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Driving Myself Nuts

posted 1/15/2009 2:45:02 PM |
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I decided that since my car won't start due to the cold, (damn car) and I'm stuck in the house, I should do something constructive with my time. I thought I should start going through some stuff and start getting ready to pack. Or actually just go ahead and actually do some packing.. I went through every room in my house, including closets, and thought well maybe I should do (yadda yadda ) before I do this, and I would go to another room and start on that. Only to decide that maybe I should do something else first......... Truth is..there are too many places to start and I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START !!

It's funny but it's not funny.. If I were going to be moving in the next month or less it would be so much easier. I would just pack and label everything and be done.I wouldn't have to be concerned with what I'm going to need between now and then. I wouldn't have to worry about tripping over boxes or getting pissy because they are in the way all this time waiting to actually move.
I can't stand clutter and disorganization.

Griz has repeatedly told me that I have enough stuff for 3 households. I just tell him "unt uh, one person needs all of this stuff".. Well, maybe he has a valid point, not that I would ever actually admit to that.. lol . But now I'm wondering, even though I have lived here for 22 years next month, how does a person accumulate this much stuff into one house?? I have 7 rooms including 2 good sized closets plus a coat room,a garage and a basement to pack..

I'm not a procrastinator, I hate it when people don't just get it done...but as I said, I hate clutter and being disorganized. I guess I am wondering which one I hate worse right now. And do I really need to do this right now.....or should I wait til I give my moving out notice and actually have a moving date? Then I can just do it, and get it done.

Maybe for right now I will just focus on packing spring yard sale stuff into boxes and store them out in the garage... Oh, and umm taking the rest of my Christmas decorations down... Hey, don't laugh, Christmas was only 3 weeks ago and I love Christmas decorations so I leave them up for a while. Wow, it seems like it was a lot longer ago than that, huh?

Did I mention that I hate cold weather?? And I'm moving to Minnesota, where right now, some of them are having a -55 degree wind chill. I think I have completely taken leave of my senses...... Isn't it amazing the things you do when you love someone and want to share your life with them? My daughter teases me about how I couldn't have fallen in love with someone in a warm state..... I told her it could have been worse, he could live in Alaska. Even they are warmer right now..... go figure.

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Jan 15 @ 2:58PM  

I hear ya. Moving is always a pain in the ass. But as far as clothes go. Only take the things HE will wear too. It saves money in the long run.

Jan 15 @ 3:05PM  
I'm a procrastinator. If it were me, I would be waiting until the last damn minute....I think I also do that because I move a hell of a lot faster that way!

Jan 15 @ 4:03PM  
I decided that since my car won't start due to the cold,

same car's just gonna LOVEEEEE it up north huh

Jan 15 @ 4:19PM  
Wow, do I ever understand! I am somewhat of a person who keeps pretty much everything, cuz I might need it one day!! LOL and then I go through boxes when I move again - if I havent used it in 3 years, its time to throw it out!! LOL Good luck sweety and stay warm!!!

Jan 15 @ 4:35PM  
I'm an old hand at this moving bit....4 times in 5 years and before that many times.

Start at the farthest point...stuff that's stored, basement, garage, stuff you rarely use and have forgotten you had.

Work your way in to the middle which should be about the time you need to begin to sort through stuff you use more...cupboards, closets and so forth. Pick a spot in the garage for placing boxes for rummage sale and stuff you'll take with you. Mark the boxes and keep them separate.

Good luck. When I moved to Arizona it came down to...if it didn't fit in the car it didn't go. I got rid of everything and although at the moment it squeezed my heart to let go of a lot of my stuff, once it was gone I couldn't tell you what I'd had. Outta sight, outta mind.

For me the absolute freedom from so much stuff was exhilirating!!! I love not being weighed down anymore by stuff 'n things.

Jan 15 @ 5:00PM  
same car's just gonna LOVEEEEE it up north huh
He keeps reminding me that IF I were up there now my car would be in the garage and it would start. umm, yeah, like I would be going out in that cold to find out......

Jan 15 @ 7:39PM  
I'm not a good packer or organizer.....

Jan 15 @ 7:46PM  
Hey, what can I say - it's the truth....she does have enough stuff for three houses ....and her Christmas stuff fills up her garage. AND she has the nerve to say I only get a corner of the closet.

same car's just gonna LOVEEEEE it up north huh
No problem there, as my garage is heated and air conditioned. CL keeps teasing me I bought a garage and the house came with it.

Jan 15 @ 7:54PM  
When I moved last year...2008 new years day...

I had already packed many things, I started with Christmas deco, then wall decoration, any thing that was purely decorative,

I pack most of my dishes, leaving just a few basic items, to wash and reuse...oh, then I packed shoes...leaving only a few pair...all fancy heels packed to go

Packed up most of my books, and got rid of a lot of shit...gave away lots of stuff, I am a bit of a pack is hard for me to part with my treasures....

good luck, Griz is lucky to have found you!

ps...I still have an unused bedroom, full of crap...

Jan 15 @ 8:01PM  
same car's just gonna LOVEEEEE it up north huh

No problem there, as my garage is heated and air conditioned. CL keeps teasing me I bought a garage and the house came with it.

now THIS i believe

Jan 15 @ 8:07PM  
I lubs you CL but I promised that the next moving thing I do.. I'm gonna pile it all in a big pile out front and burn it.

Jan 15 @ 8:21PM  
I hate packing...

When I was moving I waited until the last week to pack...

I had a ton of stuff and threw a lot of it out..When I moved into this house the people that helped me said that I had a lot of stuff. I said this isn't anything to what I threw out..

I envy you moving to MN..

People must think I am nuts to say something like that. But I know what it is like up there all year around..It is a beautiful state.

Jan 15 @ 8:39PM  
she has the nerve to say I only get a corner of the closet.
I don't recall hearing you complain.. lol

CL keeps teasing me I bought a garage and the house came with it.
Could that be because I heard more excitment in your voice about the garage than the house the first time you told me about it........and the garage was the biggest selling point over all the other houses you looked at..
But it's okay, Honey..I don't blame you and I'm very glad you got your garage.

He forgot to mention, Steve, it's an extra deep, heated/ac'd, 3 car garage.

good luck, Griz is lucky to have found you!
Aww.. thank you Whispering. That honestly means a lot to me. I'm extremely lucky too. He's absolutely wonderful. (just don't tell him I said that) lol

I'm gonna pile it all in a big pile out front and burn it.
OMGosh!! I hope you don't have to move anytime soon, Skwirl. But if you do, can we all bring hot dogs and marshmellows?

Yes, Tammy, I mention the cold more than anything...could be cause it's winter right But you're right, it is beautiful and they have some fasinating places and things to see up there.

Jan 15 @ 8:54PM  
I've been in my house going on 6 years and I'm still not totally unpacked. My spare bedroom, which was supposed to be a guest bedroom, has become a "catch all" room.

Jan 16 @ 10:10AM  
Yep she's gonna get ready! When I moved I had it all packed up and ready within a week. I've been here almost 7 yrs and I still haven't "gone thru" my junk yet

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Driving Myself Nuts