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Triple homicide in Scioto county Ohio tonight

posted 12/22/2008 11:17:29 PM |
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tagged: news, straddle

About an hour ago there was a triple homicide here in Scioto county. It happened in Franklin Furnance behind a BP station where a husband, wife, and their daughter were shot to death. A young boy ran down the hill with his shirt covered in blood and told authorites that a woman with black hair shot and killed both his grandparents and aunt who all lived in a trailor. The police is keep everything a secret right now and not releasing info on the crime since it's currently going on. Neighbors were asked by the news crew and said that they were all a loving family and well known.

Man, this is crazy, especially before Christmas

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Triple homicide in Scioto county Ohio tonight
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Dec 22 @ 11:44PM  
I was watching NBC 5 out of Cincinnati last night and they had on their news out of Lexington, Kentucky of a traffic accident involving a 21 year old woman who was involved in a two car accident crash that threw her car into the fast lane where it then was hit by another car at a high rate of speed. That impact threw her out of her car and over the highway devider into the south bound lanes and she was then hit by a few cars. She later died at the hospital. Even though she wasn't wearing a seatbelt, I can't help but blame the other drivers as well for not driving defensively and threw caution to the wind. What the hell is wrong with drivers today? Not only is this so tragic, but her friends happen to see the wrech and tried to stop to see if she was alright before the accident went further on and more out of control. They saw their friend hit by the cars and couldn't do a thing for her to stop it. Just hearing this last night was upsetting, but if I saw something like this, especially if it involved my friend, I don't think I could ever get over something like this where it was running over and over in my mind. I have seen animals hit and trying to get out of the street and cars not stopping. I have saved a few of those over the years.

Dec 22 @ 11:56PM  
Trailer park...twenty dollars on meth being involved.

Not that I'm blaming drugs, after all if they were rich I'd say just alchohol and him fucking her sister.

This stuff is more likely to happen around christmas time...stress, and after 8 years of bush policies (Laissez-faire, coupled with war driving up the price of fuel and lowering american exports due to everyone boycotting what little we do make), well lets just say this is going to be one nasty christmas.

Funny part is, suicides don't go up this time of year, just homocides.


Dec 23 @ 12:00AM  
Many years ago Straddle, a young man used me and my car to commit suicide. He hit me head on with his motorcycle. It was in night...and I was driving maybe 30 mph. He came over the railroad tracks, gunned it to high speed and layed over the handle bars and turned his bike sharply into my path.

I stood on the brake and whipped the wheel to the right but he hit me on the front drivers side and the impact threw him off his bike head first into my windshield. No helmet.

I stopped my car and my drivers door was jammed shut. In my hysterics I literally kicked it open and ran to him laying in the street. A trucker was the first to the scene and I banged on his door screaming for him to call someone.

The cops arrived and his rattling breathing and muscle spasms will be stuck in my mind forever. He died. If I saw his head hit the windshield in front of my eyes, God has blessed me by blocking it out of my memory.

The evidence at the scene told the story. He was in my lane. My skidmarks trying to stop was in my lane. This young man's dad was dead and he'd had a fight with his mom and told her he was gonna "go join his dad". Yet to this day his mother blames me...I killed her son.

No happy ending here either.


Dec 23 @ 12:05AM  
For some reason, I read this blog and the comments. I really shouldn't have and not sure why I did. I regret doing so and your posting it.

Dec 23 @ 12:54AM  

I think I have to agree with what Bruce said. I feel the same way. This is suppose
to be the time of year fpr Joy. Not unhappy endings.

Dec 23 @ 12:58AM  
Sorry about that, guys. I may pull this blog sometime tonight

Dec 23 @ 1:13AM  
Apparently Shawn felt an urge to share or vent. All isn't well in the world regardless of the season and many here haven't held back no matter what time of year. I am not happy about the situation he wrote about, but I am also not happy about the situation Chuck wrote about, but he said he helped. Maybe Shawn wrote this blog cause he needed to, and maybe it helped Softie cause she hasn't talked about what happened the night a man killed himself when running into her car. many things happen for a reason. it;s ok Shawn...everyday things happen we don't want to hear about. It is what we do about them that makes it better. Murph...

Dec 23 @ 1:24AM  

Do not pull it Shawn. It is your blog and in some way it may help others.
I have been going thru a few things the past few days that; Well I just do
not need to hear more myself. The Blog is fine. Leave it.

Dec 23 @ 9:19AM  
It seems somewhat out of whack when people get all teary eyed and upset and are nothing but sympathetic when they read about abuse to animals but when someone writes about people that are killed or injured because it hit them in a way that upset them everyone gets up in arms about it.

So it's Christmas time. Would you have been more tolerant if this would have been posted in March? Or next summer? Obviously this hit Shawn where it hurt and he needed to share it to lessen the impact.

As for my comment? I shouldn't have posted it. The comments reminded me of how lacking people are of understanding when horrible things happen. De ja vu...

Leave your blog Shawn but I would appreciate it if you'd delete my comment. I've been judged enough for something that wasn't my fault. Getting my fingers slapped for sharing it is a little much.

Dec 23 @ 10:04AM  
^^^^^agree with what Softie said....

I felt bad about the blog I posted the other day about how this time of year sucks for me and felt bad that I posted it afterwards because it seemed like maybe a few people didn't want to hear it, but I can't be fake and pretend everything is happy and rosey for me all the time.....such is LIFE! Keep your blog.....doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

Dec 23 @ 10:10AM  
No... in my opinion, you shouldn't delete a thing. I'm sorry it has upset people, but come on people.. upsetting shit is happening. It's happening rapid fire and if it helps us to talk it through together then by gawd let's talk it through together.

It's traumatizing... it's scary as hell.. it reminds us that life is not a promise.. it's not something we should take for granted... and by gawd we should all remind the people that we love.. just how much we love them, every time we get the opportunity.. because tomorrow is NOT a guarantee.

BTW.. I love you pervs. Just in case you were wondering. Hope I see you tomorrow.

Dec 23 @ 1:09PM  
I'd leave the blog up.

I just know that too many people are using this site right now as a diversion from unpleasant realities.

If one desires to hear about murders and killings, CNN and other media outlets have plenty of them. Ironically, our murders here in Dallas yesterday evening are the headline story on CNN right now and your killings in Ohio didn't even get mentioned.

We have three to five murders a day around here. But that is just one slaying a day per million people. There are probably more but it only makes page one on the Dallas Morning Blues of Fort Worth Startlegram if the killings are multiple, somebody famous, a cop, a kid, or a good looking woman. Anyone else page five.

Dec 23 @ 8:52PM  
Channel 10 news was in my restraunt to eat this morning. I didn't know why until I saw it on the news about the homicide in Franklin Furnace. It is sad that a little 6 year old boy had to see that.

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Triple homicide in Scioto county Ohio tonight