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35,000+ A Month!! WTF!!! OMG!!

posted 1/14/2009 7:42:46 PM |
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tagged: funny, sunshine

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35,000+ WOW!!!

Brad Cox of Clermont was surfing the Internet this week when he saw a story about a California girl who had sent and received 14,528 text messages on her cell phone in one month.

"I laughed and thought, 'That's nothing,' " Cox said Tuesday.

Cox's 14-year-old daughter, Emilee, hit 35,000 messages a month twice in the past year. Thank goodness for unlimited plans.

Her peak month was June, when she tallied 35,463 messages, or about 1,182 a day. Assuming she slept eight hours a day, that's about 74 messages an hour, or roughly one coming or going each minute.
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So, how much do you text?? I text a ton, but nowhere near 14,000 or 35,000....Geez.....

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35,000+ A Month!! WTF!!! OMG!!
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Jan 14 @ 7:47PM  
On a side note, that faker Weapon is gone....Good riddens....troll!!! Who the fuck gets off by sticking guns up there pussy???


Dude, I just hijacked my own damn blog!!!

Jan 14 @ 7:53PM  
I usually hit 300 or 400 a month but i text more than talk on my phone.

and I get off on sticking guns in other peoples pussies as I don't have 1 of my own

Jan 14 @ 8:06PM  
So, how much do you text?? I text a ton, but nowhere near 14,000 or 35,000....Geez much as i want..........y?

On a side note, that faker Weapon is gone

awww drat

Jan 14 @ 8:22PM  
I KNEW it was something suspicious about that girl/guy/whatever....... I text maybe...........four times a day........

Jan 14 @ 8:34PM  
texting? whats that?

Jan 14 @ 8:44PM  
Who the fuck gets off by sticking guns up there pussy???

Well too bad that he/she/it never pulled the trigger.

On texting..I think I do more than my friends do. I think they despise me >_<

Jan 14 @ 8:54PM  
Well too bad that he/she/it never pulled the trigger

Jan 14 @ 9:29PM  
I wondered what was up with that chick.... the thought of fucking weaponry was a little strange....

imagine the gun going off... talk about shooting your load!

Jan 14 @ 9:32PM  
I text about 500 a month...I think

imagine the gun going off... talk about shooting your load!


Jan 14 @ 9:39PM  
I have never texted anyone ever in my life, but thats because i don't have a cell phone myself.

Oh I love the comments and heartedly agree with many of them, but especially luna's.

Jan 14 @ 10:28PM  
i don't have a cell phone myself.

OMG....She serious??

Jan 14 @ 10:39PM  
Have a cell phone only because hubby twisted my arm to get one!!

I would rather NOT have one....can text, but don't because I don't know how, and it costs money.

My thoughts....the phone is there for MY conveience, I'm not there for it's convenience. At home, I'll answer if I want to, if not, leave a message and there are times when I don't want to be gotten a hold of...just my thoughts.

Jan 14 @ 10:40PM  
I had to get texting on my phone cause of Ynot a few years ago But now I don't use it much at all

Jan 14 @ 11:03PM  
I think I might only text maybe... 40 times a month... lol..
Only use it to text my sister to call me on my house phone.. lol
On weapon being gone..

Jan 14 @ 11:04PM  
i don't have a cell phone myself.

OMG....She serious??

yeah I'm serious although I must admit I'm thinking of getting one just so I can actually talk to one or two people I like here if the idea ever comes up.

Jan 14 @ 11:33PM  
I fricking hate texting and I hate getting those stupid forwards all the time. I canceled all texting to my cell phone. Talking is much faster and simpler.

Jan 15 @ 12:05AM  
WTF !!! I MAY HAVE A TEXT BOOK...... does this count

Jan 15 @ 12:44AM  
When my oldest two grandchildren first got their cell phones I had to get unlimited texting.... And I had almost 1500 one month... then they got used to them and I was able to cut down to 1000 a month........ I never thought I would like the convenience of texting but I really do.. and it seems to be the only way to get ahold of my daughter somedays lately..

Jan 15 @ 1:13AM  
that faker Weapon is gone....Good riddens

Jan 15 @ 8:57AM  
I have unlimited texting..but I have noone to text (anymore)!!!

Weapon is gone
after I read her 1st post... I knew she was someone that had been here before.....and I didnt read anymore of her Post!!!

Jan 15 @ 9:30AM  
I will send a text on my phone..or recieve one maybe 20 times a month. My daughter is another story. She is always texting someone. Good thing I have unlimited on my phone plan. I got a two free phones for renewing my contract and one of them has the slide out keyboard to make text messaging easier. My daughter has it now. I liked mine better since I really don't it for texting.

Jan 15 @ 10:12AM  
I don't even own a cell phone and really have no use for one, although I can recall maybe twice when I was like, "damn I wish I had a cell phone right now."

Jan 15 @ 10:28AM  
I rarely text, maybe 10 in a month. Seriously. I'm one if I have something to say, I'll call.

Jan 15 @ 10:32AM  
Alright....this is going to sound funny...but, who in the hell was this "weapon"??? After the first blog or two..I just stopped reading her/his/whateverthefuckitis blogs.

Jan 15 @ 2:12PM  
Hey Sunshine....How does this sound?? My daughter can text with one hand, no kidding. She holds the phone in one hand, then does the texting with her thumb (Unbelieveable)

Jan 15 @ 6:11PM  
I thought my daughter went nuts with her 11k in a month... 35k? someone needs a hobby.

Jan 15 @ 8:16PM  
what's a text??

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35,000+ A Month!! WTF!!! OMG!!