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If You Won The Lottery..

posted 2/2/2009 6:37:12 AM |
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I don't know about all states, but in most, if you win the big lottery you get to decide f you want one lump sum pay out or if you want to take payments for the next 20 years.

If you were the soul winner of a $20,000,000. payout which would you take and why?
Excluded paying bills, what are the first 3 things you would do with the money?

Do you think it would change who you are as a person or your personality?

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Feb 2 @ 6:49AM  
I think I would build a new house, something big enough for all our stuff....OMG, that would be huge.

Buy a small camper and travel.

Help out my family.


Feb 2 @ 7:23AM  
I would take it all at one time and buy some land and put trailers on it until I could build the house that I want. I would also build my two kids a house each on the land with lots of room for my grandmonsters to play on. Oh and I would have a huge garden to grow my own food. Maybe a pony for the kids and plenty of pets for them to play with.

Feb 2 @ 8:37AM  
I'd take it in a lump sum!! Build my dream home, build my kids a home, take care of my family!

Then I'd go get my man!!

Feb 2 @ 9:15AM  
i'm with Lilgriz on this one...BIGGER house..oh and i'd prolly buy da mrs a new car....tho with the new job i've already thought bout buyin her a new car...

Feb 2 @ 9:34AM  
I would take it all in one lump sum for a few reasons. One of those reasons would be that if anything happened to me before that 20 years was up at least I would be able to leave it to my loved ones in a will or something. I can also do more with it than I would a bit here, a bit there over the 20 year span as far as giving some of it to two of my favorite charities.

As far as it changing me, nah, I already have a bit of an ego anyway, and my personality would still pretty much be the same.

Feb 2 @ 10:44AM  
I would take the lump sum!!!!! So I could help out my family..... Then pay off and fix up my own home.. Maybe build a little cabin on our land to let my parents live in it..

Feb 2 @ 11:00AM  
High tech gypsy vardo and boy would I be everywhere??? plus endow a couple of food banks and other good charities here at home. yeah.. maybe a scholarship program.. hmmmm yeah that kinda thing.. plus everyone I care about would be mortgage free for as long as it took em to get a new one.

Feb 2 @ 11:19AM  
Take care of family, select friends, charities

get my teeth whitened

buy a new vehicle so I can travel to meet all my friends

Feb 2 @ 2:00PM  
I would take it lump sum pretty much for the reasons that Straddle mentioned.

Of course, money would go to philanthropic causes. My time and money already do...I would just have the ability to do more.

A huge portion would be spent on education for me and my family (kids, grands, nieces, one should not go to college because of not being able to afford it).


Feb 2 @ 3:09PM  
Lump sum. Build a beutiful ne house for my Mom that is easy for her to get around in. I would have a small guest house fo me. The yard would be an oasis of beautiful foliage and areas for us to sit and visit. I would plan a trip of a lifetime with my Mom. Taking her everywhere she ever wanted to go with plenty of time to relax and enjoy each location so as not to tire. I love her more than lif itself.

Feb 2 @ 3:25PM  
I would take the lump sum, get my house in perfect shape, buy some land outside of Austin and build a tiger-only sanctuary for unwanted or hard-to-place tigers for them to live out their natural lives in peace.

Feb 2 @ 5:21PM  
Thirded or fourth on the lump sum option.

1.Pay off debts for mama and my father(although he's estranged) put in ironclad trust funds for my sister's kids. Only except instead of getting at 18,it would be at 21 as long as they were no fuck-ups and they were responsible young men and women. Put myself,my mom and two sisters into college or trade school.

2.Buy some land and build a family compound,then buy my own individual piece of vacation property. Invest in some promising companies(this is a fantasy afterall) also give some to respective not-for-profit trustworthy charities that mean something to me.Make the wishes of my family and friends come true. <3

3.After putting away some "mad money" in a bank to save,I'd go out and live my heart's desire. But...not before showing up to a certain person's house in a black Escalade,dressed to the nines,ringing the doorbell and having him answer only to hit him the face with a bundle of $50s and saying: "Bitch,what?! Just eats you up that now I could buy you,sell you,your family and your dad's stores,huh? Go buy some curry and clean yourself Kumar,Habib,Apu..whatever the hell your name is!"

With that last statement,I suppose the money would change me a lil'....

Feb 2 @ 7:10PM  
Money is the root of all evil.

My cousins hit the lotto and became millionaires.

Neither of them are married today, one is a drunk and their 2 kids are thugs.

I'm good with what I have.

Feb 2 @ 10:13PM  
At my age take it in one lump sum.

1. Get my kids 'n grandkids debt free and give them a running start on a good future.

2. Buy a modest home and have fun furnishing it...again modest.

3. Hit every thrift shop within a 500 mile radius...just kiddin...well, maybe....

3. Anonymously help people in need.

Feb 3 @ 6:54AM  
I would take it in a lump....
When I got back from my Cruise around the world... I would hire a Line of Hookers...!!! (cheaper than a Wife )
and I would keep my house and finish my decks...
thats 3..right?
Also.. I would...
4. Buy my Kids a New house
5. Get a full time nurse for my Mom.
6. Buy a Large Farm....and Plant nothing but Corn!!!!

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If You Won The Lottery..