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How bad should it get before schools close?

posted 1/27/2009 8:05:03 AM |
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How bad should it get before schools close? Hell, I remember back in the early to mid 80's when I was in high school. We walked to school through sometimes 6 inches of snow and in the teens. I remember listening to the radio hoping that New Boston was cancelled just like the other schools, but no such luck. All I heard was all county schools with the exception of New Boston is closed. We had one hell of a tough superintendent named Lowell Howard. I hated that then, but after looking back on it today, I realize it builds character. Today all the schools including New Boston are always closed with an inch or two on the ground with the temps starting out in the upper 20's the low 30's. All I can think of are SUCH WIMPS! Okay, county schools I can understand them closing out if they got like maybe 3 inches, but village and city schools that are within distance with walking, they should be open even when they get 5 inches. If they get 8 inches, okay, they can close, or when it gets down in the single digits, they can close. But hell, they close over the slightest little thing anymore. In todays society over the past 15-20 years seems like lawsuits are thrown around so much. I know that's one of the reasons schools feel that they have to cancel out over 2 little inches of snow. Superintendents need to grow some backbone, and courts need to throw out stupid lawsuits to get back on track. I can honestly say to my daughter and grandkids some day that I use to walk in 6 inches of snow. Before me the older generation used to talk about walking in a foot of snow. We're losing these special oments people when each generation was tough and had a lot of character in them. I'm affraid that my generation X will be the last to experience what it was like having to go to school under severe winter weather conditions.

My question is, how bad should it get before city and village schools be closed? I say at least 8" and nothing less. Ice, maybe an hour or two delay until temps rose during the morning.

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Jan 27 @ 8:22AM  
Btw, I just measured the snow total outside and we have 5 inches so far....and it's still coming down hard.

Jan 27 @ 8:26AM  
Schools here would have been closed with just the calling for an inch!

Jan 27 @ 8:39AM  
well said that man ! when i was a kid 5 and 6ft snow drifts were common i used to go to school in 2 and a half to 3 ft of snow 2 miles there and back and the school never closed ! and we had no car ! kids are damn lucky these days now a light powdering of snow the schools shut TSK !

Jan 27 @ 8:55AM  
If it below freezing and somebody spills a cup of water on a roadway the schools are closed. Sometimes the decision point is based upon anticipation in that the buses may be able to get kids to school but not get them home later if conditions worsen. That is the case here today.

Jan 27 @ 8:57AM  
Well it does seem like the schools close more now than they did when I was in school (ya know...way back, but I don't know if that's just because I felt "cheated" back then or if they really do cancel school more nowadays. Luckily, I never had to "walk uphill and back for 10 miles" or anything like that

I think if the roads are icy or hazardous, school should be closed regardless of how many inches there are

Jan 27 @ 9:04AM  
I should also add that the school calendars have flexibility built into them. More days are scheduled than required. In that way, if weather if a factor and schools are closed a school day is not actually missed. In late spring, if there are no closings, then there are in service days where the schools are closed. In the rare instances where there are more days requiring closings such as unusually icy winter, tornado, or hurricane, they merely extend the school year in May.

Interestingly, in Texas the school year begins in mid/late August and ends in mid/late May. Growing up in California the school year began in mid September and ended in mid June.

Jan 27 @ 9:56AM  
Well, If I had kids....that rode a school Bus....ummm ....I wouldnt wanna Chance them getting hurt..would you?
In my senior year in High school...the bus I normally rode... had an Tractor tralier rear end it...while the Bus was at a stop!!!( in the Spring time!!! ) Killing 2 children.......It Happens! So I will have to say... better safe than sorry!

Jan 27 @ 10:02AM  
the bus I normally rode...

You rode a bus? Well dag nab it, back in my day I didn't ride one in high school, instead I.....oh wait, you're older than me....nevermind...


Seriously, I feel that for the most part that kids on buses are pretty much safe when it comes to fender benders.

