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Would it Matter to you...(this blog was triggered by another)

posted 1/19/2009 1:26:39 PM |
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If your Family Knew that you were on an Adult Site like this one?
How would you feel if your Boss was to let you know that they saw your Profile and Naughty.. Pics on an Adult site? Would it Matter?
I have told my children that I came here... I am a Big Boy...and I can do what...ever... I want!!!
But if my Boss would find out...(and if I had Naughty pics ) I dunno how I would feel ablout all that!!!
Would it matter to you..?

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Jan 19 @ 1:31PM  
right NOW ....probably not...BUT my Dad would say...''forever is a long fucking time" and once it's public....who knows what might change in my life to where being here WOULD matter in some way??? sooo i enjoy the right to do what i want in terms of WHO knows i'm here....ain't like i'm shy about it..............

Jan 19 @ 1:35PM  
Honestly, I don't care about family finding out.....they already know I'm bisexual and it's my personal business...not theirs and that is exactly what I would tell them.

As for the boss, that wouldn't be cool AT ALL.

I have to wonder though....if they saw me on here, then apparently they are on here, so who is pointing fingers at who?

Jan 19 @ 1:37PM  
i dont care, im not ashamed of my pics on here! even if i posted nakid 1 it wouldnt matter, cause the jobs i get wouldnt fire me for it, if they do there are alot of these jobs out here

Jan 19 @ 1:39PM  
I have to wonder though....if they saw me on here, then apparently they are on here, so who is pointing fingers at who?

great point Chick!!!

Jan 19 @ 1:42PM  
I wouldn't care. If they didn't like it they could kiss my ass. I feel like if it isn't hurting the business then it is none of their business what I do when I'm not there but then again I don't have to worry about that because I am the boss.

Jan 19 @ 1:51PM  
Label naughty pics as adult...

Then they cannot see them unless they are gold members...

Then if they bring it up, well....then who is pointing fingers then...?

Celebrities of all types pose regularly in Playboy for one...police officers, firefighters, nurses, reality show contestants, wrestlers, actors and actresses, politicians, newscasters...the list goes on...

People in general do not truly have any right to bitch over OTHER peoples business. Although they still will. Everyone must make that choice when flinging their likeness across the WWW.

I personally dont give a rats ass.

Jan 19 @ 2:01PM  
I come from a family of "religious" people...would they have a cow at knowing about my bi-sexuality? hell yeah!! Daddy was a preacher!! But the point has been made, that if they were on here to begin with, then don't point any fingers at me!!

Jan 19 @ 2:12PM  

My kids and most everyone I know know I'm on adult sites. I think at my age I can do what I want.

As for a boss knowing ? It wouldn't matter. First I'd have to ask; What's He or She
doing looking on adult sites ???

Jan 19 @ 2:17PM  
Doesnt really matter what the boss thinks. I dont tell about his business or his personel life, he shouldnt be talking about mine. As for telling my family. I still have small kids. That could be embarrasing. My kids know im here but they are not allowed to look or read. As for showing other people. Oh well Im on a public sight. Will have to deal with that myself. My choice to be here.

Jan 19 @ 2:30PM  
My friends know;I don't care. My family has an inkling;I sorta care about that because they like to talk. All in all,its really no one's business.

Jan 19 @ 2:55PM  
As for a boss finding out, there is always the chance of a co-worker finding out and some how spilling it to your boss.

No, I don't want some people to know I am on this site. My daughter has a few younger and quite immature brother in laws who don't know how to keep their mouths shut about anything in front of anyone....and I know they are on a few sites. the last thing I need is them to see my pic and harrass my daughter and my grandchildren be right there.

My next pics would be called mug shots.

Yes, what I do is my business and no one elses, but I don't want it shoved in their faces either. Just my .02

Jan 19 @ 2:58PM  
I have never given it a second thought. My family isn't close to me vicinity wise, and my bosses are not involved in my life to the point they ask questions about what I do after work. If I bumped into someone I knew on here from my regular out in the public life, I would say Hi, how are you, hope you find what your looking for.

Jan 19 @ 4:38PM  
My next pics would be called mug shots.

ummmm YES to that one.... but nobody heard me say it or seen me type ALL that might be concenrd i'm INNOCENT

Jan 19 @ 5:03PM  
I left my puter on last week, with a mozilla window opened on another adultsite....
My Dad saw it, I'm sure of it, as he was fixing the bust up radiator in my room.
I think they know I'm slightly sexually deviant, I just don't think my family care.

They know I'm an adult and savvy enough, I'm not online to hook with random strangers. I'm here to indulge my pervier side.

I would find it weird if a co worker saw any naughty pictures of me... In fact, I'd be absolutely mortified!

Jan 19 @ 5:36PM  
It doesn't really matter. Most who know me know I'm on here. Including my mother, on some occasions I've shared blogs or pix with her.

If an employer found out, I really wouldn't care either. I haven't posted anything that I find totally offensive or disturbing. I think most my pictures have some good taste.

Jan 19 @ 7:25PM  
my ex boyfriends brother said to me one day while I was still dating his brother "I saw your picture and profile on a singles website" I said " Did I have clothes on" He was speechless.

I don't think I would care who knows I am on here. And if my boss came on this site I would wonder why? He is also a preacher.

Jan 19 @ 9:16PM  
My sisters know but I've made it clear...I'm on an adult site, not a porno site and explained to them the difference.

My Mom had a fit last summer when she finally made the connection in her head that I've met men in person who I've talked to on the computer. "I could get killed/what do I know about these men anyway..." yada yada yada. I said if I met a nice man in the grocery store I'd know even less about him wouldn't I? "Well yes..."

So what's the difference I asked....? I meet them in a public place where I'm safe and we get acquainted. She's not mentioned it since.

My kids know. My youngest says whatever makes me happy. My oldest who use to be in these sites all the time....well she worried about me getting my heart broke so many times but now that I've toughened up and gave up on men she seems to be fine with it.

I've wondered how many people around town are on here and know me when they see me. I wouldn't recognize anyone just from their pix but sometimes I think a guy knows me. I could care less who life, I'll live it my way.

Jan 19 @ 9:31PM  
It matters to me to a certain degree. However, my daughter does know that I'm on a site like this. I just don't want her to see me in action on here.

Jan 19 @ 10:16PM  
I could care less if my family knew I was on here. As for my boss if she where to mention it she better have a good answer for why she is on here.

Jan 19 @ 10:31PM  
My family.. at least the immediate family already knows where I am online.. I don't hide..and frankly if my boss found my pix online.. ummm what was he/she doing there his/herself? Hmmm? I'm thinking that would be way too awkward to answer so.. no prob bob.. I won't tell if you won't.

That and.. heh.. I'm so open about shit I'd prolly have already told em.

Jan 19 @ 11:46PM  
As for a boss finding out, there is always the chance of a co-worker finding out and some how spilling it to your boss.
Thx Lady!!! I'm glad someone mentioned this!!!
Where I work..the PPL are such ass kissers..they would do anything to Bring someone Down!!!
But truely... I dont give a shit!

Thanks everyone for your Comments!!!

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Would it Matter to you...(this blog was triggered by another)