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Check your sources...

posted 1/19/2009 4:36:38 PM |
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I myself have been taken in , MORE than once, by what I call "Crusader Letters."
These include, but are not limited to: "Gas Outs", "Disabled, Sick, just in an accident, etc etc etc...people",,"Fund raisers for ( insert any thousand types) ". And the list goes on... usually they are in the form of emails. Sometimes they happen upon postboards, like the one thats been listed here recently. (Buy American Gas)

Which I NICELY commented on, showing proof of the fact it was not only fictitious, but also wayyy outdated and not even factually correct, backed up by two known "fact or BS" websites. However, they saw fit to delete my comment, and when privately messaged about it, decided silence was the best return response. Sooo...bein I am who I am... the subject stuck with me, so I rant, therefore I write....about two things...

Firstly, and briefly...If you are going to censor your blogs, (save for trolls and the usual shit,) why put comments on auto-approve? Pisses me ( and likely others) OFF to formulate a well thought out and CIVIL AND INTELLIGENT comment, write it all the way out, only to watch it disappear...

Secondly, there are also hundreds of worthy causes in which it is awesome to help "spread the word" and help people. But in my opinion, there are also TEN times the bullshit ones. (The ones in particular, that use "little girl, who has a deadly disease, please help" or anything remotely similar, also in my opinion, the authors should be shot, pissed on, set on fire, and shot again... )
Top 25 Web Hoaxes and Pranks
These are of course the most distressing.They can also hurt feelings, break hearts, cause people to give give away all their money, houses, etc etc etc....the list goes on...
But even the "harmless" ones have impact also. At the very least, they serve to tie the internet down with vastly excessive emails and messages, to say the least. Ask any tech, it DOES make a difference, too.

I personally think a great impact can be made on the bottom level by people like you and I. And its quite simple. CHECK YOUR SOURCES. Two very easy sites to look at are and also Or just google it. Put "(Insert name or even just the topic ) scam (or else fake or true ) " into any search engine. Some of this crap has been around for YEARS...and like roaches....just takes one person to swallow the tale....and its all over the WWW, all over again...Think I am kidding? Have a look at one of the biggest lies ever perpetuated on the net...and people STILL are buying into it...
Bonsai Kittens Snopes Database totally refutes it : HERE Yet this particular lie has been going around, passed from website to website, for nearly TEN years... Bonsai Kitten History... Soooo....c'mon extra webpage tab....a copy and paste or a few extra might just be YOU that stamps out an extra lil bit of internet stupidity.... CHECK YOUR SOURCES... and do your part to put internet stupidity where it belongs......

And one final note....for those annoying email chain letters? DO feel free to make a copy of what I myself use for your own purposes...I didnt write it, but it definitely works...I have never received a second one from anyone that made the mistake of sending me a chain letter...

Copy & paste to friend: (Click inside box; Ctrl + C to copy; Ctrl + V to paste)

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Jan 19 @ 4:37PM  
Hello, my name is (insert name here) and I suffer from the guilt of not forwarding 50 billion fucking chain letters sent to me by people who actually believe that if you send them on, a poor 6-year-old girl in Arkansas with a breast on her forehead will be able to raise enough money to have it removed before her redneck parents sell her to a traveling freak show.Do you honestly believe that Bill Gates is going to give you, and everyone to whom you send "his" email, $1000? How stupid are we? "Ooooh, looky here! If I scroll down this page and make a wish, I'll get laid by a model I just happen to run into the next day!"
What a bunch of bullshit.
Maybe the evil chain letter leprechauns will come into my house and sodomize me in my sleep for not continuing a chain letter that was started by Peter in 5 AD and brought to this country by midget pilgrims on the Mayflower. Fuck 'em.
If you're going to forward something, at least send me something mildly amusing. I've seen all the "send this to 10 of your closest friends, and this poor, wretched excuse for a human being will somehow receive a nickel from some omniscient being" forwards about 90 times.
I don't fucking care.
Show a little intelligence and think about what you're actually contributing to by sending out these forwards. Chances are, it's your own unpopularity.
The point being? If you get some chain letter that's threatening to leave you shagless or luckless for the rest of your life, delete it. If it's funny, send it on. Don't piss people off by making them feel guilty about a leper in Botswana with no teeth who has been tied to the ass of a dead elephant for 27 years and whose only salvation is the 5 cents per letter he'll receive if you forward this email.

Now forward this to everyone you know. Otherwise, tomorrow morning your underwear will turn carnivorous and will consume your genitals.
Have a nice day.

Jan 19 @ 4:46PM  
not even sure WHERE to i'll just ramble a bit....first tho.....
Bonsai Kittens

were this^^^^ to be real...i'd have prolly ended up behind bars for life plus a day...what i'd do to someone doing anything even close to that to an animal...well...just know apaches got NUTHIN on ME.........nothin approve so the cowardice bitches can then pick n choose who n what they want on their blog...for fucks sake WHY write an open blog if you ain't got the stones to have comments.....shit i too understand deleting trolls..but dayum......well thought out controversial comment just deleted...!?!?!? DKW!!! check the AMD by laws...i think that thars' a hanging offence!!

ps... I might have to borrow that thar letter you wrote for them pass this on fuckin waste my time mail..........ty

Jan 19 @ 4:53PM  

this anywhere close to whatcha ment ??

Jan 19 @ 4:54PM  
Hang um...
Hang em HAIGH!!!!

Jan 19 @ 4:57PM  
I agree... if someone disagrees with you, just be man enough to say so. jmho

Jan 19 @ 5:00PM  
just be man enough to say so

this must be kinda like Peter Pauls.....Mounds & Almond Joy.....''sometimes ya feel like a nut...sometimes ya don't "

opps......''sometimes yer man enough to let all comment and sometimes ya ain't "

btw...fuck em' and feed em' puppy shit on a sesamee seed bun and pray they're alergic to bread!!!!

Jan 19 @ 5:32PM  
I hate those fuckin' letters!

Jan 19 @ 7:00PM  
Do I have to??? fuck 'em, I mean? I'd rather not, if it's all the same to you!!

Jan 19 @ 7:03PM  
Ahh does this work with the religous crap poeple seem to flood me with?

Jan 19 @ 7:35PM  
Just sign all your replies to those with....

"Satan Lovez JOO!!!!!"


Jan 19 @ 8:23PM  
I get tired of those "Crusades" as well. My sister is always forwarding those things to me and I usually reply back with a link to snopes or truth or fiction or some other website like that.

Now, where's that mob gathering? ****picks up pitchfork and wanders off....****

Jan 19 @ 9:25PM  
Ahh does this work with the religous crap poeple seem to flood me with?

Zara, what's your email again?

Jan 19 @ 10:07PM  
Straddle are you sure you want to get the email in reply to any of that religious stuff? Damn shame I can't send it to my boss when she sends me that. She seems to think I should think and feel the same as her since they deign to pay me to work under her.

Jan 20 @ 9:59AM  
*wiggles eyebrows* Off topic I know.. but.. hehehehe you can't fix me.. does that mean I get fucked?????

Jan 24 @ 8:52PM  
How about the nigerian people wanting you to help them get there funds over here for a small commition. That actually cracks me up that they think seemingly educated people really will fall for that crap. Good points DK.

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