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RANT ALERT!!!!! Welcome to my world.

posted 1/12/2009 10:04:36 PM |
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tagged: rant

I was about to comment on our Prez's blog, but it kinda turned into something on it's own.

I'm not a regular blogger here, in fact, I usually just copy some jokes and try to make people laugh. life hasn't been very funny lately. In fact, I think I've been pretty much in shock for the past several months. If you decide to read this you'll know why. Sorry to bore some of you, but this has apparently been on my mind and decided to come out tonight. Sorry for the inconvience.

With new power comes new rules, some may be great ones, others not so great and goes against everything you've been taught in your lifetime. But so it goes, and goes and goes.

It's no different than every day lives we all live. I had a job for 10.5 years, a new company bought our company and decided to make us better and more competative. So they went about firing all the "old" hands such as myself and others that had been there longer than even I'd been there. Before they fired us though, they had to make our life miserable, so they went about that task. I was second in command in my area, but from the way I was treated you'd have thought I was a green newbie that had just started the day before. Nothing of the "old" ways were right anymore. They reworded them and made small changes in them to bring them up to date, so the new owners said. Turned everything topsy turvy so we "old" hands and the customers we served daily said. But that was the new way, nothing we or the customers said made any difference. It would all work out according to their new plan of action and the customers would get used to the changes eventually.

Well I sure hope it's working out for them with thier new ways, I know it has sure put a damper on my and my family's life. Christmas was about the most horrible holiday I've ever tried to celebrate. Nothing under the tree other than for the small children who believe in Santa. Not the usual fare of a 14 course dinner. No happy tales of years gone past, just a lot of "Hurry up and let the kids open thier gifts we need to get home to let our kids play with what little they got. I'm so happy this fucking holiday is almost over and done with. Have a happy life and maybe we'll get together again Easter and it'll be better. See ya later."

But it hasn't gotten much better, see our gas bill has risen from a reasonable amount to triple what it normally was, and it hasn't even gotten cold yet. Can't afford cable, I was so worried about getting the Christmas gifts for the kids that I forgot to pay last months bill and now they are knocking on the door with a cut off notice. Home phone and internet services will be next to go..........any day now.

I'm living on 1/4 the money a week from unemployment comp than I was making working every week, so no more being the doting grandmother or mother. My family is very disappointed. Any guess why? Just another day in America. But you know what, I'd still rather live here than anywhere else in the world. I may not have many freedoms that others had years ago, but I still have more than the rest of the world. I can still live in a decent place, have food on the table, and my grandkids can go to school.

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Jan 12 @ 10:12PM  
lets all hope it will get better soon! i hope you find a better jobblue!

Jan 12 @ 10:22PM  
We're all in this together...

Jan 12 @ 10:25PM  
Oh sweetheart.. and amen to living here over just about anywhere else.. it's a mess but it's ours!

damn... the job thingy though.. that sucketh utterly. I sure hope that something good comes along for you and soon!

Jan 12 @ 10:37PM  
We're all in this together Blueeyes..believe me. I'm trying to make ends meet with unemployment comp too..have been since November.

Still, I wouldn't live anywhere else.

Jan 12 @ 10:51PM  
We're all in this together...

More than we could ever imagine,but at least I know my friends in the upper-middle bracket are feeling it too. Bad for us,but just as worse for them...when I think on that,it eases my disappointment just a little. I'm glad for my health and family,if theres nothingelse.

Jan 12 @ 11:04PM  
Not having seen you blog or comment lately your absence was felt. Glad you are ok and bearing up through this economic abyss. Just another example of how tough things are for so many and may continue to be for some time. May fortune smile on you, Blue, very soon.

Keep fighting

Jan 12 @ 11:05PM  
I'd still rather live here than anywhere else in the world. I may not have many freedoms that others had years ago, but I still have more than the rest of the world. I can still live in a decent place, have food on the table, and my grandkids can go to school.

Girl, we're all struggling. And I couldn't agree with you more!! Thank God for what I do have!

Jan 12 @ 11:53PM  
Regular blogger or not a human being is what you are & I do hope you come out of this w/ a clean slate .... I've been through these kind of things on various occasions & I think of it as a test of will which pisses me off enough to challenge & defeat it .... I hope you get the same spirit

Jan 13 @ 12:27AM  
Sweetie, I'm so sorry that you are having to go through this. I will keep my fingers crossed and say a prayer that things will get better for you...soon.

I agree about this being the only place I want to live....but it sure is getting difficult to "live".

Jan 13 @ 1:29AM  
I just want to thank everyone that commented on my blog. I do feel better after I got all of that off my chest. I thought it would embarrass me to let everyone know what's going on in my family, but I guess since I know others are going through the same thing it didn't. Guess we're all having to swallow some pride these days. At least we aren't getting bombs dropped on our heads or some leader threatening our lives or our loved ones with hunger or war on our soil.

Jan 13 @ 4:22AM  
it's the same here in the u.k. all doom and gloom and you can bet your life someone is making money out of misery, chin up girl what dose'nt kill us makes us stronger, gawd blimey strike a light guvnor! oops! sorry the limey gene just kicked in lol! .

Jan 13 @ 9:55AM  
I just had to sneak in and make a comment...

Things will get better, I promise....Just hang in there a couple more months....Changes are brewing all across the Country....Some good, and some not-so-good....But the outcome will be an overall improvement....

Things will never be the way they were...but there is no reason we can't take advantage of any and all opportunities to make them better...

Good Luck, Hun, and God Bless....

Jan 13 @ 10:08AM  
I feel ya sweetie. My family as well as many others are also struggling, so you are not alone. Unfortunately, sometimes life makes you go through some rough spots to get to the good ones.

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RANT ALERT!!!!! Welcome to my world.