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posted 1/12/2009 3:16:17 PM |
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I am basicly a subvervent person who trully enjoys giving women pleasure . I am not the domanent type by nature??. And would never put my hands on a women out of anger,. Yet have anger issues and more then one heartbreak in my life. I More than likely would have given a couple of beatdowns for the disrespect I allowed a handfull of female lovers and girlfriends to show me. I usely will just give them a good spanking to keep them strait insted of punching them. . I have noticed in the past that some women do not respect me unless I show them who is the boss. being to PASSIVE is a bad thing most of the time i have noticed. Hairpulling spanking's , Getting on there knees and sucking my cock intill they gag. ect ect. Sometimes I even fake it. Like insted of letting them get there cloths of nicely, I will ripp there cloths off them and demand oral sex. Most of them like this kind of ruffness. Or insted of giving them a nice massage oral pleasures and lite touching and teasing before sex. I will just give them a quick and hard pounding from time to time. Here's my storie. I met this young lady named NASTY NANCY. She was very pretty and had a nice body and big firm breast. She also was a very ruff STREET WISE girl who spoke her mind and most men were scared of her by her manlyness and ruff ways plus her hardcore friends.... driving, talking, drugs gambling. She was very extreem in all of the things she did. And domanated every boyfriend she ever had. I was into heavy partying back in those days. And had a good rep with the local women in the party scene in the S. F. Bay Area Cally wherei grew up . We finaly got together one night after months in months of knocking heads both of refusing to brek down and ask the other to fuck. . I refused to let her take control of me like the others. After hanging out with her for awhile she finaly broke down asked me why I have no tried t fucked her. I told her I am a pround man with many things to offer besides a hard cock and drugs and money like the other suckers she took adavantage of because of her looks. finaly after a nite of parting whn we were all alone. We came to a understanding that night. I would meet her once aweek in different motels while tieing her up and fill her full of dildos, lite bondage spanking's ect ect.. I also like a fool months later would help her in getting tires for her car,, loaned her money. And gave her good oral sex when ever she neeed it. ALL THE THINGS I PROMISED MYSELF NOT TO DO AGAIN...She took advantage of me once again like many other women from my past. And did very little to pay me back the money I loaned her or do some of the things I liked in the bedroom.. And became lazy in the bedroom....She also would short me on money and the drugs that I would pay for. Finaly I had enough and for the first time in her life. Someone told her to get lost! ....I got sober and moved in with a good god fearing aribic women from india. After a year or so I broke up with her, And to numb the pain of my loss of her and both my parents went back to my OLD WAYS envolving hard drugs booze and many women. Word got out that I was back into the party scene, And NASTY NANCY tracked me down at a local motel that I was staying at. I guess after a year she relized that she was wrong and fucked up in disrespecting and true friend and good fuck like me. Heres were it gets good!..... I was up for days partying and feeling very sexualy charged from the speed and weed and rum. She knocked on my door with a bag of macdonalds in her hand for me, And yes a large bad of speed. Which I usely had to pay for. And was holding a laptop in her hand. And before I knew what was happening she was inside. And quicky for the first time EVER said she was sorry about the past, And ran by me to the bed..She looked very high....She offer me a huge pipeload of speed. I quicky took it. I put a heavy flame to the glass pipe. Something in the past she hated very much.....She was a VERY CONTROLING person. Who would even tell her men how much flame the pipe needed to burn the crank and if you put to much flame on it she would take it from you. Control freak!. I would always have my own. But she would still try to control how I smoked it pulling the flame away as i tried ti hit it.. I looked at her and burned the pipe good, leaving a black mark on the bottom. SOMETHING SHE HATED! . Waisting much of the dope. IT KILLED HER TO WATCH THIS!. I told her to,look away if she did not like the way I smoked it! ..She put the laptop down next to me and plugged in asking nicely if she could take a shower. I told her that I was still mad at her from last year. She said she was sorry again. And had a very delivish and submissive look on her face telling me she is going to try to swallaw all of my cock cum tonite?, And told me she wanted to show me something on the computer. IT WAS VERY HEAVY BONDAGE!. I had tied her up before plus lite bondage. but this time was diffrent!. She told me I was the only man she ever trusted enough. And wanted me to tie her up this time and do anything I wanted to her.. (ANYTHING I CLAIMED! ) ..ANYTHING!, She claimed she did not want to be able to move any part of her body. And that wanted me to pay her back for being such a bitch to me in the past. I told her I was going to make her swallow my cumm and cock large insertions heavy heavy spanking's ect ect.. Something she refused to do before. So got undresed and had to wipe herself from her wetness she was so turned on by my words when I agreed to do these things to her. Wow!.. I got some duct tape from my car. And came back in to the room, But could not think of a good place to tie her up. I did the spread eagle thing before. Like a gift from heaven. I noticed the luggage rack that the nicer motels provided would be perfect for what I had in mind. It had a three straps on it. Which would allow her big firm breast to fall threw.. I ordered her to get on all fours so I once again could tie her up. I ripped up a sheet from the bed and used lots of duct tape. Finaly twenty minutes later. The deed was done. She could not move at all. To show her I ment bussiness this time I would not let her talk. And if she did ..I would run up and spank her with the bible i got from the motel. Hee Hee. Without asking . I went to the local casino and played poker for a couple hours leaving her tied up but kept thinking about her not enjoying my card game much....I came back into the motel room and sat on the bed thinking NASTY AND TABOO thoughts of what I was going to do to her tonite. After a couple of drinks and getting nice and high. I took a shower and came back to the room where she was tied up. I could not see her face becuase of her hair was long and she was bent over on all fours. . I told her that tonight she was going to swallow of of my cock and cumm wheather she liked it or not. Something she could not do before. But I wanted more from her. I have a nice smooth and handsome tig

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