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posted 1/27/2009 2:13:01 PM |
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tagged: bdsm, domination, submission

This is a true story. It is the best session that I have ever had. I only met Lena this one time, but she is with me all the time in a way since. We share a great connection.

The story depicts acts of domination and submission that some people, even on a forum like this, may find disturbing. It does not contain a lot of infliction of pain, but many aspects of psychological domination. If you think you may be offended, stop reading now, or don't blame me

Everything in this story is completely consensual. We had met in real a couple of hours before in a café to ensure that both were willing to go through with it, and we had exchanged emails for over a week, where she had clearly stated her hard and soft limits, and I had ensured that she seemed mentally stable enough to handle everything that was about to happen, I had given her a safe word and vaginal sex was with a rubber, so we were playing it safe in almost all ways possible.

Some of the details may be a bit wrong (and part of it completely forgotten or mixed up), as this is from memory, and it happened about two years ago. Also, her name is changed.

The door bell rang exactly on time. 6pm sharp.

I remained seated in the almost throne-like armchair in the living room, smiling to myself.

The door bell rang again.

Softly and just loud enough for her to hear, I yelled "Come in".

I heard the door open, and then close again.

Please get on your hands and knees, and crawl in to the living room, i calmly stated.

Too low for her to hear, apparently. Just a little bit louder, I repeated my command.

She heard this time.

I gave her a big smile as she crawled through the portal to the living room, and just pointed to the floor in front of me.

She gave me a nervous smile back, looking up at me through her puppy eyes, before looking around the somewhat dark room, only lit up by a large number of candles. Her eyes lit up slightly as she saw a bottle of champagne and a bowl of strawberries on the table next to me as she crawled up towards me and sat on the flor in front of me.

Lena didn't have what you'd call model looks. She had a couple of extra pounds, but she had long, brown hair - in pigtails as instructed - blue puppy eyes and glasses.

I'm a big sucker for women with glasses. It makes a woman look intelligent, sofisticated and innocent. Three virtues that I like in women.

As instructed, she was wearing high heels, a pink, short, thin summer dress and - as far as I could tell - stay-up stockings.

I was wearing a purple Louis XIV-style shirt, black pants, a black coat and boots.

She looked nervous as she looked up at me, not knowing what to expect as I penetrated her with my blue eyes. She looked down as she couldn't handle my eyes staring into hers.

I slowly grabbed the champagne, gave it a small shake and opened it - without taking my eyes off Lena. She jumped as the cork flew of the bottle with a loud boom, and a stream of foamy champagne hit her in the face.

I lifted the only glass at the table, put a strawberry in it and filled it with champagne.

I smiled at her. She smiled back.

I took a sip of champagne and leaned back as far as I could.

- It looks like you followed my instructions with your clothes. Lift your skirt, and show me that those are stay-up stockings and that you are not wearing any panties.

She blushed and looked away, but did as instructed.

- Are you horny, I asked. Still looking right at her turned away eyes.

She couldn't get her voice to work properly, and no real world came out.

- Look at me, I said, calmly, and she yet again turned her puppy eyes at me.

- Now, please, answer my question, I slowly said.

- Yes, she yelped.

- Show me.

She looked away again, blushing for not knowing how I wanted her to show me.

I smiled.

- Put a finger in your pussy.

She did.

- Is it wet?, I asked

She nodded.

- Give it here, I calmly said.

She reached with her finger as close to my face as she could while still seated.

- Closer, i said.

She got up on her knees and proudly held her finger about two inches from my face. I could smell it. I could see the wetness glisten in the candle light.

I slowly reached out my tongue, and slowly licked the tip of her finger. Just to get a taste before I sucked her finger into my mouth.

I leaned back and pointed to my zipper.

She immediately knew what to do, as I slowly zipped my champagne, watching her.

It took her about 10 minutes to get me off, and right before she did, I grabbed the hair on the back of her neck, pulled her in as close as I could. She gagged slightly as the first stream hit the back of her throat. I pushed her away, and marked her face with the rest of it. A symbol of her being mine for tonight.

I thanked her and pulled two silk scarved from my pocket. One black. One purple. I gave her the black one, pointed at her face, and said one word.

- Blindfold.

She put it over her eyes, and tied it in the back.

I got out of my chair, kneeled behind her, and tied the other one around her wrists.

I then slowly got up and moved over to the door to the bedroom.

- Come here, I said.

She looked clumpsy as she tried to get up with her eyes blindfolded and her hands tied behind her back. Like a baby deer, just getting up for the first time after being borned.

She turned around and started to slowly walk in slightly the wrong direction. I smiled as she hit the wall. She was disoriented, but she was moving slowly so she didn't hurt herself.

- No, over here.

This time she made it, and I gave her a warm, proud hug before pushing her in front of me into the bedroom and on to the bed.

She landed on her belly. I took off the scarf tying her hands and told her to roll around to her back. As she did, I lifted the arms over her head and tied the purple scarf to the bed.

She flinched as she heard the unmistakeable sound of my pocket knife opening.

- Don't worry, I said. I'm not going to hurt you. But I hope you kept the promise to get a cheap dress, and not an expensive one.

She didn't react to that.

I watched her for a good minute before I let the cold steel of the dull side of the knife trace her left leg from the foot and all the way up to the hip, taking the dress with it.

Just a small cut to get seam, then RIP, in one motion, the dress got ripped almost all the way up, exposing her soft, but at this point very tense body. I let the knife do the rest of the work with the dress, before putting it back in my pocket.

She relaxed slightly.

I turned on the iPod with a premade mix of songs, put it in a ziplock bag (you never know, it can get messy and wet) and put the headphones in her ears.

I parted her legs further and let my warm breath trace her right leg up to the thigh. I stopped right over her pussy. Less than an inch. Just letting my soft breathing touch her skin. She twitched, moaned and moved a

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Jan 27 @ 2:17PM  
Hmm...must be too long for the blog engine be continued :-)

Jan 27 @ 2:26PM  
Damn it all.....

Continue it in the comments???

Jan 27 @ 2:30PM  
It is continued HERE

Jan 27 @ 2:33PM  
What hell? Just post them in the comments,that's what everyone else does! I was getting into this story!

Jan 27 @ 2:42PM  
Dang, some people get all the luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and its not me

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