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Auld Lang Syne (2009)

posted 12/30/2008 12:18:35 AM |
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tagged: fun, life, straddle

First, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all you a early very Happy New Year. Leading up to New Years eve is a time for reflecting over the past year for many people, including myself, and to also reflect on who we all lost this year whether actors, actresses, celebreties, family members and so on.... I get this way it seems like every New Years Eve. I guess a lot of you will be celebrating bringing in the new year, and then there are some of us that usually spend a quiet time reflecting on the past year and our loved ones that we lost this year. It makes me a little sad that they couldn't be with us (other than being in our hearts) to bring in the new year with us. Don't get me wrong, I may get a little sad especially when I hear the music and the singing for "Auld Lang Syne" get going, and man, I start to tear up with all of what I mentioned goes through my mind, especially when the news on the tv play that music and show pics of starts that left us all this year. Seems like when midnight hits and the start of the new year hits then I start celebrating. I know that's a little strang, but the sadness isn't there like it was before leading up to the closing of the year. As I got older I tend to reflect more. I heard mostly guys do this, and most women like to look forward to to the future and to plan ahead more than reflect back on a lot of things. I know a lot of us guys are accused to living in the past.

My question to all of you is do you reflect more leading up to midnight, or party and enjoy yourself more? I haven't spent New Year Eve at home since going into 1982. Just my way of getting out and being somewhere else for a tradition that I started when I was 14. During the last 20 years I pretty much headed up the highway in my car to drive around and find a place to get out and watch all the fireworks go off all around me. Love to watch the fireworks and celebration. Also spent the last few years going to my grandma's because I hare to think she's alone to bring in the new year since she stays up late. It used to bother me to spend New Years Eve alone sometimes, but it really doesn't bother me anymore, it just gives me time to myself which I love. But tonight since I have a new love in my life again I'm sure I will be spending a little different this year, the first time since going into 1986 (22 years ago) when I was down in Kentucky spending my vacation with some family to where I went out down there in their small town and met some girl who fell for me hard. At that time I was just coming out of a relationship with Ann (Natasha's mom). Anyway, are you the type to reflect, or party it up?

This is a repost I did a year ago, and thought that it was interesting enough to post again.

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Dec 30 @ 12:45AM  
Anyway, are you the type to reflect, or party it up?

C'mon Murphy, post me a comment, damn it, I know you're on!

Dec 30 @ 12:58AM  
Thats Murphey with an E muther fucker!!!!!!!!! Ha! Ya I am on...i work nights now,,,so I miss the day time stuff, but lately I haven't missed much of anything. You want me to talk about the past year or the party which is planned? Well...if i told you about the last 10 years you would think yours was a walk in the park, and since I am the kinda person that doesn't compare...I will just say...let it snow...let it snow...let it snow!

Dec 30 @ 1:05AM  
Thats Murphey with an E muther fucker!!!!!!!!!

How ya know I wasn't referring to another person with your name, but without the "e"? HA!

since I am the kinda person that doesn't compare

Ahh, I see. Ya got nothing going on for that night.


Dec 30 @ 1:09AM  
If you meant someomelse then I beg your far as having somethingelse going on...I try really hard not to have anything going talk about...cause it just makes everyone skwirm...won't go there...that's your job. MURPHEY...

Dec 30 @ 1:13AM  
to talk about...cause it just makes everyone skwirm...won't go there...that's your job.

How do I make people skwirm?

Dec 30 @ 1:30AM  
ahhh. ..squezzing the blood out of a womans tampon and sucking it doesn't make people skwirm. ..then what does? Not that anything is wrong with that. it...experience it! But, don't expect everyone to appreciate it! ..., I am unusual. I let everyone be themselves.

Dec 30 @ 1:33AM  

How to make a woman skwirm.

I would start at your Toes and Feet and ever so slowly kiss and lick my way up those gorgeous legs a half inch at a time. Up over your calves and thighs. Upon reaching that beautiful butt; I would slow down and kiss and lick every single inch of it, including your rounded hips. Then Lick and probably try to Tongue fuck your ass hole. After spending some time there. I would move slowly up your back to the nap of your neck. Gently roll you over and in the same way work my way down the front side.Your chest, over, under, and around your breast. Down your rib cage. Taking time to cover every inch of your Belly and hips again. over your pelvis and down the front of your legs to your knee's. Then back up the inner thighs until I reach your sweet Honey Pot. Which by this time should be flowing with juices. Lightly brushing your lips there with my lips and tongue. Licking your juices and kissing it. Then a little harder kiss and spreading the lips with my tongue. Delving deeper and deeper until your bud and hood are protruding. Then using my tongue to raise the hood so I could take that sweet bud in my lips sucking and licking it till you climax time after time after time. As you lay there quivering. I would be licking and sucking every drop of fluid and juices out of you Delicious Pot. And Then if you wanted ? We could start all over again and again and again.


Dec 30 @ 1:36AM  
Chuck, my man! Missed ya! Glad to see you and Softy back on here tonight.

Happy New Year to you too, Chuck!

Dec 30 @ 1:46AM  
where the fuck did that cum from...and where the hell is Softie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????

Dec 30 @ 1:54AM  
I have one of Softy's old emails still in my inbox and it now shows that she's no longer cancelled.

Dec 30 @ 2:06AM  

A man should kiss a maiden's face,
And even in that secret place,
The naming of would bring disgrace,
***** To please Her. *****

A man should spread her legs out wide,
And sweet resistance brush aside,
And kiss her long and deep inside,
***** To thrill Her. *****

A man should not withdraw in haste,
But hold her firm about the waist,
The better to enjoy the taste,
***** Of femininity. *****

A man should know just what it takes,
To thrill her 'til she throbs and quakes,
At every move her lover makes,
***** In his caressing *****

His mission will -- it's understood,
If she is not of stone or wood,
Be over soon if he is good,
***** At loving *****

But he need hardly rush away,
For surely she will let him stay,
And kiss her there throughout the day,
**** If he but wishes *****

If I could only show to you """
The things a man and maid should do,
And take to show, the whole night thru,
***** In Ecstasy. *****

Dec 30 @ 3:27AM  
This has not been the Best of Years for me.. In ways... butttttt I have learned to be Happy with just myself... so thats cool!
Life is good.... and I will find sumfin to get into by the New Year!!!

Dec 30 @ 3:44AM  
I wouldn't go out on New Years if ya paid me ...not with those meth addicted cows running around... actually I have never really done much of anything on New Years...when I was drinking I would get drunk and loose my pants or something like I'm quite content to sit around the apt.

Dec 30 @ 11:10AM  
I'm usually in bed by

I used to party it up and welcome in the new year!~

Can't really dwell on the past, only look ahead and plan a great future!

Dec 30 @ 1:31PM  
I had a party last year and if I remember right you were invited Shawn

This year I am staying home. I work the next morning. I am not much of a drinker anyway. Give me a Dr.Pepper these days and I am happy.

Last year at my party my friend and me watched everyone else get drunk.

Dec 30 @ 3:48PM  
I'm more than likely to spend it alone this year. However, unlike my New Years eves past over the 20 years where I have reflected during those years, I will be focused more on my future.

Dec 31 @ 12:10PM  
I will be home in bed (by myself ) sound asleep by midnight

Dec 31 @ 7:34PM  
My sister and I spend New Year's with our best friend. This year, we're going to be spending it with her sisters and their Mother. My friend's Dad passed away last year, so we want to spend it with her Mother.

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Auld Lang Syne (2009)