Jan 27 @ 10:09AM  
I agree we had to walk to school and we only had maybe 1 or 2 snow days a year and that was it! So there was no make up days. Yeah kids are spoiled if its cold they are 2 hrs delay a little snow and its closed. Its not like it was in my day when you had at least one parent at home now its single parents struggling and when the kid stays home who is gonna stay with it???????

Jan 27 @ 10:17AM  
now its single parents struggling and when the kid stays home who is gonna stay with it

Great point, though around here many companies determine if they will open based upon the school closings and understand if the parent stays home for that reason. Around here it can be icy at one location but 20 miles to the south, no problem. Consequently, I have seen parents bring the kids into work with them and park them in the break room with coloring books and/or reading material.

Jan 27 @ 10:39AM  

I can only remember once that school got cancelled for us.
They do cancel more and easier now....... However when it's icy and children have to cross roads it's dangerous. Even in the city and within walking distance. And many times the teachers don't live close and it's not safe for them to be driving that distance in bad weather either.

My granddaughters school stays open quite often when every other school around is closed. One morning about a week ago her bus was over an hour late and she was out in 2 degree weather and the wind almost that entire time because she had no idea how soon the bus would be there, and they get in trouble or left if they are not out at the end of the driveway waiting.

She ran all the way back up the driveway to go to the bathroom and then back to her stop and was worried the whole time about her bus coming during that time.
There was a problem with a railroad crossing due to the cold and the bus couldn't cross.

The buses have radios and the bus garage knew what was going on,but the school didn't think it would take that long. Yes, I realize it was a rare thing to happen...but it does happen.

So I agree with the better safe than sorry...or frozen.

Jan 27 @ 1:19PM  
8" is good enuff for me....

Jan 27 @ 1:39PM  
Hey, straddle long time no blog. Always glad you read yours, but I have to say I always hated the part where I had to stick my hard-on into the snow. If I can touch the ground, KIDS! WAKE UP, GO TO SCHOOL! If I can't, I zip up and let them sleep. You might ask how I can maintain an erection in ice. Well, you never met my exgirlfriend

Jan 27 @ 2:12PM  
I had to walk to school in 3 feet of snow - it was 5 miles one way and UPHILL BOTH WAYS

Jan 27 @ 2:32PM  
Straddle you walked to school during bad weather conditions, I agree, this builds backbone and Character. I, also did the same, and I am sure that a few of us in AMD land did like wise.

I am referencing my area, No one walks to school today, There is a so called convience called Buses. Walk to school you say.......Heck...Kids are reluctant to walk to the Bus Stop.. You should see it sometimes..There are traffic jams at the bus stop, Parents driving their kids to the Bus Stop.

Superintendents are hesitant to close the schools, because of the Busing issue. It's expensive to call a Snow day, because they will still have to pay for the buses, and with all the budget cuts going on it"s a Tough call for Them.

Some schools have time flexabilty built in..but that also is getting back. I would love to see kids walk to school..but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Kids really don't understand what they do have. All they have to do today is walk, to the end of the driveway, jump in their parents car and go a block or so and there you go.
It takes a lot to close schools in my area.

Jan 27 @ 2:39PM  
In Columbus, the schools don't close for shit. 2 feet? No problem- and not because the City has a good plowing force- they don't. I didn't go to a Columbus City School but the schools I went to, like most schools in town, basically went by what Columbus schools did. A year without a snow day is not that uncommon. I never had much of a problem getting to school because I lived about 2 minutes from school, but other kids had huge problems- many parents called their kids in sick because they didn't think they could make it.

Jan 27 @ 11:22PM  
they close schools over the littlest things these day. When I grew up, Life didn't stop cause it snowed 12" to 18" overnight, you just had to leave earlier to get to where you needed to go.

Jan 28 @ 9:36AM  
Well, it appears I'm eating my own words today- even Ohio State is closed!

Jan 29 @ 8:02AM  
All schools here in Scioto county have been out for two days now because of all the ice that fell on the 6" of snow that we got. I will admit, the sidewalks are frozen with slush all over them which would make it hard to walk on. It may make it up to 32 degrees here today. This area has had so many water breaks too with the temps warming up, and then dropping down to the single teens again.

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How bad should it get before schools close?