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Effing illegals! And they aren't aliens!!!!!!

posted 1/24/2009 11:56:46 PM |
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My daughter had a gun pulled on her tonight! She was driving thru town and some asshole was tailgating her. She tapped her brakes hoping he would back off.. No... he came around her and pulled a gun on her! And then followed her around town as she was trying to avoid him. She called me in complete hysterics and I told her to drive to the police station and lay on her horn. I called 911 while I had her on the phone. They met her at the police station. The police caught up with him from the description of his vehicle given. Turns out, the prick was an illegal who couldn't speak a word of English. They found the gun and arrested him. She was terrified and I was beside myself concerned for her safety.
So when is our government going to do something about this bullshit?? Where people have to live in fear of what these idiots are going to do while they just continue to invade our borders? Why does it have to be so difficult to keep these bastards from coming here and committing crimes? I don't get it!!
Thankfully, my child is home safe tonight but what's going to happen to this son of a bitch? He'll be booked and released on bail, but back in court soon at the expense of us tax payers. Where do logic and common sense come into play? This isn't the first time this subject has come to reality for me, but never THIS close to home! I'll say one thing, had he followed her out here, taxpayers wouldn't have to worry about his dumbass...he wouldn't have had the chance to go to jail and have a jury of his peers "protecting" him.!
TIME TO CLOSE THE BORDERS!! past time if you ask me!

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Jan 25 @ 12:05AM  
there are so many here they cant find them all,, are they ging to send that guy back?

Jan 25 @ 12:25AM  
First I am glad she called you and is safe!!!

There is a chance he may be deported.Let's hope that is what happens to him.
I completely understand your fear and anger.... No one messes with our babies !

Again, I am really glad she is safe now.

Jan 25 @ 12:27AM  
I figure anytime one of them commits a crime they should be deported if found to be here illegally. Wait,isn't that a law anyway? Okay,any time one of them commits a crime,they should be arrested and have an RFID chip embedded under their skin and returned to the home country,and if they manage to try and escape over the border,the tracking signal would go off and they'd be shot on site. Harsh,in theory but I bet it would keep them in their country.

Jan 25 @ 12:32AM  
You hear stories like that all the time, and I'm sorry it had to happen to someone you care about. If you want to come into this country, you ought to do it the proper way. I was Canadian-Born but was able to get my American Citizenship through my American-Born Grandparents. If that is one way for illegals to get it then it's fine, but they need to stop those that are illegally crossing the border. I had a boss once that worked for a while in TX near the Mexican Border. Occasionally the INS would show up and round-up all the illegals at the work place with the fake or stolen Socials and ship back to mexico. The next week the very same illegals were back with new names and Social Security Cards. That is how poor a job the border patrol is doing.

Jan 25 @ 12:51AM  
The guy should get max punishment but not because of being illegal but because he did the crime, being not of this country, that can be blamed on our own government who wants to get them out after they have settled here for decades & at the last minute decide to keep them out.... That's like taking our tax dollars to pay for emissions test for our vehicles to save the ozone layer after already years of pollution.... Our own American government is the blame.... That's politics for you & I'm so sorry this happened to your daughter .... glad she is safe although mentally scarred but physically unharmed

Jan 25 @ 1:03AM  
I'm glad your daughter got home safe and sound, and I understand that situations like this are liable to put people out of their right minds. But what the hell does his immigrations status have to do with being a violent person? Are native-born US citizens not violent people, too?

Jan 25 @ 4:32AM  
glad your girl is ok pinky we have a similar problem here as you may be aware we have been flooded with illegals in recent years there are lots of criminals among them rapists , pedo's etc now when they turn up after a crime they cannot be deported home if their country has the death penalty so they stay spend time in prison then let out it's such a bunch of arse !!!! you guesed it they end up staying here fuck em ! send em home i say i'm not a racist neo nazi but i know what is right anyway lets thank god pinkys daughter is ok ((( HUGS ))) to her and you pinky

Jan 25 @ 7:07AM  
Damn Lady.... I am glad your daughter is OK!! TG!!
I'm very glad that they got him!!! Hopefully they will send him back!!!
I'm with ya on that one!! There are way to many "Illegals" here in the USA!!!

Jan 25 @ 7:08AM  
I am glad to hear that your daughter is safe!

Unfortunately, our government is striving very hard to give amnesty to all of these illegals. That is over 10 million of them.

Call your Congressman and Senators and let them know you will vote to throw them out of office if they pass the laws to allow this.

Jan 25 @ 8:37AM  
I'm glad everything turned out well for you and your daughter. All I can say is if anyone EVER did something like that to me they wouldn't be going to jail or trial. I would run there soory ass off the road and if that didn't kill them I would run over the sorry bastards. I don't care if they illegals or Americans I would run their ass down in a heart beat.

Jan 25 @ 9:26AM  
There are two different issues here, road rage and illegals. Fortunately she is okay. My city has made the news for its policy on illegals. If somebody cannot provide identification when queried by law enforcement, they go to jail. Then under a program offered by the Feds, INS comes over and checks the suspects out. If they are illegal, the Feds take them. Now, that is provided that there are no serious criminal cases against them.

To me way to curb the problem is to hit the source of the problem, the employers that hire them. Give the executives of those firms some jail time. I have known far too many Americans that could not get a job because the job required that they speak Spanish. I am not talking about jobs where the employee has to interact with the spanish speaking public and customers either.

Jan 25 @ 9:27AM  
.....what's going to happen to this son of a bitch? He'll be booked and released on bail, but back in court soon at the expense of us tax payers.

Well, you're half right. IF they let him go on bail, you won't have to worry about the cost of a trial because you'll never see him again. They disappear into the cracks like roaches.

