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Predefined Responses

posted 12/13/2008 1:11:58 PM |
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Has anybody ever used them? Hell, I would venture to wager that most people don't even know what I am referring to. If you choose to reply to an email, to the right below emoticons is a pull down menu of 13 predefined responses. For example if you select Not what I am looking for, the message typed in is, "Thank you for your email. I liked your profile, but you are a little different than the type of person I was looking for. I wish you the best of luck in your search."

The actual prefab responses are as follows:

Thank you for your email, but based on statements in your profile, I'm not really interested.

Thank you for your email, but I think the difference in our values is too great.

Thank you for your email, but I think the difference in age between us is too great.

Thank you for your email, but I am taking a break from dating right now. Perhaps later we can talk.

Thank you for your email, but I want to pursue another match on the site.

Thank you for your email, but I think the physical distance between us is too great.

Thank you for your email, but I feel that the chemistry just isn't there.

Thank you for your email, but I have too much happening in my life at the moment. Perhaps we can talk later.

Thank you for your email, but I think our family backgrounds are too different.

Please upload a picture to your profile! I am curious to see the face behind the name.

I’m curious to know a little more about you. Your profile and your email leave a lot to the imagination!

Thank you for your email, but you and I do not seem like we would connect.

Thank you for your email. I liked your profile, but you are a little different than the type of person I was looking for. I wish you the best of luck in your search.

I suppose it is a nice feature, but they seem to be a bit too nice and polite. Most of the time when I would want to use this kind of feature for something nice and polite, it would be something like, "I appreciate your comment." or "Thank you very kindly."

But then, particularly if I was a female, there would be many more times where I do not want to reply with anything nice and polite. Wouldn't it be cool if this site would let you customize the predefined responses, perhaps like the ones below:

I'm sorry but your aren't from my country, continent, or planet.

If your dick was as big as your mouth, you would have a date.

I ain't got a circus so I don't need a clown.

The last time I saw something like that was when I changed my grandson's diaper.

The only way that you can get your lover to have sex with you is to throw four or five shots of tequila on your left hand.

Is your twin brother the spokesman for Michelin?

I don't get THAT drunk.

You are like a vagina with a yeast infection, an irritating cunt.

I enjoy a man with a big dick, but I don't enjoy a man who is one.

Feel free to add your own or any comment you wish, but if you piss me off, don't be surprised to get one of the above as a copy/paste reply!

Copy & paste to friend: (Click inside box; Ctrl + C to copy; Ctrl + V to paste)

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Dec 13 @ 1:43PM  
Yeah, I like some of your responses a whole lot better!

My favorite, when I am told by some idiot that I should not be on this site (because I am not here for reason he deems appropriate or whatever!)...

My leaving this site will not increase your chances of getting laid. Get over yourself.

Dec 13 @ 1:49PM  
I appreciate your attention, but I am going to have to pass on the request for dry fucking. I hope you find what your looking for.

Dec 13 @ 3:35PM  
Damn last week I learned of predefined responses....

I need to stop reading blogs and invest in AMD 101

Oh, my predefined...Wanna fuck"

Dec 13 @ 3:48PM  
LOL, actually I love yours better then the ones they have, LOL

Dec 13 @ 5:03PM  
Your demographics suck.
You are a bitter old man.
Why are you so angry?
I prefer teenagers in the early stage of puberty, if they wash.
I don't think you could handle my attitude.
You seem pathetic, lonely and I can smell you from here.
You really don't belong on this site.
This is a sex site, not a frxnblg!


Dec 13 @ 5:05PM  
If you cannot spell hello don't even bother writing to me.

Sigh no I've not used them, thought they were a copout when they first came available. I mean, come on.. someone takes the time to write and you just click a response? Even the losers deserve to know they are losers from your own hand.

Dec 13 @ 5:08PM  
Emoticons might be the easy appropriate response. I never thought about that!

Dec 13 @ 5:25PM  
I think most of them are good, almost as good as Words.....

BUT.....most of the notes I get are from some Nigerians, so no real need
to be so polite.

Sad to say, I miss the filipinas and Ruskie wimmin.

Least they'd say, "Whan too fek?"

Dec 13 @ 5:28PM  
I have used them on occasion, but decided that they where much to nice, and decided to think of my own insults on the spot. However if they are married and trying to get a piece on the side, my standard responce is that i don't do other womens property, they need to work it out with their wife and block em.

Dec 13 @ 6:51PM  
Some of those that you came up with are good, I might borrow a couple of them.

A favorite I like to use is: If you can't read, what are you doing here?

Yeah, sounds a little bitchy probably, but, I've always wondered if some of the "men" who send emails ever got past the See Spot Run books in grade school.

Dec 13 @ 7:07PM  
If your dick was as big as your mouth, you would have a date.

Hahahahahahaha!!!! Those were fuckin' great!

Dec 14 @ 12:13AM  
Thanks WoW....! I didn't know they had those here. I used them a lot when I was in POF...quick and easy. I don't feel a bit bad about using them for all those 40-something year old idiots that can't bother to read my profile....or think THEY are the exception. But I do like yours much better.....

Dec 16 @ 12:14AM  
The predefined ones are rather bland, you have some pretty good ones there Bruce. But then I still have my own standbys as well. If it's the first time I'm shooting them down, I'm nice. A polite no thanks but good luck in your search. The second time I'm usually still polite if a little brusque. By the third (or tonight 6th time I've said no to someone) or if it's an invitation to ie: cam, cyber, phone sex etc, "I would rather have a root canal with a rusty fish hook and no drugs, but good luck in your search"

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Predefined Responses