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I've Been Thinking

posted 1/12/2009 5:02:15 PM |
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You gotta hate when a blog starts out that way don't you? It usually means that ..oh, here we go again.. another pissed off fruitloop fixing to tell us all how it's gonna be. Right? Well.. maybe not so much.. I really have been thinking. Usually leads to having to open the doors and windows to release all the smoke.. but here ya go.. the benefits of my thunks.

I once heard a little rhyme.. well maybe more than once.. "If I must worship Gods made of Men, let them be of Gold and not of Tin." This led of course to Don Henley's great song.. Little Tin Gods.
"A new age is dawning
On fewer than expected
Business as usual
That’s how the headline read

Some shaky modern saviors
Have now been resurrected
In all this excitement
You may have been misled

People want a miracle
They say oh lord, can’t you see us?
We’re tryin’ to make a livin’ down here
And keep the children fed

But, from little dark motel rooms
To six flags over jesus
How are the mighty fallen
So the Bible said

You don’t have to pray to a little tin god
Step out of the way for a little tin god
You might fear the reaper, you might fear the rod
But you never have to get down on your knees
You don’t have to holler, please, please
No, you never have to get down on your knees
For a little tin god"

There's more, of course, to the song but this was all I needed for the moment.. if you want the rest.. look it up. You can listen to it here.

Your point Skwirl? Well it's simply this.. with the worlds leaders (political, financial, military) all acting like their shit don't stink ... and behaving, basically, like they are the only persons in this world who have any thought or power.. isn't that what we have been doing? Like somewhat mindless sheep, just stepping to the beat... following the leader, wherever he/she/it might lead? Bowing down to the little tin gods who demand our fealty.. without much thought. Why?

We are capable of rational thought aren't we? Are we? We have legislated ourselves out of almost every freedom we have ever possessed. We've made these little tin gods responsible because, after all.. we can't be held responsible.. for our own behaviors.

It's everywhere, isn't it? On packaging that has to explain to you that hemorrhoid cream is not to be eaten, on even the Pedi Paws machine that my muttleys got for Yule.. where it says .. ON the written instructions .. do not insert this into any body cavity. How sad is that? Are we really that stupid? We aren't allowed to raise our children to have respect for themselves and others, gotta let them have all the freedom to express themselves but not the freedom to take the consequences of their actions. We are allowed to say whatever we feel .. but don't expect us to back that up when we are put to the test.

I tried to come up with something amusing.. something funny.. something interesting.. but I just got to thinking..

Taxes are now due.. pay up or I'll sick DKW and the SS on ya. I'm your little tin god.. or.. summin like that.

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Jan 12 @ 5:11PM  
I totally agree!! Yes, some of us DO have the sense God gave a gnat and don''t stick things like Pedi-Paws in our orifices!! But there are always those who sue McDonald's for their hot coffee!! We have chosen to be led around like sheep to the slaughter, and someday we are going to pay for it!!

By the's my taxes!!

Jan 12 @ 5:20PM  
Ahem.. motions toward the taxes counter.. it looks as though you might have forgotten something? I'm sure it's a simple oversight on your part and will be promptly amended.. you know.. interest rates being what I make them....

Jan 12 @ 5:28PM  
I sowwy!!! da phone ringeded and I got here ya go!!

runs and hides

Jan 12 @ 5:35PM  
Lubs you...rather listen to you than 60% of the dreck on here. Ok,you and a scant few...I brought you some delicious,fresh-baked green cookies. I hope you like.

Jan 12 @ 6:21PM  
I've been thinking...... well not quite as bad as we need to talk.

Your blog reminded me of that newsman in 'Network'. The one who shouted out 'I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!' He was ranting about TV controlling our thoughts to the point we could no longer think rationally.
Taxes paid.


Jan 12 @ 6:29PM  
We aren't allowed to raise our children to have respect for themselves and others, gotta let them have all the freedom to express themselves but not the freedom to take the consequences of their actions.
Allowed or not, I taught my daughter to have respect for herself and to show respect for others. And that for every action there is a reaction, be it good or bad. Depends on what is said or done. And if she was in the wrong to be honest, take responsibility and face the consequences.

I must have always been opinionated, because I remember when I was very young my Momma always told me if I was going to open my mouth, I better be able to back it up... A lesson well learned.

Lots of good thinking, Skwirl...

Jan 12 @ 6:59PM  
In Calgary we have Asian gangs fighting for territory as innocent people get wounded or killed in the crossfire...I'm not talking about three or four times a year ...I'm talking about every two weeks or so...they have gun battles at shopping centres and restuarants in broad daylight and the police are powerless to do anything about it because the tin god has decided to ignore their plea's for more staff and stricter penalties for weapons violations.

