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Dildo #4...RIP

posted 1/1/2009 11:58:17 AM |
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tagged: dildo, sad, sunshine, toys

Ok, refer to the picture of my toys for this one....

It's the 1st day of the new year and already, I'm holding a funeral.

Yesterday, I had played with myself and I guess I didn't put my toys away. Later in the afternoon, I walked into my bedroom to find my dog laying on my bed, gnawing off the head of dildo #4!!! The whole head was gone and there were little rubber pieces all over my bed! I picked it up and looked at my dog and yelled at him. "How could you do this to one of my favorites??" He looked back at me blankly....

I was given that toy as a birthday present. I'm really heart broken today......

Here's a picture of it......

If anyone cares to start this year off right and buy me a replacement.....I got a pay pal

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Jan 1 @ 12:13PM  
Guess he wanted it more than you did. Just another reason not to have pets. Sorry for your loss.

Jan 1 @ 12:29PM  
Take it as a compliment. Rover must've liked the flavor of things; Mom's "special touch"!!

Jan 1 @ 12:38PM  
Ummmm, must have been on the same wavelength, as CL and I were in an "adult" store earlier in the week - didn't buy anything though . I am terribly sorry for your loss, especially since it was a favorite....

Jan 1 @ 12:43PM  
oh my.....that sucks!!! I can't buy you a new one, but if you want to stop by, I would share my double ended one!!!!! lol!!!!

Jan 1 @ 1:07PM  
but if you want to stop by, I would share my double ended one!!!!! lol!!!!

Next time I'm up that way, I'll take you up on that offer!!!!!

Jan 1 @ 1:07PM  
It's established that dogs like bones but when did they get into liking boners... Hell that's your 1st step into having a trained attack dog but the target area sucks...

Jan 1 @ 1:16PM  
sorry for your loss......................

Jan 1 @ 1:22PM  
my sympathies!!

Maybe we should take up a collection like in Pervian Church to fund a new one??


Jan 1 @ 1:33PM  
Church....when did we get a church???? And it has a dildo fund??? Damn...

Jan 1 @ 1:37PM  
anyone seen Father Max to give the service??

Jan 1 @ 1:44PM  
Guess ya should have requested a warranty! was right there on the page! .... hmmm...that puppy is going to have some chunky munky doo doo real soon soon!

Jan 1 @ 2:00PM  
I just informed my dildo Cockzilla that his brother's head was gnawed off by a dog...he's stricken with grief and totally limp...he won't be good for anything for a while... Sorry for your loss...

Jan 1 @ 2:00PM  
I wont pay for a replacement ... but Iffin you are up this way... I bet ya...I could make ya scream Louder!!! just saying...

Jan 1 @ 2:08PM  
just post a collection'll be fine

Jan 1 @ 2:15PM  
Have ya ever heard of Mold a New Head?....maybe ya have a project on your hands!

Jan 1 @ 2:21PM  
Oh more thing....don't do the goldfish thing and flush it....ya wouldn't want to explain the cause for the funeral to your plumber.....hey!? call one anyway...he could be your back up!

Jan 1 @ 2:27PM  
Id be happy to send a mold of mine
but youd have to melt down a tire to get that much rubber..

Jan 1 @ 2:28PM  
^^^^^^^its trwue...its trwue...its trwue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 1 @ 3:55PM  
I am so sorry to hear of your loss.
It was too soon for that toy to go and I hope it can be replaced soon.
What a shame!!

Jan 1 @ 4:25PM  
I agree with xquseme. Must taste good. LUCKY DOG!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 1 @ 4:37PM  

What time is the wake ?

I will undress and cum for the funeral.

Jan 1 @ 5:19PM  

Will it be buried or cremated?

Jan 1 @ 5:42PM  
Dammitol...... Wow and to think I was pissed at my dog for getting in the trash,
seems mild in comparison. Am sorry for your loss m'dear and hope that there
are 20 more dongs to replace it soon!

Seems plenty of men are stepping up to the plate..... mebbe something good will cum of it..... literally!

Jan 1 @ 5:54PM  
as a former dildo in my past life
I was glad to be buried.
please do the same....

Jan 1 @ 7:02PM  
damn girl !!
in this day and age of technology they can re-build anything.

just trot along to the hardware store and tell the guys there you want a couple rolls of duct tape

* if it was wearing a condom at the time it would have been safe ya know......
all it needed was a lil protection

sorry sweets, now stop grinning ..

Jan 1 @ 8:36PM  
OK OK OK .. I will got to the end of this line.

I wish I would have heard about the calling hours sooner. How long is this line anyway? Sure must have been popular to have so sooo many people here tonight paying their respects.

It is so nice when they put up these nice little collages with pictures with our loved ones. Wow ,, that is a really wonderful pic. You both looked so happy..Such memories. Sigh.

"In lieu of flowers the family wishes that donations be made to the The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction
" How very thoughtful.

Jan 1 @ 11:01PM  
*plays taps on kazoo* Dearly Belusted, we is gavvered here taday to lay to rest BOB. BOB was a good man, always did his job without complaining, always there to help a friend. What can ya say about BOB? He never let a woman down.. he was always up for any challenge and never stopped til the job was done. BOB's demise was swift and unexpected.. having been mauled to death by a wicked dawg in the prime of his life. He will be missed.

Jan 1 @ 11:54PM  
What a bad way to start out a new year......Bad dog!! Hope this isn't an omen for you, Megan.. nah...just means you are going to get a new favorite..

Jan 2 @ 12:57AM  
Sounds like the dog was just being a dog...well it looks like a bone. That's why I'm very careful about not getting a bonner on around dogs plus people get the wrong idea and think ...hey ...that guy wants to fuck my dog...not a good way to win friends ...

Jan 2 @ 11:47AM  
as a former dildo in my past life
I was glad to be buried.
please do the same....

Oh, I'll be sure to bury it alright!!!

Jan 2 @ 7:18PM  
well now you can just lay in bed and train the dog to fetch your dildo's for you,lol!

Jan 2 @ 7:46PM  
Church....when did we get a church???? And it has a dildo fund??? Damn...

LMAO, We got's us a church!

Jan 2 @ 11:45PM  
Happy New Year and my condolances Sunshine gal.

Being a single woman living so isolated I can relate so well to how attached you and BOB #4 were.

Heck I would be overcome with grief if my BOB #2 and BULLETS #7 died especially if it was at a time of active duty.

So when is the dog gonna be up before the firing squad?

If it makes ya feel any better Santa.... (that prick) skipped my house totally and left me with frozen pipes. If you find that backup plumber send one my way too will ya. hahaha.

Hopefully someone will sponsor you an account at Seeking O or one of the other online stores.


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Dildo #4...RIP