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BTW ... what about Jennifer Hudson?

posted 2/2/2009 7:13:21 AM |
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I am sick and tired of soul versions of our national anthem.
It is a national anthem and a prayerful, thankful, patriotic statement,
not an ego trip for no-talent exhibitionists.
If you want to hear a proper version of the Star-Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl, look up the Dixie Chicks on You Tube.

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Feb 2 @ 7:26AM  
Dixie Chicks ? Puhleeeeeeeeze

Feb 2 @ 7:39AM  
Dixie Chicks!? I agree with you about the National Anthem, tho. I was commenting to hubby last night about that...why can't they sing it like it's supposed to be sung? Why do they have to put all that other crap in there?

Feb 2 @ 7:42AM  
Dixie Chicks???? I even heard how people complained about Aretha Franklin during the innauguration. How about the Jimi Hendrix version of the Anthem...

You are complaining about the singing, how about all the people that had their hats on, probably talking on their phones..... Respect for the American Flag and Anthem have been going down hill for years

Feb 2 @ 9:33AM  
The Dixie Chicks....YUCK!

Feb 2 @ 2:06PM  
I know I'm going to get "smacked around",but its just a flag. Also,as far as I know Jennifer Hudson isn't a "no-talent",maybe you just don't know what singing is. Errm,soul,R&B,gospel,etc is just as much part of the musical landscape of America as country,bluegrass and Americana.

Feb 2 @ 3:34PM  
May I ask what would be wrong in inviting the Marine Corp Band to play it? Then all those men in uiform would get to see the game as well. Doing something for the "active" military, instead of giving lip service.

Oh it doesn't have to be the Marine Corp, all the services have band, so rotate them every year.

An it would be done correctly. Only in America can someone Fu** up the National Anthem to suit themselves.

Marine Corp Band

That's how it should be played. IMHO


Feb 2 @ 5:36PM  
Think about what this country has done to African Americans. If one still has it in them to sing the National Anthem, let them sing it how the hell they want to. Just because it's not country doesn't mean it's not patriotic.

Feb 2 @ 5:37PM  

To all of you who seem so shocked
at my recommendation of the Dixie Chicks rendition
of our National Anthem at the 2003 SuperBowl,
seven weeks before the Bush administration went to war against Iraq:

Have you ever heard it?
Or are you still stuck in the pro-war/pro-Bush reaction against the Chix?
It is a vigorous and proud statement,
as close to a sung version of the Marine Corps performance as we are ever likely to get:

I never said that the soul version was or was not
" just as much part of the musical landscape of America as country,bluegrass and Americana."

(WTF is "Americana" BTW?) There is only one version of the Star-Spangled Banner.
It is not up for grabs by anyone who feels like twisting it to fit their own political agenda.

“By a law signed on March 3, 1931 by President Herbert Hoover,
"The Star-Spangled Banner" was adopted as the official national anthem of the United States.”


Feb 2 @ 5:55PM  
The words to our National Anthem were written by Francis Scott Key..... as he watched the bombardment of Ft Mchenry, Baltimore, by the British during the war of 1812. He wrote it as a poem.

The melody came after and was adapted from (are you ready for this) an old english drinking song. So much for "prayerful"

If you were to hear a band playing instruments from the 1800's and playing it like it was played back then, it would quite different that the versions you hear today. Yes, I have heard re-enactment bands playing it OLD sheet music and it has a much faster tempo to it. Almost like a march.

The USA is the melting pot of the world and I thought her version was just fine. She has NO political agenda..... she's just a singer, and a pretty good one at that.

Feb 2 @ 6:26PM  
no matter who sings or plays the national anthem is irrelevant compared to the comment made..".its just a flag."..this evokes a sad state of mind. yes it is fabric, but what the symbol stands for is important and if you don't think so, or do not know why it is a symbol of relevance, maybe you should look into what it means to be an american.

Feb 2 @ 6:26PM  
I thought that she did an artistically wonderful job and I enjoyed her rendition.

I must admit that the only reason I knew who she was is because of the tragic murder of her family members.

Aretha Franklin during the innauguration. How about the Jimi Hendrix version of the Anthem...

I laughed my ass off at Aertha Franklin's cheesy, tacky, funny hat. Late night talk show hosts had a field day with it. I still love the Hendrix instrumental, but, hey, I am unabashedly an old hippy.

Feb 2 @ 6:39PM  
I did go back and listen to the Dixie Chicks' version. Smooth but not memorable to me. Not into the C & W twang personally. They are nice people (Toby Keith does not agree).

I met them when they were nobodies and again when their career took off. Once, they came in to do a sound check as they were going to perform in a booth at an expo. We were doing a 15 minutes sound check in the morning around ten. The doors opened at noon. There were still a lot of workers finishing out exhibit booths. We began the sound check and about 50 workers came over during the first song. Then about that many more for the second. The chicks were so flattered that they did the entire hour twenty set for the regular people then signed autographs afterwards. Too cool!!!

Feb 2 @ 7:10PM  
Just DONT do it like this bullshit....I will shoot you...

A Marine said that...

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BTW ... what about Jennifer Hudson?