Each time I go to the Mall or grocery store ...I don't even think of going to restaurants...I feel like a sheep ready for slaughter. But nothing is being done because nobody is willing to stand up and do sometihing. We all just turn on our tv's or computers and try and forget and hope we don't take a stray bullet

Something terrible has happened to our culture...its like we are sleep walking and I'm afraid that one day we will wake up only it will be too late. Our environment and economy is crubbling before our vary I see people getting together to do something ....nope...the tin man will take care of it...that's all I hear.

Jan 12 @ 7:19PM  
The hot coffee @ Mc D,s was an outrage ... I heard she got a big hunk of change for her irresponsible behavior... She was stupid & crookedly smart @ the same time.... Anyway Swirl this is some way of putting things into perspective

Jan 12 @ 7:59PM  
Excellent blog Prez...I've been thinking almost the same thing myself.'s my taxes btw.

Both DKW and the SS??? Damn!!! Must be tax season huh?

Jan 12 @ 8:14PM  
I am being my usual disrespectful self, but your point is? If there is a point, what is different than what it was before you were born. My generation tried hard for change and influenced America, but very little politically changed.

I award a kudo for effort in posting something remotely interesting where a post like this as a blog is like an oasis in the desert. Yeah, it is a left handed compliment to you and a bitch slap to the majority of the recent bloggers. Luv yeah prez.

Jan 12 @ 10:01PM  
I believe that might actually be my point. A revolution or .. as in Ron Paul's vernacular.. a ReLovelution might be in order.

I, sadly, don't think that I am the guy with all the answers.. nor even, am I certain in which direction to head.. but time for a change indeed.. and I don't mean electing yet another sterling tongued puppet to be the figurehead for the puppet masters. I mean.. people of the world standing up and making themselves heard.. making the figureheads take notice.

Ahh well, nice pipe dream I suppose.. since the sheeple will never stand up to the shepherds.

Jan 12 @ 10:01PM  
Thinking is good. Too bad more people don't exercise their brains. Have a cookie after that good workout.

Jan 12 @ 11:23PM  
Great thinking....

Jan 12 @ 11:30PM  
Must be tax season huh?

yeah, no shit!

Jan 13 @ 12:59AM  
I personally believe things will change but not in the way we expect. Too many people want to "go back to" and that will never work. We have to forage...or is that forge...I looked it up and they both seem to fit in my estimations Anyway we have to find a new way.

Technology has changed our way of living forever and there is no turning back.

The only "old way" that we need is in our morals and integrity...or the Golden Rule.

It starts in the home and then on into the neighborhood then to the community.

Look at us...we talk to people all over the country, the world but do we talk to our neighbor? No...unless we happen to get cornered and do the polite thing...actually speak to them. Our focus is on the whole forest and we seldom see the trees.

Greed is rampant and often it's a disease that spreads like wildfire. People are like the scrub brush...burned to ashes while the mighty trees are left to flourish mostly unscathed. Greed has been a part of mankind since the beginning of time and it will remain so until God lowers the boom on all of us or we simply self destruct.

Will things change? Yes, that's a guarantee for nothing ever stays the same. Will it be for the good? Probably not. United we stand...but we are a divided people until we have a 911. Given time we forget....complacency, fear, poverty...survival of the fittest. We squabble, quarrel, grumble and do not one thing. After all, I'm just me, what can I do? The responsibility is shifted to salve the guilt of...complacency, fear, poverty, survival...and it's a vicious cycle too many teach their kids.

Where will it end? I don't know. It's not my problem...or is it....................

Jan 13 @ 6:18AM  
I've Been Thinking

seems almost every time i do that i gits a headache....i'm gonna just stay on auto piolet......

*tosses out tax n strolls down da road*

Jan 13 @ 7:37AM  
you thunk way too much my skwirly fiend , I mean friend
here, chew on a greeenie

Jan 13 @ 10:14AM  

I'm paying extra taxes today since I've been away and haven't kept up

Jan 13 @ 6:13PM  
UH OH.......I think that I just started my new blog just like that!!!!! I swear, I swear....I am NOT a nut case!!!!! lol!!!!

Jan 29 @ 6:25PM  
Okay first thing, here are my taxes dear skwirly lady. Secondly, i knew a lady that called an ice cream company to complain she bought vanilla ice cream & that she was severely allergic to vanilla bean & that it didn't show that particular ingredient in the vanilla ice cream she bought & wanted to file a complaint about it. They should put that on there containers she said. I wish i was making this up. So I agree most people don't have the common sense it takes to survive in this world & the rest of us have to pay for that. Good blog my dear.

Jan 29 @ 7:04PM  
Have another cookie...

Jan 29 @ 7:22PM  
Been slapped down by the "powers that be" too many times, on too many jobs, and far too much in life. Usually for thinking "outside the box". Funny thing is most times my thoughts that were wrong become their "new ideas" several months later. I am of the opinion that people in power are not capable of original thought, and can only steal new and inovative ideas from others. My only comfort at this point is to read more blogs....and yes open up one of my canistered buddies!

Jan 29 @ 7:25PM  
innovative....before anyone breaks out a where did that beer go?

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