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posted 12/17/2008 4:22:51 PM |
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tagged: kiss, rant, ass

Kiss my ass!

Yeah, you heard me correctly, Kiss MY ASS!

Call me a fuckin ignorant redneck, you no shower taking, dreadlock wearin cuz you can't operate a comb, Croc wearin, couldn't find your ass with your hands in your back pockets, waste of air.

You call me a redneck like it's a bad thing to be. Say I got the idea that being a redneck was a good thing from some rhetoric spouting comedian. I got news for you jackass.

Redneck refers to a stereotype of usually Caucasian (i.e. white), rural people of lower socio-economic status in the United States and Canada. Well guess what Mr. Hummer driving while bitching about saving the planet? That's me. I've been poor all my life. Redneck is reference to the sunburn on the necks of people who WORK for a living. Usually outside in the sun. In no way does it refer to a mentality. It doesn't mean that I am an ill-educated, no teeth having, bugger flicking dimwit.

Want to save the planet? Try taking a shower because the stench of your unwashed body makes people physically ill. I'd be afraid of what might be crawling around in that head full of nasty tangled mat.

Want to save the planet? Try not driving with that damned cell phone glued to your ear so that you can actually pay attention to the pedestrians and other traffic. Are you the asshole that just about ran me down in the cross walk?

Want to save the planet? Get off your ass and go plant a damned tree. Stop wasting space and pitching your hissy fits like you are better than anyone else. You damned sure aren't any better. You are dirtying just as much oxygen as I am.. maybe more with your 420 breaks. High and mighty I only eat organic... organic only means that it's been fed with shit rather than a chemical compound. Congratulations shit for brains.

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Dec 17 @ 4:34PM  
Man I sure hope you feel better !! Remind me to never get on your bad side,

Dec 17 @ 4:35PM  

that's good for a greenie
what else ya got Skwirl Girl?

Dec 17 @ 4:39PM  
Did I ever mention that I just love holier than thou bullshit spouts??

online now!
Dec 17 @ 4:52PM  
You go girl! We rednecks may laugh at ourselves or each other, but we respect ourselves and each other. Those who don't should proceed with caution. The Swirl will crush your nuts.

Dec 17 @ 4:55PM  
WTF I must have missed something.

Dec 17 @ 5:36PM  
I want a Honda CRX Clarity so I can save the planet and when I'm driving it EVERYONE will know I'm doing so!
Naw, I was born poor, am poor and will die the same.
I live in the country, my Dad worked like a fucker just so we could have food on our table. We had no TV for three years, maybe not hardship but it sure didn't make me popular.
I appreciate hardworking people. I didn't have the opportunity to go to school, we didn't have the money. Now I'm a fully fledged adult and working, I'll get there.
It will be from the money I've worked hard to earn.
I don't work desperately hard, but I work hard enough and maybe someday I will evolve from less than middle class mediocrity. If I don't, no biggie. I have real appreciation.
I love a beer, I love a starry night in the country and I LOVE my family.
Everything else......... seems........... trivial.
I say, drink up, look up, drink the sky and savor the taste.

Dec 17 @ 5:50PM  

Dec 17 @ 6:02PM  
I am so sorry to have offended you

Dec 17 @ 6:35PM  
*tries to hide Crocs so Skwirly won't see*

Um, I prefer the bath. Does that count? And I don't have dreadlocks...just piggytails today.

Dec 17 @ 6:37PM  
Here's a kudo to soothe the Skwirly beast. Will a Spamburger help at all?

Dec 17 @ 6:40PM  
Kiss your Ass !!!! .... Well promise not to fart.... ... .... Awe shit!!!! I didn't call you a Redneck so I will not be kissing any ass

Dec 17 @ 6:53PM  
damn i just miss so much shit

Dec 17 @ 7:34PM  
Me tooo . .... I`m confused ....

I`m enjoying the season ...decorating ....listening to christmas music ...

Made cookies Skwirl .....leav`n a basket full .....

Dec 17 @ 7:36PM  
Sorry y'all as Bruce reminded me I prolly should post the reason I'm steamed so I don't have to explain it over and over.

Ok, I had a long dreadlock wearing stinky bastard come to the apartment complex today. Looking for signatures for some save the planet bullshit that made absolutely no sense. When I refused to sign it because it would indeed not do any good but only hurt the forest workers.. he blew up on me..I mean blew UP! He started to walk away and called me an ignorant redneck.

Then.. after he had left he gets in his H3 and drives away.. ummm pardon me is my political blunder showing?

Dec 17 @ 7:37PM  
flavor.. quick.. call me a redneck!

Dec 17 @ 7:44PM  
well just have all the luck....douchebags just running up to your door and stuff....i gotta wait for em to write me

Dec 17 @ 7:48PM  
Hey skwirl, I remember when it was good being called a ment you had a job and didn't rely on "relief" (now referred to as welfare) from the government.

Heres a greenie, just don't bite my nuts.....I may need them soon..

Dec 17 @ 7:56PM  
Holy Shitty Panties In The Medow. environmentalist driving a Hummer says it all...what fucking hypocracy. I remember back in the sixties when I was living in San Francisco ...the weekend revorlutionaries would come down to Haight Ashbury with their diesigner hippy clothes trying to impress the locals.

Dec 17 @ 8:39PM  
By God, you know how to rant....good one, my friend.

Dec 17 @ 8:41PM  
Up against the wall redneck mother & let me kiss it well...

Dec 17 @ 10:08PM  
*leaves cookies and run's from fear*

Dec 17 @ 11:32PM  
once upon a time
my doorbell rang on a Sunday afternoon
witnesses were always ringin' the damn thing
same time every friggin' Sunday
now this day I was midway through
cuttin' up a chicken
with a big-ass knife
so when the bell rang, I answered
bloody knife in hand
bell never rang again
next time the fucker comes a knockin'
shove a tree up his ass
"save this ya smelly fuck"

Dec 17 @ 11:46PM  

Dec 18 @ 12:38AM  
You would think after all this damn time I would learn to read ALL the comments on your blogs first..........before that is I go searching through pages and pages of blogs seeking the "no shower taking, dreadlock wearin cuz you can't operate a comb, Croc wearin, couldn't find your ass with your hands in your back pockets, waste of air" that pissed you off so I can virtually kick their virtual ass!!! After about the third page I gave up, came back and read ALL the comments!! Oh well I needed the exercise anyway! Here's a shiny green thingy for you and a big ol hug................ya done good!

Dec 18 @ 8:27AM  
I'm just gonna leave ya a kudo and get outta here

Dec 19 @ 1:41PM  
Here's your kudo

And..if one wants to save the planet, maybe one shouldn't be out driving an H3.

Hope you're feeling better today.

Dec 20 @ 2:15PM  
No dreadlocks.....

No Hummer.....

What else do I have that can get your mind/mojo/motor running, Rasvishing Rodent??

Kudo to your logic!!!!

Feb 23 @ 2:42AM  
Can you say.......MENOPAUSE.....nah, just another huge 2'5" nut on the loose again...... I think you and sugarcrack should stick to the weather reports.

Feb 23 @ 8:43AM  
This blog is over 2 years old... hasn't even been commented on in over 2 years..... Someone is really grasping here ....


Feb 23 @ 3:12PM  
Yep..The Berlin Bastard strikes again

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