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A Paradox, A Most Ingenious Paradox! (The Prez has Speaked)

posted 1/27/2009 4:51:03 PM |
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12 Kudos to the one who knows from whence that quote originates without google's help.

Greetings fellow Pervians, I have been too long the silent bysitter (be real I wasn't standing there the whole time) and the time has come for me to blog a blog of blog hoggish proportions about absolutely nothing and everything all rolled into one tiny few lines to edify and destroy your quiescence with a clamor.

I got one incredibly great gift this last holiday season. My libido came back screaming and begging for attention, unfortunately the fat man in red forgot to bring the brakes along with the go pedal. So, yours truly has been out in the really real world getting that situation handled as often as humanly possible. Anyone know when the 5th fleet is due to dock? I could use a whole lotta cock. Guess I'm making up for a year of being ill and too miserable to fuck. So.. anyone here.. wanna fuck?

Answering the blogs in the last couple days all at once.. I know you'll all understand...

Oh good, I've been dying to see your new pictures.. no, really, that's exactly why I've been sitting here so long that I've grown cobwebs on my ass. Shame is a wasted emotion thanks.. I have none.. you can have all you like. We are all illegal aliens or at least our fore bearers were. Smell as long as it didn't effect my taste too much. Me, caught masturbating? Duh.. that's what happens when you can't keep your hands out of your pants. I don't need a cure thanks. As long as it takes for some .. only once for others. Ineta Hogg .. nuff said? Yay for stupid bowl commercials! You mean there are words in profiles? Not just nudy pix? Meatballs and lil smokies with bbq sauce... mmmmm. You know damned well I can't take a joke. Same goes for Ethyl. Because they show their ass before they show their intelligence! Dont'cha hate that? Shaved smooth because I like it that way. Nope cuz even the bad things have helped me to evolve. I am! Manners, courtesy and common sense.. all went the way of the dodo. PVC makes your sweat stink! Hah! That Johnny! Dave Matthews Band .. Crash Into Me.. that'll do it every time. Aww that's sweet! 30thingsaboutmethatnooneknowsaresimple.. no one knows and I'm not telling. OUCH! And it just went up .7 % in Oregon. I only abuse my friends. 2 Whole days huh? Welcome to Pervia! I'm betting there are a bunch of em in Jersey.. some of em are named Mike. Bye bye! Too far to walk but thanks for the offer. If they don't like me as I am.. I got better ways to waste my time! The Man in the Glass is sexy, what's he doin for Easter? Heheheh new meaning to user friendly hey? Most of the girls in Ohio want eaten, or eight.. but ate? that's just nasty. Fuck you and the snow plow you rode in on.. come the fuck ON spring! I got 49 cents.. who wants to float me a loan til Tuesday? My nips taste nice thanks.. wanna try some? Karate Chop to the anus. Doesn't matter which direction life goes.. it begins and ends with diapers. At least two feet of snow needs to have fallen within two hours for an eastern oregon school to close.. I reckon that's about right. There are three too few in my .. oh wait.. not what you were talking about.. never mind. Why not? It beats the hell out of annoying_as_hell_dot_com. Cuz us ugly chicks don't even rate when we get slashered.. how sucky is that? I can even take my purse.. there's nothin in it anyway but my cell phone and a couple receipts from last month. Yes and it fucking HURTS. Thinking happy thoughts for ya Toad.. hope you don't get the axe. Ha hah.. eh.. I'll be your huckleberry.. well .. maybe.. if it's my day to be the bottom. Otherwise.. I guess you are out of luck. Yes, yes it is and damn that's a shame.

Ok I feel better.. I've answered every blog since Luna's wheeeew.

You'll recognize the answer to yours in there somewhere.. maybe.. unless I coded it to make it look like something else.

This message will self destruct in ....


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Jan 27 @ 4:56PM  
Oh! Oh! I know! I even know the answer to the paradox!

How quaint the ways of Paradox!
At common sense she gaily mocks!
Though counting in the usual way,
Years twenty-one I’ve been alive.
Yet, reckoning by my natal day,
Yet, reckoning by my natal day,
I am a little boy of five!

Now to go read....

Jan 27 @ 4:59PM  
We have a winner ladies and germs.. Looking .. it's intelligence that makes you so HAWT.. course them browns and the smile don't hurt.

Hey y'all.. don't forget your taxes.. you know.. OR ELSE.

Jan 27 @ 5:00PM  
Nice to see your brain is still able to function while those hormones RAGE! No, I have no idea when the 5th Fleet comes in but share, will ya? And a green cookie cause I lubs you.

Jan 27 @ 5:00PM  
Skwirl.......that is way too funny, kudos!!

Jan 27 @ 5:05PM  
Well... I guess that was summed up in a to speak!

Too funny!

Jan 27 @ 5:12PM  
Wow, lay off the sugar Skwirl!!!!

Greenie....for you!

Jan 27 @ 5:13PM  
Better that the "Weak in Repew" of bygone daze.

Jan 27 @ 5:22PM  
The following is on loan from another blog:

Flips off the Dom, and grins saucily..

I do believe someone has met their match!! okay okay.. we know the Prez is gonna win... hands down!!


Jan 27 @ 5:29PM  
How much caffeine did you have before you wrote this. WOW. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Loved yours.

Jan 27 @ 5:45PM  

Jan 27 @ 6:35PM  
I think it would be more comfortable inside the barn.
Then you could sit on my tummy
And ride me like a stallion.
Then we could switch and use one at the same time.

I'm glad the horny's have returned sweet girl....

Jan 27 @ 6:41PM  
Good one!! And a green thingy fer my taxes, Lady Prez!!!

Wondered where ya were!!

Jan 27 @ 7:36PM  
Sheeeeee's Baaaaack.....

These people didn't pay their taxes.......

Jan 27 @ 7:52PM  
well you do deliver!

Where's the line for the wild jungle monkey sex

Jan 27 @ 7:56PM  
*points to thighs* The line starts here!!! Take your vitamins boys..

Jan 27 @ 8:06PM  

I guess I'll have to drink some of that Skwirl Juice.

Lubs ya babe, Here's your cookie.

Jan 27 @ 10:48PM  
Damn! Always late!

Oh's your kudo Prez.

Jan 27 @ 10:55PM  
That was great.....
Made sure to of payed my taxes.....

Jan 27 @ 11:05PM  
*creeps in,slides a kudo and creeps out*

Jan 28 @ 12:37AM  
You are a trip!!! Welcome back!

Jan 28 @ 1:20AM  
This was well worth leaving work early for! It was great, Ms Skwirl!

A nice greenie is being tossed your way...

Jan 28 @ 8:19AM  
WTF!!! I knew that!!! Oh Yeah!!! I knew that too!!! Good ta see ya Prez. Wanna Fuck?

Jan 28 @ 2:31PM  
So, yours truly has been out in the really real world getting that situation handled as often as humanly possible.
Ain't it wunnerful out in the really real world when you're getting lots of lubbins???
Thanks mi lil squirrely girl, ya gots me all caught up in one brief pleasant trip without readin all the bloggy thingies! Here's a shiny fat free green thingy to ya for your efforts!

Jan 29 @ 9:12AM  
Damn, reading all that made my head spin...

Jan 29 @ 9:57AM  

My nips taste nice thanks.. wanna try some?

Well...since yer offerin'

Apr 14 @ 10:46AM  

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A Paradox, A Most Ingenious Paradox! (The Prez has Speaked)