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Should cell phones be totally banned from cars?

posted 1/13/2009 7:43:37 AM |
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The last few days this topic has been in the news concerning cell phones and driving. Should cell phones (this includes head sets) be totally banned from cars while you're driving? The National Safety Council (which are trying to get them banned) have done scientific studies with cell phones and driving, and they say that it's like driving while intoxicated behind the wheel, and the fact they people are impaired while driving when using one.

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Jan 13 @ 7:51AM  
And this is probably my last blog for today

Jan 13 @ 8:39AM  
The car is the only place I use my cell phone. It is the only place that I need one.

The National Safety Counsel

I would like to see a link to the research, I have not encountered it.

Jan 13 @ 8:41AM  
Back in the day, when "portable" TV's became popular, laws were immediately passed banning the use of them by anyone operating a motor vehicle....although they were allowed to be used by others in the vehicle, they had to be placed where the DRIVER could not view them....

I would support any effort to impose the same regulations regarding cell phones...
The problem with using cell phones while driving isn't from talking, but from other usages, such as texting, net surfing, and GPS.....


Jan 13 @ 8:48AM  
They just came out witha key that you put in the ignition and it puts your phone indriving mode. Once that is on, you cannot use the phone or text while driving. I don't know anymore specifics about it, but sounded like a good idea, especially for teenagers.

BTW, I got your card, thanks!!!!

Jan 13 @ 8:48AM  
I would like to see a link to the research, I have not encountered it.

I heard most of this on tv. It was also in yesterday's Columbus Dispatch.

Jan 13 @ 8:53AM  

I would like to see a link to the research, I have not encountered it.
Note: This study is in excess of 10 years old....
From CNN.....

These two links were obtained by typing in "cell phone safety" in Google...It returned 495,000 results.....

Jan 13 @ 8:55AM  
BTW, I got your card, thanks!!!!

You're welcome!

Jan 13 @ 9:14AM  
Yep, they should be banned. I'm tired of people driving like maniacs and not paying attention with cell phones attached to their ear. Not so long ago people did actually survive without having a phone all the time.....they can do it again for Pete's sake.

Jan 13 @ 9:16AM  
the fact they people are impaired while driving when using one.
Some ppl really are!!!! So a few... will fuck it up for everyone...

Jan 13 @ 9:30AM  
a friend of mine can text while shes driving, omg that scares me i told her to keep her eyes on the dam road,i feel u should pull over the side of road if its that important,

Jan 13 @ 10:05AM  
A few idiots can always screw up results for everyone.

There are a number of fires caused every year from people smoking in their homes. Ban all smoking.

I personally know a guy who chopped off the ends of 3 fingers on his right hand while unclogging the discharge chute of a snowblower. Ban all snowblowers.

I see women putting on makeup in cars quite frequently. Ban all cosmetics from Cars. And radios, cd players, GPS devices... Ban all drive through windows. NO eatting (or drinking hot coffee from McDonalds) in vehicles. Ban EVERYTHING that can distract the driver. How about passengers... Conversations are such a huge distraction... make all vehicles single occupant only. Where do you start and stop?

There are also studies (no I can't link it) that show some segments of society that are trained to mulit-task while operating vehicles are statistically safer while talking and driving. The example they gave was airline pilots. I would also add farmers & truckers. They've already been talking while operating for 40 years with CB radios.

Bottom line, you cannot legislate common sense. Common sense SHOULD tell you that you cannot drive safely and type out a text message at the same time. You cannot idiot proof the world. Honestly, it is just another way of creating a revenue stream by creating a whole new class of "criminals". I'd rather see them put punishment on those who actually cause accidents while talking. $500 fine and loss of driving priviliges for 30 days.

Jan 13 @ 10:12AM  
Slohand makes good points - Unfortunately so many people dont have that "Common Sense" that some of us find so common!

Jan 13 @ 10:45AM  
New York State has some tough cell phone laws while driving.

You see you can still you can still talk on your cell phone while driving but you must be HANDS FREE.

So why not invest into an earpiece (Blue Tooth) ?? I guess that make too much sense.

When I enter my vehicle the first thing I do is put on my earpiece set my phone on the console and away I go. Oh by the way, this takes 4-5 seconds to do.

I guess by investing into an earpiece makes too much sense. Shame on me !!!!!

Jan 13 @ 11:34AM  
Whenever someone pulls out right in front of me, or does something really stupid while driving, I usually check to see if they are talking on their cellphone. 9 out of 10 times they are. Or if someone is driving too slow, they are usually old or on their cellphone. I hate for the government too make laws against driving with a cellphone though, because there's already too may damn laws. Each time they ban something, they take away our freedom. Some of the laws are ridiculous. Like no swearing in front of women and children in Michigan. Yeah, it's not good to swear in front of women and children, but it's freedom of speech, and everyone is offended by something. "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. — Voltaire" We should follow the first admendment to a t and get rid of the FCC.

Years ago, some guy fell off his canoe and started swearing. He was across the lake, and some woman heard him and he went to jail for 90 days. Now that's ridiculous. Maybe if they got rid of the FCC, then I wouldn't mind seeing cellphone usuage banned, because people are putting other drivers in danger. They should legalize marijuana. I think people are safer drivers when they are high versuses someone on a cellphone... because if they do get an accident, they don't cause much damage because they are only going 4 miles an hour. That was a bad joke.

Jan 13 @ 11:41AM  
They should legalize marijuana. I think people are safer drivers when they are high versuses someone on a cellphone... because if they do get an accident, they don't cause much damage because they are only going 4 miles an hour. That was a bad joke.


Well they should legalize marijuana. After all, drinking is legal and how many fucktards get behind the wheel drunk and cause accidents? I've never heard of anyone being high and causing an accident. In fact, I drive high quite a bit and drive perfectly fine.....and I never drive 4 miles an hour

Jan 13 @ 11:46AM  
Slohand is right on!

Here in Texas, like many things, laws are local option and in my city you cannot use a cell phone in a school zone. This makes for some frustrated moms when they are trying to pick their kid(s) up and the kid isn't where they are supposed to be.

Jan 13 @ 12:20PM  
I want to go a step further and ban cell phones from jerks. But then, no one would have one would they?

Jan 13 @ 6:06PM  
if cell phones were meant to be used at home, then we wouldn't need them! I use mine inmy car, and it has helped me to stay awake on numerous occassions while traveling long distances........ so, I don't think they are bad!

Jan 27 @ 8:38AM  
No way, I love being able to have my commute count as work time by calling clients, suppliers etc while driving

IMHO, It's kinda stupid to compare talking on the phone to being intoxicated like they do in the report. If you are on your phone and there is a situation that craves your whole attention, you can just stop talking and deal with it, you can't just snap out of an intoxication like that.

I saw them test this on mythbusters and they came to the same conclusion as the report...the thing was, they were getting put through a lot of different obstacles, but they were forced to keep talking on the phone...that's not how it works in real lifel.

Jan 29 @ 6:15PM  
I feel if they have the head set or the one where it is on speaker in there car is okay. That way you are still able to drive without distraction. I mean good lord they talk about banning phones what about people who have sex while driving, or the last thing i saw was a woman reading while driving she had the book in her lap & when she turned a page she would look up! i think if you are able to multi task more power to you but if you can't talk & drive then heck no. JMI :>)

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Should cell phones be totally banned from cars?