My son was broadsided by another car a year and a half ago. He was in town and not going fast, so wasn't hurt, thankfully. While he was still unbuckling and figuring out just what happened, he see's the other driver jump out of the car and take off running.
By the time the police investigate who owned the car, where they lived, etc, etc, it turned out the guy was illegal and he was half way back to Mexico (or some other city) where he would just blend in and disappear. Meanwhile he, of course, had NO insurance and my son, who was carrying liability only to try to hold down costs and get by, found out that in Illinois.... uninsured motorist coverage only covers Medical, not property damage which means his car was totaled and he didn't get a dime out of it.

I don't care if it's jaywalking....... ANY offense that causes them to be arrested should NOT allow them to bond out. It should earn them a one way ticket to Elpaso and an armed escort across the bridge. Except the've even learned how to milk that system too. There are some that come across the border every week to work and on the weekends, they let themselves get "caught" for free transportation back across for the weekend, and then they come back again next week.

Jan 25 @ 9:38AM  
Thank you for your comments. I just don't know what we can actually do as individuals or as a whole to combat this problem. We all know what needs to be done but why is it so hard to make it happen? How much longer are we going to tolerate losing jobs, homes, and OUR LIVES to these people?

My daughter is scared to leave her apartment today and I don't blame her but we can't stop living because of these people.

Jan 25 @ 10:13AM  
road rage
Was it Road rage...? or some freak following a Pretty girl ? (I'm thinking she takes after her Mom.. )

My daughter is scared to leave her apartment today and I don't blame her but we can't stop living because of these people
Hell,.... I'm sure she is scared....but you are soooo right!! We just have to be careful....!
Yanno.. I bet you are really Proud of her...! She handled that Perfectly!!!! and So did you!!! Way to go Mom!

Jan 25 @ 10:13AM  
I am glad to see that your daughter is safe.

Yes this is a huge problem in this country. We lack the political will to take care of it.

I feel us legals have to start to mobilize, peaceful boycots of companies that hire illegals and peaceful demonstrations when something like this happens. We some how have to get Washington's attention

I myself every now and then write or e mail my congress man. But I believe our strength lies in public out cry. Massive public out cry.

I hope this little comment helps.

Jan 25 @ 10:22AM  
My sister had the same thing happen to her once.....Not cool.

Something does need to be done. Who the fuck do you think you are to come into this country that isn't yours and wave a fuckin' gun around? What gives you that right?? Wow....I'm glad this guy got busted. And glad your daughter was ok.

Jan 25 @ 10:23AM  
"My daughter is scared to leave her apartment today and I don't blame her but we can't stop living because of these people."

This is why they have concealed carry laws, not so you can go off and shoot up the bad guys but so that you can take a walk after dark or take out the trash and not live in fear.
Your daughter may consider some self defense courses to help her get her confidence back. Chances are something like this will never happen to her again.

Jan 25 @ 10:52AM  
OMG how terrifying for your daughter and for you aswell. Thank god she is ok!

Jan 25 @ 11:03AM  
Immigration was a highly visible issue two to three years ago. But it has dropped considerably as priority since with economic meltdown, lay offs, and other issues.

As I pointed out in my earlier comment, there are things that can be done at the local level and my city is doing it. Talk to the local TV news teams and newspaper, go to the city council.

Jan 25 @ 11:27AM  
Im gald your daughter is ok. She did good and you too. I would have probably freaked. Its not just the aliens. We have a similar problem here. You break the law, get caught get set free to do again. Even the kids know they can get away with breaking the law. There are so many things that perverts can do to our children. I am so thankful none of it happened to yours.

Jan 25 @ 1:18PM  
First of all, I'm glad that she is safe, and that the incident ended well, and I do understand the hatred you must feel against this asshole, and the trauma it must have been for your daughter.

However, I think that it is important to direct your hatred in the right way.

There are many illegals here in the US. Most come here to improve their lives, to create a better future for themselves and for their children. They are no different then your ancestors who once came here to improve their lives. It is sad that one of the principles that once made this country great - the idea to welcome anyone who wanted to live and contribute to society here - is dead. It is even more sad when this whole group of people gets blamed for the actions of some individuals.

There are assholes and violent people everywhere. Guaranteed being poor and having a hard life does tend to bring out the worst in people, so it wouldn't surprise me that individuals who are denied the right to live in society, work and contribute are overrepresented in crime statistics, but please, take a moment to consider that for every rotten apple within the illegals, there are many good people and families who just want a chance in life.

Jan 25 @ 2:12PM  
i've been a crime victim many times. its something most
people never worry about till it happens to them.
and then they want to send icbm's after the perpetrators.
plots to destroy mexico, central american and south america
with nuclear weapons are getting harder and harder for
secret agents to foil every day. 50 miles from here,
raging gun battles with dope lords are going on in baja calipornia.
vigilante groups go around hanging those thought
to be 'criminals'. no trials. or just a speedy one.
necktie parties are going on as i type. we live
in the most perilous time in human history.
and the future up ahead, is like 'the twilight zone'.
i see pink toe nails daughter, suddenly entered 'the twilight zone' last night.
good luck. have a lucky day. do you feel lucky? i hope so. i wear
a rosary with a jewish star on it. around my neck. feeling frisky and free?
happy valentine's day.


Jan 26 @ 8:53PM  
Sooooooo glad she's ok Pink ....... give her a hug for me ...

Jan 26 @ 8:58PM  
Thanks Lil.... I most certainly will!

Jan 27 @ 4:03AM  

I totally agree!

Glad your daughter is okay

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Effing illegals! And they aren't aliens!!!!!!