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A Foot Of Snow Not So Bad After

posted 1/29/2009 1:18:33 AM |
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The saying here is It's Ohio, don't like the weather stick around, it'll change tomorrow. And that is true so often.... No wonder everyone is getting sick. One day last week..or the week prior.. I've lost track of time lately , we went from frigid weather to mid 30's one day and low 40's the next...then back down to bouncing around zero or lower. It's rediculous!!

Starting last night in less than 24 hours we got a foot of snow. Now that may not sound like much to some people, but I am only five feet tall, so to me it's kind of difficult to walk through. Especially if my knees are bothering me. So this evening after it finally let up snowing I was thinking about how the heck I am going to get to my car, get it cleared off and moved off of the street before tomorrow..Especially since by then the plow had already come by once and buried it even more. And then where was I going to put in til they plowed, since I can't get up the alley to my driveway. I live on a snow street and if there is more than 3" of snow we have to move our vehicles so they can plow, or they will ticket and tow us. I'm not sure how much the ticket is but it's $20 if we are parked there for more than 24 hours, so I wasn't taking any chances.

So, I put on a bunch of layers of clothes and headed out the front door and was very pleasantly surprised. Someone had cleared my sidewalks off with a snow blower. Even a path going out to the street. How sweet is that? Actually they had cleared off the entire block.
Of course I had to reshovel where the plow had shoved the snow up over the curb but that was okay.
After I found my car door, got my car started and was clearing it off my neighbor/best friend and her son came over and helped clear it and around the car so I could get out of the parking space.

As luck would have it, one of the city drivers went by in a plow truck on his way home and since we happen to know him,he agreed that if we could get the rest of the neighbors to move their vehicles he would plow right then..
We did...he did and we all got to park back on the street and not worry about tickets or being towed in the morning...

So now I'm thinking that a foot of snow wasn't so bad after

I spoke with Ynot and Mrs Y tonight..she says they got 6" of snow today, he says 8-10"... Just like a guy to exaggerate about how many inches there are... Hey, I'm talking about like when he catches a fish or how much snow... where was your mind?

Everyone stay safe and stay warm!!! Someday spring will come again... I hope.

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Jan 29 @ 6:47AM  
We are Past due a big snow storm here....but I am not complaining!
That was nice of who...eva to clear off your sidewalk
If I Lived in a Town where it snowed like it does there... I would help some lil Old woman out like that! just kiddin! well really I would!
..she says they got 6" of snow today, he says 8-10
I am gonna Vote for him!! Guys really do know...How "deep" it is!

Jan 29 @ 7:42AM  
We got about 6", I think (I live an hour north of the Y's). I live on a 'snow street' so I don't park out front. Fortunately I don't have to use the alley to get to my driveway and where I park is less than 4' from the back door. Still need to unbury the car though. No nice neighbors coming over and taking car of that for me. Good thing I don't have to tackle the front walk. Not sure if one gets ticketed for not clearing them off or not...I rent...let my landlord deal with that.

Jan 29 @ 7:44AM  
Dang CL, if we got near 40 here the t-shirts and shorts would be out.....course with as pale as we are, it would be hard to tell our legs from the snowbanks.....that is IF you had shaved your legs during the winter..... a layer of hari does wonders for warmth.....just saying...

Jan 29 @ 8:25AM  
I remember them days of snow!!! No thanks!!

Jan 29 @ 8:27AM  
We got 6" here In Scioto county two days ago, and then that night came the freezing rain which turned into ice on the snow. All schools here have been out the last two days. I do have to admit, the ice has made things pretty difficult here as far as walking on the sidewalks and parking lots, and the power going out here and there.

Jan 29 @ 8:44AM  
Hell here in Tn. it was around zero for lows and teens for highs for two days. The next day it was 58 the day after 65 the day after that back down to around zero with freezing rain. Two days ago it was back in the 50's down into the teens that night with freezing rain Monday night into Tuesday morning. Then started off in the mid 30's yesterday morning early about 4:00 a.m. By 8:00 a.m. it had drop to the mid 20's and started sleeting for about 10 minutes then turned to snow like I have never seen before for about an hour. In that hour we got about 2 inches of snow. Never got out of the 20's yesterday and now to day it is supposed to be in the low 40's with upper 40's for tomorrow, low 50's Saturday, near 60 Sunday then Sunday night the bottom is supposed to drop out and fall quickly into the 20's with rain changing to snow for Sunday night and Monday morning. With the temperatures fuckuating.... Sorry fluxuating like that it's enough to kill a person. Hang in there though. If we are lucky spring should be here by July.

Jan 29 @ 9:20AM  
We live in the country so we got hit really good here in my part of Ohio.. around 14 inches ontop of what fell last week....
We have 2 small dogs so had to keep going out and make a path for them to go
Was really nice of your nieghbors to get out and help everyone with all the snow that fell your part of Ohio..

Jan 29 @ 10:07AM  
I am gonna Vote for him!! Guys really do know...How "deep" it is!
speaking of deep.......... let me just prop my feet up really high...
I would help some lil Old woman out like that!
Did you just call me a lil Old woman? Lil? Old? You know that "old" saying about paybacks???? Keep it in mind...

...I rent...let my landlord deal with that.
Nothing personal, L4E, but I hate it when people don't shovel their walks.
I rent but I live here so I clear my walks...well, unless some wonderful neighbor does it for me...

a layer of hari does wonders for warmth.....just saying...
Then you won't mind if I opt to stay warm instead of smooth.....

we got hit really good here in my part of Ohio.. around 14 inches ontop of what fell last week....
Stay warm, Mama. I hope you have a snow plow to get you dug out. Your poor doggies.
We still have quite a bit from the other day's bad enough living in the city, I don't envy you. I am so ready for warm, sunny weather...

and the power going out here and there.
Stay warm and safe Shawn. Luckily we didn't get any ice this time.


Jan 29 @ 10:37AM  
I gotta agree with ynot lol my driveway has 12 inches and I called a man to plow and he ain't showed up yet so i guess I gotta shovel myself out and damnet CL you seen how long it is

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A Foot Of Snow Not So Bad After