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What's the lowest and highest age of a person you have had sex with? =)

posted 1/30/2009 12:52:12 AM |
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Okay, men and women out there, what's the lowest age person that you had sex with? Also, what's the highest age of the person you had sex with? For me the lowest age person I had sex with was 17. Of course that's when I was 19 years old and it was Natasha's mom (Ann) who was going to turn 18 in 5 days anyway. That was back on Jan. 7, 1987. That was when we both lost our virginity. The highest age person I have been with is whom I am currently with right now, Kim. She turned 35 last month. Your turn! What is the lowest and highest age person you had sex with?

Btw, Kim and I won't be on here for the next few hours. We're going to be heading on out to Golden Corral between 6:30 and 7pm tonight. Anyone want to come along?

This is a repost from Dec.2007 that I did. Enjoy!

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online now!
Jan 30 @ 1:07AM  
Btw, there are a lot of people on here now that weren't on here when I posted this blog question in Dec.2007. For you newbies, love to hear your answers. For you veterans, feel free to post comments as well.

Jan 30 @ 1:28AM  
Here's my answer without

Oldest? I was in my mid thirties...he was maybe 70.

Youngest? 2006....I was 62...he was 27

A postscript here...the 70 yr. old was a hundred times better than the 27 yr. old...more stamnia, experienced, relaxed and knew how to make it a fun time without all the fumbling and foolishness.


online now!
Jan 30 @ 1:31AM  
Oldest? I was in my mid thirties...he was maybe 70.

Holy shit there, Softy. He was old enough to be your grandfather.

Jan 30 @ 1:34AM  
He was 15 I was was sweet! I was 24 and he was was sweet! I loved them all and will always love. The age never mattered to me.

Jan 30 @ 2:12AM  
Holy shit there, Softy. He was old enough to be your grandfather.

Or at least my dad. In fact, he was a friend of my dad's...worked with him for years. Dad woulda rolled over in his grave if he'd known about it. But the guy didn't look or act 70, had a hellava body and was a lot of fun while it lasted.


Jan 30 @ 2:32AM  
I knew this blog looked familiar. Anyway,not to knock dudes my age and younger,but older dudes are (usually) less insecure,less nervous,more relaxed and more experienced than guys that are old enough to be their sons. With that,youngest was 18 to my 27 and 44 to my 26 being the oldest I've been with....funny,as they both sucked and had major hang-ups. I guess its all relative,isn't it.

Jan 30 @ 2:45AM  
When I was 15, I lost my virginity to another fifteen year old. Last spring I dove head first into the wonderful world of mature women, I was 20 and she was 43.

online now!
Jan 30 @ 2:49AM  
Last spring I dove head first into the wonderful world of mature women, I was 20 and she was 43

And how great was the 43 year old chick?

Jan 30 @ 5:44AM  
Women all lie about their age so I have no idea either way

Jan 30 @ 6:06AM  
All guys lie about their ages, so I am never really sure. Most claim no one will look at a profile over 45 or 50.

I proved the age thing doesn;t mean a thing with a 27 year old from AMD. I think that was his real age.. I was 52 or 53. I have been with several in their early thirties.

I haven;t been with anyone that would admit to being over 60, and even the two 60 year olds claimed to be younger on their profiles (one claimed to be 52 the other clamed to be 43 LOL). And I don't fault either one of them for lying...Hot hot hot.

Jan 30 @ 7:13AM  
Youngest: 15
Oldest: 46

Jan 30 @ 7:44AM  
When I was 19 I was with a guy who was 34. He was my oldest (in relation to my age). The oldest in general was 40 and the youngest was 20. I've just always gone for older guys!

Jan 30 @ 8:03AM  
Oldest: 48
Youngest:17 (I was also a minor!)
Biggest age span: 17 years

Jan 30 @ 8:19AM  
Youngest: 16.

I was 16 at the same time as the 16 year old. 40 I was 18 & man he was the worst fuck i ever had, it was over in less than a minute & all he wanted to do was sit there & chain smoke & I was a non smoker.

Jan 30 @ 8:20AM  
Youngest 18 a long time ago. Oldest 44 and counting hopefully.

Jan 30 @ 8:49AM  
I was 19 yrs old, and I was in the Army. I visted a prostitue, she claimed to be in her 50's.
OMG was she ever so Hot Looking for her age; sort of a Dolly Parton Look Alike.
The irony of it all....Worst Sex I ever had

Jan 30 @ 9:10AM  
Hmmm youngest 16 He was 18..
Oldest was 41 he was 50....

Jan 30 @ 9:16AM  
I'd have to look back at your old blog.....I think 17 and 40 something

Jan 30 @ 9:19AM  
Youngest 19 and his early 40s.

Jan 30 @ 9:49AM  
Hell I dunno....I'm thinkin ...she was 32 and I was 47
I was 45 she was 50...age dont matter as long as she can keep up!

Jan 30 @ 10:07AM  
I was 46 and he was 42

I was 25 and he was 38 wow and he was the bestest

Jan 30 @ 3:25PM  
Youngest- 17
Oldest- 36 at the time, she's 38 now- that's the oldest one who I knew how old she was. I may have been with older women who look young for their age. I once slept with a woman I thought was around the same age as me, and 8 months later she tells me she's celebrating her 33rd birthday! Damn she aged well!

I've also found that, with the exception of the one 17-year-old I was with back when I was a teenager, for the most part I've been sleeping with progressively younger women as I get older- I started out mainly going after MILFS (I had a lot better luck than with girls my own age). Maybe by the time I'm middle-aged I'll be on 18-year-olds. I think it runs in the family- my dad was a big hit with the girls I went to high school with- more so than I was...

Jan 30 @ 6:23PM  
youngest was when i was 19 and so was he and lost my virginity...biggest age difference was when i was maybe 48 and he was 23...he was terrible, so excited he popped right off and no skills to make up for it...i have never had sex with a man who was older than me at the time...and the pool of those younger than me keeps getting

Feb 3 @ 11:00AM  
Does having sex with yourself count? If so it is the same person.

Feb 5 @ 12:09PM  
My youngest? I was 27 and he was 19. My oldest? I was 32 and he was 65.

I have fonf the ones in the middle to be the best!

Feb 6 @ 2:32AM  
18 and I was 19. We both were virgins. I lost it after a Korn concert. March 13 1999. I still remember the date. Only cause I saved the ticket stub.
Oldest 44 and I was 28. She was one of the best.

Feb 10 @ 12:43PM  
I seem to attract guys that are 15-20+ years younger than me. I would not call myself a cougar -- I just get along with younger men. I have only dated one man older than myself --- he was 3 years older. The largest age difference bewteen me and a guy was 23 years and that was about a month ago. He is very mature. You can do the math.

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What's the lowest and highest age of a person you have had sex with? =)