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Pierced Privates?

posted 1/21/2009 3:12:22 PM |
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tagged: sex, pierced, sunshine, privates

Do you have your pussy, penis or nipple, tongue pierced??

Do you find a pierced private part attractive or unattractive?

Would you mind a pierced partner or have you aleady had a pierced partner?

Does it gross you out or turn you on??

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Jan 21 @ 3:18PM  
Do you have your pussy, penis or nipple pierced??

Nope...I'm a chicken.

Do you find a pierced private part attractive or unattractive?

Me likey....

Would you mind a pierced partner or have you aleady had a pierced partner?

I've been with 2 different partners that had their cock pierced and I didn't mind it, although it made blow jobs kinda awkward and honestly...I didn't notice any difference in sex because of it.

Does it gross you out or turn you on??

It doesn't gross me out and I think it's pretty cool, but I think it's more for the person that has the piercing

Jan 21 @ 3:21PM  

Other thab ears I don't care for them. They are for the younger generation I guess.

Jan 21 @ 3:24PM  
I always wanted to pierce my nipples...but I'v heard so many stories about it hurting or not Now I have mixed feelings.

I've never had a pierced cock. I have had a pierced tongue....but did not feel the difference during oral. Had no problem kissing.

Jan 21 @ 3:30PM  
Don't have anything pierced...I'm a chicken too!! Other than my ears of course

never had any desire to be with someone who is pierced, tho...just doesn't interest me

Jan 21 @ 3:32PM  
i wouldn't have one far too much pain but women who have them are quite sexy the same with all body art i think it shows an individualality that you dont see much and a pierced tongue is great for oral sex if used properly

Jan 21 @ 4:06PM  
Perhaps I am getting older. I find them interesting to look at but would I want my partner to have a Pierced Body Part "NO" I enjoy just the feel of a pussy or nipples with no attachments.

Jan 21 @ 4:30PM  
I have never been with a female who has had a pierced tongue.

The idea being with one, intrigues me very much. As far as piercing my you know what. No Way (OUCH)

Piercings in or around the navel area on some females are Ultra Sexy.

(Just my two cents worth)

Jan 21 @ 5:18PM  
I ain't got nothin pierced and don't intend to. I'm a big chicken as well. I have never been with anyone that has had more than their ears pierced and I really don't like it. Doesn't do a thing for me except make me wonder WTF that had to hurt but I would still love ya even if you pierced your nipples Sunshine but please don't.

Jan 21 @ 6:36PM  
My partner has a Princess Alberta- makes my job ten times easier. When I go down on other girls I'm reminded of how much work it is normally!

Jan 21 @ 6:48PM  
I think pierced nips on a man is very sexy!!

I wouldn't mind getting my navel pierced

Jan 21 @ 7:48PM  
don't do nuffin for me and no WAY am i gittin pierced

Jan 21 @ 8:43PM  
Me? no. Attractive? depends on the whole package...does it "fit". Mind? of the few things I've never experienced. Gross/Turn-on? Again, depends on the whole package.

Jan 21 @ 10:30PM  
My oldest girl has her navel and tongue pierced, my son has his tongue, ears and nipples pierced....i just think they're weird!! And they think the same of me!! Now, question, whrn you're 55 or 60 yrs. old, are ya still gonna have 'em?

Jan 21 @ 10:47PM  
I find any piercings in the private areas are very unappealing, does not make much sense to me. I do not dislike anyone that chooses that but I do care for it. ANd working in surgery I see all kinds of tattoos and piercings that just look gross after people get older or ones that have just been abused with use and even looks more hideous.
So my advice one day you will regret it, I have seen enough and had enough patients tell me so.

Jan 22 @ 12:37AM  
I onl have a cople peircings in my ears.
I was going to pierce my tongue a few years back but my dentist told me it can make your teeth weak and I didn't want to risk that. so no tongue piercing. I would have taken it out by now anyways due to age.......

Jan 22 @ 12:40AM  
onl have a cople peircings in my ears.

mental note to self...don't post on blogs when you have a migraine can't type.

Jan 22 @ 7:07AM  
I am in my fifties, with no piercings besides my ears.....yet.

I have this odd fast forward fantasy. When I am 80 or 90 and have passed on, and my daughter takes me to be cremated. they hand her an envelope with an assortment of pierced jewelry, jewelry that is obviously not just a pair of earrings.


Jan 22 @ 11:45AM  
I only have one set of holes in my ears and that's it. I've never experienced body piercings up close and personal either. I am NOT attracted to facial or tongue piercings.

Jan 22 @ 12:32PM  
I have nothing Pierced Yet... I may do an ear on My Next Vacation.. when eva that is!!
I think Belly buttons that are pierced are Hot too look at...But, I do wonder ... during wild sex will they get tangled up in clothing and get ripped out?
I dunno about the Pussy piercings, and I really dont care for facial or tongue piercings....
I havnt been with anyone that had anything other than ears/nose done.
Would I do someone who had them? Prolly so....

Jan 22 @ 7:21PM  
I have my tongue pierced, and every man I have been with seems to have enjoyed that. I also have had my nipples done. It doesn't hurt to have them pierced. I just got told that I had very tough nipples. I am still trying to figure out whether that is a good or a bad thing.....

Jun 11 @ 12:41PM  
I have a PA piercing which I've just stretched to 7mm (guage 0) and a recently (7 weeks ago) pierced guiche. The feelings for the piercee are great and I'm told my partners appreciate the feel of the PA. I've yet to find a pierced partner, but would love to do so, especially if their clit was pierced. Obviously I have nothing against pierced partners and would encourage anyone who is thinking of getting a piercing, to give it a try.

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Pierced Privates?