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Alternative uses for everyday objects.

posted 1/28/2009 11:59:14 AM |
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tagged: sex, toys, kinky

While there is a huge market for different sex toys, and every toy that can be imagined can also be bought, I like to be spontaneous, and put everyday objects to good use.

So let's create a list of everyday objects that can be used in creative and erotic ways.

I'll start off the list with a few personal favourites:

Cucumbers - A classic. For best result, use European Cucumbers, let it sit in warm water a bit and peel it before use (but leave one end unpeeld so that you have a handle).
Forks - Forks are great for teasing. They have a unique feel to the touch of the skin, that can be varied from a slight tickle to rough scratching.
Mouth spray - minty freshness, smells and tastes lovely, and gives a tingling sensation on the skin, but be careful on sensitive areas, for some it can be too intense.
Scarves - especially silk ones, good for blindfolds and to tie someone up with. Also feels great when you let it run over someones skin.
Ice - rub it over someones body or let the ice water drip as it melts, holding the ice over someones body, or use a condom as a mold for making an ice dildo. Make ice cubes of Kool Aid for added flavour.
iPod - intensify her sense of touch by isolating her visually (with a blindfold) and auditory. Adapt the music to the mood.
Balloons - It's evil, but the sound of a popping balloon is a great way to get attention and switch the pace after some slower play.
Hand warmers - oh, the lovely feeling of warmth on your body. Excellent to use together with ice.
Dull knives (butter knives) - completely harmless, but feels much sharper than it is. Place in freezer for a while before for an extra intense feeling of sharpness.
Pillows - endles uses. Use it as cushioning, throw it at her, hit her with it, or bury her face in one.
Toothbrush - use a clean, brand new one, feels great in the right places. My favourite is the vibrating ones.
Bungee cords - strap her down to the bed or tie her legs together just tight enough so that it's hard (but possible) for her to walk.
Pens and markers - write or draw, use your imagination :-)
Wooden spoons - great for spanking. Spatulas are great for this too.
Cable ties - but make sure you keep scissors close by in case of an emergency. me complete the list :-)

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Jan 28 @ 1:23PM  
Wooden spoons. Spatulas. Ice cream scoop from the freezer. Rubber gloves.

I strongly recommend NOT using scarves for tying, they can cut very very deeply. Use em for blindfolds and ticklers.

Jan 28 @ 2:26PM  
Ice ,Ice baby ....I know someone who loves it ........Ice is gooooooooood

Jan 28 @ 2:34PM  
Good point, DarkKnightWalking...a warning is in place. Scarves should definitely not be used for heavy bondage, or when struggling may be expected.

I would say though that they are can be perfectly safe to use for light bondage, as long as you keep an eye on what's going on.

Jan 28 @ 2:55PM  
Ice ,Ice baby ....I know someone who loves it ........Ice is gooooooooood

Doesn't stay ice too long when it's so dang hot!


Jan 28 @ 3:34PM  
Ice ,Ice baby ....I know someone who loves it ........Ice is gooooooooood
umm, yeah... lol

Pens and markers - write or draw, use your imagination :-)
Colored eyeliner pencils work better, come off easier and are non toxic to skin.

Neckties work better than silk scarves, and if you loop them instead of tying them, they don't cut into the skin and can be easily loosened.. so I've heard, of course..


Jan 28 @ 4:58PM  
My sister likes to take me to the dollar store and we both have to buy 5$ worth of everyday items to use in the bedroom, that's always fun!

Jan 28 @ 9:28PM  
I often use carrots as writing implements and occasionally I'll use a vegetable peeler as a spoon.

Jan 28 @ 9:33PM  

Jan 28 @ 9:40PM  
What are you laughing at?

Jan 28 @ 10:40PM  
Ice is good....popsicles are more fun.....pointable, drawable, insertable...and lickable....

Jan 28 @ 10:51PM  
*note to self*

need popsicles......

Jan 29 @ 12:50AM  
My sister likes to take me to the dollar store and we both have to buy 5$ worth of everyday items to use in the bedroom, that's always fun!
ooooh fly swats can be fun....
note to self*

need popsicles......
got to cool that thing down

Jan 29 @ 1:28AM  
Peppermint Altoids and Mentho-Lyptus cough drops! Pop one in your mouth before performing oral sex. Intense tingles!

Jan 29 @ 6:25AM  
Oh yummy.. an idea blog!
magnetic memo holders make interesting nipple clamps

add magnetic marbles from the dollar store or other magnetic items to weight them, or combine magnetic marbles and benwa balls (stick to one orifice - seriously)

I need to get another inversion table.. just to stretch my back out

make a home made rubber flogger by slicing open a bungee cord

make homemade floggers by cutting braided leather belts in half and then unraveling them

a guy once told me his gf put a tic tac down his pee hole.. trying to figure out if I can get away with that and live

I keep staring at daikon radishes at the grocery store.. I bet the tingle too

never know what you might find in the cat toy section

candles, nice thick pillars ... then there are the paraffin hand baths that can be painted liberally


Jan 29 @ 7:22AM  
Thanks for contributing everyone!

Aftershox, I've never tried radishes, but I have used ginger on a couple of women, and some of them go absolutely crazy from the tingeling sensations!

Jan 29 @ 8:39AM  
Women seem to like my handcuffs.

They love my "nightstick"...

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Alternative uses for everyday objects.