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Dr. Death

posted 1/7/2009 11:52:39 PM |
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tagged: serious, life, death, sunshine

Speaking of Patrick Swayze....

Made me think. If you were dying a slow death and you had the choice to call in a doctor or a licensed professional to help you kill youself in a peaceful, medical manner, in a controlled enviroment, would you?

Should you be allowed to have such an option?

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Jan 7 @ 11:57PM  
yes i always thought it should be up too the person not the goverment to say if u die or not

Jan 8 @ 12:03AM  
You should have the option to do what you want if there is nothing left they can do to help you.. I would do it thats for sure.. I watched to many loved ones suffer and die from cancer...

Jan 8 @ 12:58AM  
Absolutely. Everyone should have the chance to die with dignity.

Jan 8 @ 12:59AM  
I would do it.. only after being 300% sure...that I was kicking the bucket...! and If I was in a lot of pain..and could never live a normal Life!

My X mother inlaw was told she had cancer and she had 6 months to live.. tops!!! They said she had a very fast spreading cancer.
She went thru Chemo.. and Rad. treatments..
After doing all of that....they re-checked the Test results..(thats right... the same results that said she had cancer!!! )and found out that she Never had cancer!!!
She died years later with something else!!!
Makes ya think eh?

Jan 8 @ 5:32AM  
Nope, I don't believe in it!

Jan 8 @ 6:31AM  
Read the book "Mercy" by Jodi Piccoult, about a husband whose ill wife asks him to kill her rather than let her die a painful, lingering death. Makes you think.

Jan 8 @ 6:35AM  
Yes, after seeing three family members suffer, and I mean suffer with cancer, and finally die within 6 weeks of each other....yes, yes, and yes.

Each recieved cemo, rad, every imaginable medical torture known to man, each beloved relative finally found peace.

Jan 8 @ 7:14AM  
Speaking of Patrick Swayze....

Jan 8 @ 10:05AM  
Yes, I would. I watched my fiance die from cancer and I never want to be like that. Let me go when I want to and with some dignity.

Jan 8 @ 10:55AM  
When Oregon passed the Assisted Suicide law.. that has been contested over and over ever since.. it amazed me how many doctors immediately put up signs saying I will not be party to assisted suicide.. do not even ask me.

Honestly.. I think that if I knew there wasn't much in the way of hope.. I'd just do myself.. there are so many quick ways out that aren't nearly as painful as some of the diseases.

Also why, even now, I have a valid doctors order to not take heroic measures to prolong my life... sure try stuff but don't go crazy.. no machines.. I guess being comfortable with the next big journey is a big part of it.

Jan 8 @ 1:07PM  
my sister and I have an agreement no machines! Yeah I'd want to go before the pain became unbearable, and my family suffered for my pain.

Jan 8 @ 1:34PM  
It's my life, it should be my decision medically whether I prolong and suffer, or if I choose to die with dignity. Yes, I believe consenting adults should be allowed to make that decision when dealing with terminal illnesses.

Jan 8 @ 3:25PM  
Here's a thought.

When pro-choice was passed into law abortion was suppose to be within the first tri-mester. Given time it grew to nearly full term abortions, for some it became nothing more than another form of birth control.

Legalizing assisted suicide is good intentions but what about down the line? Will it become a way for eliminating those in society that others feel are just taking up space so why not "help them go"?

Who makes the final decision? Can their intentions be trusted? We'd like to think so but consider the fact that there are those whose intentions aren't so honorable. Whose intentions are self serving....relief from responsibility of caring for a loved one, or most likely greed for the estate.

It all sounds so simple but nothing ever is....nothing! It could easily become a weeding out of those that society deems unproductive and a burden.

I personally believe when my heart stops it will be because my Maker says it's my time...that's HIS call, not mine. But I can say this much. If I decided to take matters into my own hands it would be done by me alone. I would never involve anyone else because of the repercussions of emotions that would most likely follow for them...even if it was just making the decision. That is putting a lasting burden on them and I could not do that.


Jan 8 @ 3:48PM  
Legalizing assisted suicide is good intentions but what about down the line? Will it become a way for eliminating those in society that others feel are just taking up space so why not "help them go"?
That brings up a good point,because I'm thinking of instances with medical staff in nursing homes or not-so highly trained medical staff in hospitals. If this were an accepted practice,I worry about abuse and people being assisted in killing themselves even if they werent ready. Basically,what Soft said.

As for myself,as morbid as it is I have instructions of what to do in case I'm a goner:pull the plug,lol cremate me,hold onto the ashes and donate most of the personal effects the family didnt keep.

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