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Your best feature

posted 12/1/2006 7:59:16 PM |
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I was reading the blogs as usual, and came across the one just posted by Straddlemynose...about birthmarks. This got me thinking...I know, don't say it...about other parts of the human body.

Alot of people lament about thier bodies, too big, too small...wish we had better hair or eyes or teeth...whatever. I'm sure everyone has done it at some point. Even me!
This evening...I would like to know what you think is your very best feature. Not what others think your best feature is...what is it about your body that you like best!

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Dec 1 @ 8:04PM  
natural eyes.....part i 'made' my arms

Dec 1 @ 8:07PM  
My eyes, they are a white blue color and look like they belong to a wolf. Of course I get a lot of comments on them and the ladies seem to love them. I have not seen anyone with the same color.

Dec 1 @ 8:09PM  
Ok...I guess I should have been more concise...

Describe your best feature! Tell us why this is your best feature!

I would have to say my best feature is my eyes. They are blue/green with a ring of hazel around the pupil. They change color...going from a deep blue to a hazel green depending on my mood and sometimes what I'm wearing.

Dec 1 @ 8:10PM  
Um, well, obviously I get lots of comments about my eyes, but those that know me in person say it's my smile. Um, then there is my hair. I am kind of vain about that...

Dec 1 @ 8:12PM  
Well, I have sexy legs for a guy. My legs are muscular and shaped nicely. Some other good features I have is my hair (Thick and wavy) and eyes (Green hazel...a little butterscotch around the pupils and then it blossoms to green everywhere else).

Dec 1 @ 8:12PM  
Oops! Should have read a little closer. I agree, I like my smile. It's big, toothy, honest and open. My hair? Well, it's thick, dark, bouncy & naturally curly.

Dec 1 @ 8:21PM  
Oh yea...and my hair! Very thick, very curly and very red! I never have to spend more than a few minutes 'doing' my hair...just spray a little water on it and comb it out!

Dec 1 @ 8:28PM  
I think mine would be my eyes. Chocolate brown and just slightly almond shaped, one of the only signs of my mative american heritage.

Dec 1 @ 8:31PM  
mmm... My nose. Although, I also like my penis... . Not joking, I think it is a good penis; nice shape, size is good for me, thickness' also good for me. YEA, I like my penis too.
I got no pictures of it posted on my profile, but I would if anyone wants to see it...

Dec 1 @ 8:39PM  
Hmm ... I tend to understand my body from a functional rather than visual point of view. I'd have to say my fingers because they are involved in all of my creative work and play.

Dec 1 @ 9:07PM  
gosh, i don't know. i guess i would have to say my mouth, please don't anyone take this the wrong way. i say that because i like the shape of my lips, they're not too big, not too small, and i like my smile.

Dec 1 @ 9:48PM  
It has to be my mouth also. I have these huge, Julia Roberts lips and that is what most guys compliment me on... "full, pouty sexy lips" was the exact phrase I think.

And my DDDD cup size breasts get lots of attention from men also (hmmm let THEM carry these monsters around for a while!).

Dec 1 @ 10:00PM  
My very best feature is my sense of humor. It is a feature other’s may lack, but everyone at one time or another, has an appreciation for.

Dec 1 @ 10:02PM  
I think I have a lot of pretty nice featurers, but my best as far as I am concerned IS my body. I think that for an average joe at my age...well any age, I have a good body.

Dec 1 @ 10:25PM  
If i had to go with what men think is my best feature it would have to be the puppies as my bf says, lol. They do get lots of attention. Oh btw the bf agreed with me, and picked my lips too cuz they are "soft, sensual, and kissable"

Dec 1 @ 11:45PM  
I think mine would be my calves, one of the guys from work said I have horseshoes whatever the hell that means, but he wanted to know what I did to get so much muscle tone to them, well nothing, maybe toe lifts.

Dec 1 @ 11:59PM  
My kidneys they are all brown and mushy....

Dec 2 @ 1:03AM  
just look at my pics

Dec 2 @ 1:34AM  
I think mine are my butt, my eyes and my smile. My eyes change colors, I smile often, and my butt is just kinda...out there! LOL

Dec 2 @ 2:12AM  
Personally, I think I have a very cute but that ever girl should try to hold at some point in their lives. :P

Dec 2 @ 6:41AM  
I am always told it's my smile, though that needs some work right now.. but I think it's my warped mind.

Dec 2 @ 7:37AM  
I like my big brown eyes, they are said to sparkle with gold sometimes and ... hey, I do like my breasts, even better with that tattooed rose in the cleavage.

Dec 2 @ 11:13AM  
I wasn't going to post to this because I'm not so good at tooting my own horn (though I'm working on it!), but I'd have to say that I like my eyes and calves (thanks for speaking up on that TLC - I wasn't sure if I should mention that part), and, for as much as I bitch about my boobs, I do like how they look in a sexy bra... ;)

Dec 2 @ 11:09PM  
Me too Sxze.

And I like a good woman's calf... Hey, I meant the back of the lower leg! Just because I live in downstate IL doesn't mean I'm one of them fellers! Besides all the good farm animals are either taken or gay!

Okay, my best feature or body part? It must be in the back too because I can't see it.

Dec 3 @ 1:28PM  
My thick dark lusterus back hair is nice too!

Dec 4 @ 9:55AM  
My best feature? I'd have to go with my sense of humor, like somebidy else on here said. All my best features from when I was a young man faded with age and marriage.

Dec 21 @ 4:15PM  

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