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Devious women, cheating men

posted 1/17/2009 4:02:52 PM |
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The world has changed, but some things are timeless. Women the world over discover at an early age that they have the power to manipulate men, and get what they want, by the virtue of thier promises of sex. This plan works as men are wired, indeed programed to seek sexual gradification by our creator. The flaw could not have been more exploited than it has been.
When dating women tend to look at the overall package, and from thier observations, make estimations on what they believe they can change in a man. How can this one be manipulated, what can I get, how much effort do I need to expend?
Your both on your best behavior during the dating days, indeed these are undoubtably the best days in a relationship. Things will change. Once she KNOWS she has your complete attention, or commitment, then she will begin to nudge the controls and effect the direction your relationship takes. Men, no matter how strong, ansd sure of themselves will bend to this change. Girls begin to take him for granted, and like any good pet they will reward good behavior, punish bad and begin to take you for granted. Keep the paycheck comming. She will use her natural given charms, deviously to get what she feels she deserves. MOney in the account..Nice Car, Jewlery, house, kids wardrobe, shoes etc etc etc. You are being used and led to believe that it's in your best interest.

At some point gentlemen, you will come to realize you have been had. Guys, think... Do you really control your present relationship? Oh really? You think so?

You come home every night and she's in a bitchy mood, doesn't want to cook. You choice, take her out (as she planned) or fix something from the fridge (she will act as if she could care your not getting laid that evening though...) Look we could discuss countless ways that we guys come up short in these relationships.

What happens next? You begin to think you deserve better (and of course your RIGHT!) Why should you be put through these games? AT some point you will look around and realize... there are other women in this world. Your mind will begin to precieve that there is indeed greener grass in another pasture, and the temptation to stray will enter your head. How you answer that temptation, tell you, about YOU.

I begin now to believe that those guys who move between women, never getting too serious or staying too long, have the right idea. Women, you have only yourselves to blame for this trend in men. Keep it up and over some period of time your man will get wise, temptation will knock, and he will decide if you are half as good as you think you are.

I'm way off base huh? Lets look at the present divorce rate in the USA 58% of married people will end up divorced. And if the truth were known, How many of the remaining married couples are cheating? I'll bet money that it's a larger number thanyour comfortable knowing.

Keep playing the games. Keep sex as your weapon, your stick or carrot, and see where that takes you.

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Devious women, cheating men


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Jan 17 @ 4:20PM  
I'm sorry to call you out on the fact that not all men cheat because women become soulless hags from pure,subservient virgins. Some women have the capability to be virtuous from the get go,and some men still chase skirts. Your logic is flawed,sir.

Jan 17 @ 5:38PM  
You can't sit there and honestly put all women in this category....I divorced my husband almost 20 years ago because he was a spoiled piece of crap. I've raised my child by myself and never got much of anything from her father. I've been single this entire time and have never so much as expected anything from a man. I've had to learn to do things for myself and by myself.. I've never had a man buy me jewelry, homes, cars or my wardrobe.. I've had to work my ass off for everything I've had in life. It would have been nice to have a partner all these years but it never happened for me. It's only been recently that I've had a man do things for me (thank you baby ) But I don't take him for granted or take advantage of his generousity, I'm very grateful for what he's done for me and he knows it. I've never held sex from a man to get my way, I personally enjoy sex too much myself (don't I baby!??!!?) lol
Granted, yes, there are women out there who do resemble the description in this blog but you can't lump all of them as one. You sound like you're the one who got taken for a ride by your wife and maybe that's because you let her treat you that way. You need to swallow your bitter little pill, get over it and find a woman who will respect you... not use you!

Jan 17 @ 7:20PM  
Absolute Rubbish !!

Jan 20 @ 4:28PM  
I respect your opinion, even if we disagree. Clearly not ALL women fit under this umbrella, and those that do, don't fit under it all the time. It was an undesired inference to lump ALL women under this umbrella. Surely there are SOME that do not practice using thier Sex as a weapon. hence the % of women that have stayed married.

For those that who are in a relationship, thats GREAT! Remember however it's not how you treat each other when the relationship is fresh and new, but how you will act and react to each other in say, eight to ten years that will see if you find yourself under the Umbrella (above) or not.

The comparison is often made that men have personalities more like dogs.(not a very comforting image) and women like those of Cats. The men can be loyal and trusting to a fault, trainable in fact with the right persusaion. Cats on the other hand are perfectly happy with something one minute, and completely disinterested the next.

What some of you may have missed was the idea that Temptation, and how you (men) react to that temptation, wether driven my a devious mate or lured into a compromising situation, tell a person allot about themselves.

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Devious women, cheating men