @ 2:30AM  
at least you know he has a good lung capacity... hehe

Now that was funny!

Feb 3 @ 6:43AM  
but..but..but..did he inhale? It worked for some! just saying...

Feb 3 @ 7:06AM  
I think we all feel the same here today. Who the hell cares what he does in his spare time. As long as he isn't out driving afterwards christ. Let the kid live, he is the greatest olympian we will all probably ever meet, so he smokes weed. Live & let live I say. :>)

Feb 3 @ 8:36AM  
I read this in the paper yesterday and thought, "Geez, give the guy a break!" It's his business and it's only pot for God's sake

Feb 3 @ 8:38AM  
Would there be this big an issue if he were caught pouring down a bottle of scotch? That's my answer.. bfhd.

No shit! I'm really tired of people making a big issue out of pot, which if you ask me, is a hell of a lot safer than alcohol! Unfortunately, one is legal and the other one isn't.

Feb 3 @ 9:46AM  
I guess I'm alone in this.....

WTF is wrong with people?......Smoking Pot is Illegal......And, No, I do not care to debate whether it's "Right, or Wrong"......It is against the law.....

You don't like the law?......Get off your lazy asses, and support people that will change the law......

It isn't a question of him smoking pot and getting high......It's a simple fact of him breaking the law, sending a message to all his fans that it's ok to do things that are illegal, as long as you don't agree that it should be illegal.

I fully believe that the same standards should be applied to public "Icons" that are applied to lowly Truck Drivers.........They get caught, and they lose their jobs, and their career.....for LIFE.......

Feb 3 @ 10:23PM  
You don't like the law?......Get off your lazy asses, and support people that will change the law......

I, myself, and I'm sure others might take some offense to your statement... what makes you think those who have posted comments on this blog are lazy?? I've worked my ass off my whole life and I like to smoke a little every now and again.... hell, I have worked with people who ARE lazy and don't smoke pot that I've worked circles around.... so don't refer to everyone as lazy when you don't know a thing about them! JMO!

Feb 3 @ 10:32PM  
oh.. and now sheriff Leon Lett wants to press charges agains Phelps.... what can he actually be charged with? Surely not possession.... he wasn't caught with it... it's just a picture of him smoking... he wasn't busted with it in his possession.... leave it to some dumbass sheriff to try to capture the glory at someone elses expense...........and I'm from SC... I can say that!!

Feb 3 @ 11:19PM  
It's his life, he isn't hurting anyone.

Feb 4 @ 8:14AM  
You don't like the law?......Get off your lazy asses, and support people that will change the law......

I don't like the law regarding pot. I think it should be made legal and I believe that the majority of people in the United States would agree with this, as I've seen polls and statistics were people have been asked whether it should be made legal or not and it was in the 80% range. Maybe if the government would allow pot to be legalized, they (the government) could sell it themselves and low and behold...lookie there....they would make all kinds of money to help out our economy, but instead they allow people to buy alcohol legally and then drink and drive and kill people. Not to mention crime would decrease drastically if it were legalized. It makes no sense to me.

For the record, I belong and support NORML.

Feb 4 @ 8:21AM  
Well lookie here....from the site I mentioned:

Why Condemn Phelps, When We Ought to Condemn the Laws That Brand Him A Criminal via The Hill’s Congress blog


Add decorated Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps to the growing list of successful Americans who happens to indulge in marijuana during his down time. The tabloid news story is making international headlines, though it’s difficult to understand why.

… Sure, there will be some who will say that this latest chapter in Phelp’s life is deserving of criticism because the 14-time gold medalist is sending a poor message to young children. And what message would that be? That you can occasionally smoke marijuana and still be successful in life. Well sorry if the truth hurts.

Fact is, most Americans who use pot do so for the same reasons — and in the same manner — as do those who drink alcohol. According to a recent University of Alberta study, the majority of adults who use cannabis do so recreationally to “enhance relaxation.” Researchers concluded: “[M]ost adult marijuana users regulate use to their recreational time and do not use compulsively. Rather, their use is purposely intended to enhance their leisure activities and manage the challenges and demands of living in contemporary modern society. Generally, participants reported using marijuana because it enhanced relaxation and concentration, making a broad range of leisure activities more enjoyable and pleasurable.”

No doubt Michael Phelps indulged in the use of marijuana for these very same reasons. He ought not to be condemned for it nor branded a criminal for his actions.

For that matter, neither should anyone else.

Feb 4 @ 8:41AM  
You don't like the law?......Get off your lazy asses, and support people that will change the law......

What the FUCK makes you think I am not? Or anyone else? What omnipotent source gives you the all seeing knowledge of what I or anyone else does each and every day? Dont like my comment? Get off your wrinkled cynical pissy overgeneralizing ASS and reply to me. How do you like that generalization?

Somebody smoked pot, and they were famous. Woop EEE. How about ALL of the rockers, artists, actors, POLITICIANS, commentators, wrestlers and other PUBLIC figures getting busted with COCAINE, AMPHETAMINE, CRACK, HEROIN or OXYCONTIN, etc etc etc in the last several decades?

The media is bullshit anymore, period. Go listen to the song "Dirty Laundry."

And legalize marijuana, tax it. National deficit solved

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Michael Phelps Busted Smoking Marijuana