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"Jerry Springer" type neighbors

posted 12/27/2008 3:34:19 PM |
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tagged: humor, life, straddle

I live around some of the dumbest, stupidest type people. Late last night I heard some people all into it over on a side street across the street from me. Throwing shit and cursing like there's no tomorrow. I went ahead and called the New Boston police where both of their units responded pretty fast. Not long after that I had found out on the scanner that it all started on the Portsmouth side where some fucktard threw a brick threw someone's house window in back of their house. New Boston police continued checking warrants on those 4 losers that while waiting for the Portsmouth police to respond. Not sure about the outcome since it took a while to sort the whole damn thing out. Well, today some other neighbors are into it (or it could be two of them from last night for all I know since they live in those run down New Boston apartments across the street from me. One sems to be a heavy set mouthy woman yelling at a guy she knows. Why is it that it seems that heavy set trashy women who are mouthy are always involved in neighborhood spats where the police are almost always called?

I gotta get me some better neighbors...

Anyway, how many of you have had your trashy neighbors into it right after Christmas, or are you still waiting for it to happen any day now?

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"Jerry Springer" type neighbors
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Dec 27 @ 3:48PM  
I just noticed that Dmbchick420 cancelled. Why did she cancel? Also, I saw where Beefy cancelled as well, or did he finally get cancelled by the site?

Dec 27 @ 3:59PM  
I'm the only heavy set trashy white woman in my neighborhood.. I'll letcha know when the shit hits the fan.


Dec 27 @ 4:03PM  
I'm the only heavy set trashy white woman in my neighborhood.. I'll letcha know when the shit hits the fan

Cute, Sam!

Now I know you're not trashy, nor mouthy. And as for heavy set, I don't think you are.

Dec 27 @ 4:18PM  
I'm usually the neighbor that gets the cops called on me....but to be fair, the guy behind me is a cop

Dec 27 @ 4:25PM  
Thats the reason I choose to live in the country!!! I have one neighbor..and she is in her 70's....and a bunch of trees are between
When I was 1st married... back in "78" we lived in the a 2nd floor apartment, the Law was there every night, the couple on the 1st floor fought every night! ..... !!! The Last time the Law came... they took the guy to jail for Rape!!!! His Own Daughter.. 5 yo!!!
We moved the next day!!!
The woman was small..btw....

Dec 27 @ 4:28PM  
Thats the reason I choose to live in the country!!!

True, but then if something did happen, do you realize how long it would take the Sheriff Deputies to arrive since you're out in the country?

Dec 27 @ 4:53PM  
What the hell's been going on since I have been away since Dec.23? Now I just noticed that Softy is no longer around.

Dec 27 @ 5:17PM  
Nothing but peace & quiet here...yay!

I got emails out to Beefy & Dmbchick....Once I find out more, I'll let ya know.

I beleive Beefy said he would cancel around Christmas is he didn't get no I think that's his reason.....I'll keep you all posted!

Dec 27 @ 5:21PM  
Everytime I drive by your neighborhood I get the creeps..

I am still trying to figure out which house is your's

My new neighborhood is quiet compared to when I lived on a busy street.

It was 73 above today

To bad it don't last

Dec 27 @ 5:36PM  
Everytime I drive by your neighborhood I get the creeps..

Hell, it's not just my neighborhood that's gone to shits. Most of Scioto county is about the same way anymore.

As for what house I live in, it's one of the nicest houses that's left on this shitty block.

Dec 27 @ 5:43PM  
Last week just before Christmas I visited a couple friends at my old job.... & saw a company owner & his client fighting in the middle of the shop .. I mean trying to knock each other out !!!!

Dec 27 @ 5:51PM  
Unfucking real. I just got a phone call from Tash wanting to know if I wanted to buy her $15 Walmart card that her grandma (Ann's mom) had gotten her for cash. She wants to buy some gas and cigarettes with the cash. I told her NO! I also told her that she didn't need cigaretts (cancer sticks). I don't know if Tash will ever grow out of this shit!

Dec 27 @ 5:57PM  
I'm usually the loud party one in the neighborhood...never out of control..just a buch of drunks who think we can sing better at 2 -3 in the mroning. I don't have them many party[s where it goeing into the wee hours...but have noticed more neighbors attend..they figure if they can't sleep might as well have a few drinks and try to sing...

I use to rent a summer home off the beach where the cops were called constantly for a couple behind us...real fist fights...loud fighting...

Dec 27 @ 6:01PM  

#2, I know this is a typo in your comment, but that happens to be the name of that side street where it all went down last night and today. It's pronounced "buck for some reason.

Dec 27 @ 6:21PM  
Hell, it's not just my neighborhood that's gone to shits. Most of Scioto county is about the same way anymore

The house I am in now needs to be painted on the outside. Compared to the homes on my street mine is the worst. I am waiting for summer to get here so I can get it fixed up.

As for Tash she needs to get a job. Don't you think. I know she has a little one at home but she could get something part-time so she can have spending money.


Dec 27 @ 8:51PM  
I'm with horny toad. I live in the country too. My closest neighbor is a half mile away, and it's my cousin. I can make all the noise I want to. Shoot fireworks, shoot a guy, shoot the moon in the pool.....

It takes the county mounties about 25 minutes (or less if they happen to be nearby on patrol) to get out here.... I've only called them once in 30+ years. (caught a kid stealing gas)


Dec 27 @ 8:57PM  
Oops....... NOT shoot a "guy"..... shoot my guns.

Sheesh......... I need to proof read better.

Dec 27 @ 11:25PM  
We had what I can only describe as a Battle Axe living in our apartment building. She weighed about four hundred pounds, played loud music day and night, sold drugs and talked in a loud irritating voice and every second word was fuck,cunt,or shit. She finally got an eviction notice and then promptly filed a law suite against the owners of the building which took a full year before it was settled. so we had to put up with her like it or not. She was one of the most disgusting people I have ever met and everyone was relieved when she finally was forced to leave.

Dec 28 @ 11:31AM  
well this won't CHANGE yer neighbors...but might keep yer home/yard safer......SHE'S convinced the neighbors and their kids i'm an evil wicked nasty the kids RUNNING when they see me pull down the street n tells em' .''OMG RUN HE'S HOMEEEEE" and they do and ...our home is nice and neighbors buggin us...don't even ask for some sugar

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"Jerry Springer" type neighbors