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Penis enlargements...mmm. Myth or reality?

posted 12/1/2006 8:56:03 PM |
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I called a friend of mine from Chicago today because I wanted to check on him.
Three weeks ago he told me he was going in for surgery. According to him, he was just removing a mole of his inner thigh that has been bothering him for a while.
This dude and I went to college, got our master degrees in the same university; pretty much, we’ve been like brothers to one another. I am the Godfather of his first kid, and I really appreciate the friendship we have.

We are both from opposite corners of the world… he was born and raised in small-town America, and I was born and raised in the 6th biggest city in the American continent: Caracas. Nevertheless, we found many things in common and friendship and brotherhood came through.

Back to the subject, I called him up to see how he was doing, and he said he was fine. During the conversation he told me: Dude, I got to tell you the truth. I didn’t get to take my mole off, I did something else… I thought: DAMN, what was it? Cancer (God forbid)? An eyeball? What the hell?

I immediately told him that whatever happens, I wanted him to know that I was going to take as much care as I could of Mary-Ann (his wife) and Joshua, my Godson.

He laughed and said: I know you will, BUT, the operation wasn’t life or death… I got surgery to enlarge my penis…

(About a minute of silence …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..), and I said, WHAT???

Well, he told me that Mary-Ann made a comment about his penis being small; another time she told him that he should try the penis enlargement pills, or something, because she was getting bored AND she thought her finger was longer than his penis…

I said, COME ON!!!!.

Now, this dude (Joshua Sr.) told me that they got to enlarge his penis almost 2.5 inches. His wife doesn’t know he did it…

I don’t know what you guys and girls think, but wouldn’t you think that both of them went a little extreme? Mary-Ann for telling him stuff like that and Joshua for literally “getting the problem solved”?

I wouldn’t even think of getting my penis enlarged that way… OUCH. IN FACT, I like the way my penis is. I wouldn’t change it… BUT, I am very puzzled. What do you guys and girls think?

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Penis enlargements...mmm. Myth or reality?


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Dec 1 @ 9:02PM  
I think you're right, I wouldn't do it either...wouldn't be any reason to anyway.

Dec 1 @ 9:40PM  
OUCH!! heck no I would not have gone for surgery!! I would have explored other options before that!! There have to be other ways that work other than surgery... I've seen adds for pumps, pills and creams.... I guess I'm one of the lucky ones that dosent need any of that stuff...

Dec 1 @ 10:03PM  
I think it is absolute Bullshit!
You are born with what you get.
That is just my opinion.


Dec 2 @ 12:59AM  
If your pines is small! specially thin!!!, you definitely have to do it man. You don't want to know all the shit girls tell me about past partner penis when I am fucking them. It is fuck up that,.. this chick told him that. Would have been worst if she go out and cheated? Huh? I don't need penis enlargement as you can see but, you never know man!! Women says bigger is better. And when I fuck a chick, I want her to remember that day with pain!!!. Yeah pain in her vagina!!!. Do it if you need to, or a guy with a bigger penis will fuck you unhappy wife….. Ok?

Dec 2 @ 7:51AM  
I'm flabbergasted. They can do this? Hmmm, guess I need to do some reading...

If she was bored, I'd think of a lot of other things to do before that. But, maybe like women with small breasts, he was self conscious and he was doing it for himself. I'm sure it would be difficult to admit that as a man. But, to each his own.

Dec 2 @ 9:08AM  
Well at least she was being honest I mean she could have said nothing and cheated on him or something. I know it was probably a hard blow to his ego but it sounds like he took care of the problem. I have had women say that to me just to try and hurt my feelings but hell I know that I am blessed in that area (not all of us are so lucky) sounds like your friend did what it took to keep his marriage together. If she was complaining that much she would have eventually left or cheated on him (which is very shallow of her I might add to sum everything up by the size of the mans penis) so I guess all I can say is good for your buddy

Dec 2 @ 9:30AM  
well i've never been asked to make it bigger .....and i don't think i'd let anyone cut on my dick....BUT ..remember....for us as in men who are apparently NOT being told your dicks too small its probably a hell of a lot say no to this.....hmmm now as i type i think...what if......i woke up and had a 4'' hard on?? what would YOU do?? just standing in another fellows shoes sorta .....hmmm makes ya think a bit don't it?

Dec 26 @ 12:45AM  
Well i have seen the worst of what can happen... lumpy disformed... impotent... scarred or with infections that they can't control...... Seems a waste... should of had them take HER pussy in... all the way... and shut her up.

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Penis enlargements...mmm. Myth or reality?