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Theater Manners.....Question??

posted 12/28/2008 4:44:25 PM |
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A man enraged by a noisy family sitting near him in a movie theater on Christmas night shot the father of the family in the arm, police said.

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Full Article Here

WTF is wrong with people?

I know I can't stand talkers or people with ringing cell phones in a theater. I've never really had to ever say anything to anyone. Maybe once to a kid that was kicking my seat. But, I'd rather leave and go tell a person that works there that there are assholes ruining the movie and let them do their job then taking it into my own hands.

Have you ever gotten in an argument in a theater with a rude person ruining the movie??

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Dec 28 @ 5:06PM  
so we should buy more guns right

Dec 28 @ 5:17PM  
nope...but I have thought about it!

Dec 28 @ 5:20PM  
People are crazy. And cell phones are the tip of the iceberg. The worse the economy gets, the more violence you will see. Senseless crap, perpetrated by people that snap.

I've never gotten into an argument in a theater, but I have begun calling people on their inconsiderate behavior. I'm getting tired of rude, self-absorbed people. But not so much that I've resorted to violence.

Not yet

Dec 28 @ 5:37PM  
Maybe it's a good thing that I haven't got a firearm? I pulled a "MOM" on a couple of teens one movie and grabbed each of em by an ear and escorted them to the manager. Course.. I used to be that person who had to deal with assholes at the theater so .. I haven't got any patience with knuckleheads.

You pay so much for two hours of entertainment and it gets ruined by someone being a jerk? I don't think so.

Don't think I would shoot anyone over it.. You are right Sunshine .. get the manager or usher or someone who works there to deal with it.

Dec 28 @ 6:14PM  
What that guy did was a bit extreme. I've gone to management when there were a bunch of tweens making a bunch of noise at a movie once. Funny thing, when me and the manager got back, they were perfectly quiet. I still pointed them out to the manager and he had a little "talk" with them.

The last time I went to a movie - by myself, there were some foreigners sitting in the same row on one end who were talking really loud in their language. I finally got fed up and yelled "DO YOU MIND?" and they looked at me with a "WTF" look. The rest of their posse came in and sat with them a few minutes later and they got together like in a team huddle. They all got up and walked out of the theatre and never came back.

Dec 28 @ 6:17PM  
Probably the stress with everyday life, along with world affairs, and our economy. Still no readon for something like this. Just the fact that he was carrying a gun speaks for itself. He may have been itching to use it on someone just to relieve some stress. But instead it's going to cost him more problems.

Dec 28 @ 6:24PM  
lol well i guess im the only ass in here lol. yeah i did get into a fight in the theater.
this damn guy was hitting on some girl beside me and i was first amused when she said no thanxs and looked away from him. but then he kept talking then called her a stuck up bitch . i looked at him and said bro im trying to watch this shit can you shut the fuck up ..... very politely that is..... then like an ass he stood up and started to scream at me in front of every one i was so damn embarrassed and mad. i stood up realy fast and sucker punched him hard as hell in the mouth he fell over into the aisle and the ushers came and took him out. i never go in trouble cause i went out the side exit and went home lol movie sucked any way and me an my girl were getting bored.

Dec 28 @ 6:25PM  
Well that is a bit extreme if you ask me, However going to the manager doesn't always work. And I've gone to movies with a friend who let her children run all over the place, nothing ever got her to get them to behave and i know she was thrown out of a few places, but it never got her to get them to behave.

Dec 28 @ 7:31PM  
that is a bit extreme. How about the people who take babies to the theater. Now those people tick me off.

Dec 28 @ 7:57PM  
I started a fight with a dad once because he wouldn't sit down after switching seats to an area in front of me. Of course I was the one who was ejected.

I think it's rude to bring screaming kids to a theater and not leave when they are getting loud. Either there should be separate theaters, separate times for kids and adults, or it should be legal for patrons to grab a gun and shoot family members with loud kids.

Incidentally, do you think anyone told the guy to hush because his gun was too loud?

Dec 28 @ 9:21PM  
Get the Terminator attitude & kick ass!!!!!!!

Dec 28 @ 10:08PM  
bring back drive-ins
neighbors get noisy -
fuck harder

Dec 28 @ 10:45PM  
I can't stand noisy people at the movies- next time shoot 'em in the head.

Dec 29 @ 5:17AM  
I hate when people get shot in the movie ruin's everything...I wonder if people got their money back.

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Theater Manners.....Question??