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What would you do?

posted 12/11/2008 12:01:35 PM |
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I work in a small town.
The Town covers 3 Square miles total..and most of that are woods and fields. lol
We have a couple of drugs stores, a couple of Small markets, a Food Lion, its a small town...!!! Everyone know everyone...I moved there when I left my X..7 years ago. Within a Week I was meeting people that knew my Name..and where I was from.., I was like how and the Hell? Well anyways...
Last week A Local man .. Robbed one of the drug stores at gun point!
.He walked the streets in that town ....Daily!!! So yeah..everyone knew him!
(I don't know if he has a family or not..!)
In a Country town.a few miles away.a Guy Killed one of his Neighbors Cows...and drug it to his house, and cut it up....
The Law was called... and they followed the Blood to his house...
They knocked on his door and the Guy came out....The Police asked..."Where did this blood come from?" The Man told him... Listen... I am out of work and cant find a Job... My wife is very sick...and I have 2 children to feed..and they have nothing to eat!!! So I did what I had to do!!!!

Times are getting tighter in My area by the they are across the whole USA.
This Country is in a Mess, to say the Least!!!
Families are facing things like never before! Some have.nothing to eat... No Money for medical treatments when they are Sick (so more people are sick), or to pay bills with, so housing is becoming an Large issue also!
The 2 above mentioned things are true..and something like this has never happened in this area...and I am afraid its gonna get a Hell of a Lot say the Least!!!!!!
What would you do to feed your Family?
Would you Steal? Would you Kill? Would you have to much Pride to go ask for Family or Gov. help?
May God help us all, to look out for our Families, Ditch the Pride..and Love One another!
This year at Christmas time... its more survival than anything else in my area!!!!
Santa has taken the back seat!!
So maybe.. just maybe..Christmas will have its full meaning!!!? Well it was just a thought!!!
. What would you do.... to feed your Family?

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Dec 11 @ 12:10PM  
I would do anything I had to do to feed my family.....beg, borrow, and steal. I don't necessarily agree with robbing a store, but you know what? If I had to do it and my kids were starving, I would do it.

Dec 11 @ 12:30PM  
From what I can see, compared to normal, more people are sitting the holiday out rather than coming together. Many people's families live quite far away from one another and don't have the money to travel.

Dec 11 @ 12:57PM  
It's really sad. You know, last nite I was thinking about how I don't have insurance. And I haven't had insurance for years due to being hired and only getting 38 hours to work a week, just keeping me under the 40 hours needed to get insurance. I have to be very careful about getting sick. I spend more money on OTC meds when I do get sick and I stay sick longer. I know I'm not the only one in this boat. I was reading about a family who is going to get kicked out of their house tomorrow if their rent isn't paid. They said they went to all kinds of churches and organizations and no one had the funds to help. This is so sad....and it goes back to Bruce's blog about Obama asking for money for fucking calanders.....Um, hello?? Us Americans need help and need it NOW!!!!

Dec 11 @ 2:01PM  
I don`t think i could steal ...that is against what i believe ,but hang out behind a fast food ...waiting for the food to be thrown out yes or grocery store . I would do anything .... I can hunt, i know i would have meat on the table and snare a few bunnies . I could always trade meat for veggies that way ....people will become creative in how to feed their families as the world gets worse .

Dec 11 @ 3:42PM  
Thank God I have never been in that kind of situation that I had to do something drastic to feed my family. I'm extremley lucky to have wonderful family that has helped me out when it got really tough! There is nothing like family, and I thank God every day for them. I can't imagine being desperate enough to kill someone ever under any circumstance. But to steal, I can't imagine doing that either, but if it came down to feeding my family, I was going to say I could probably steal, but you know I don't think I could. I'm just thankful I've never had to make that decision!! Great blog horny, kudos

Dec 11 @ 7:17PM  
When I was a single mom, I worked 3 and 4 jobs ata time to support my kids...would I steal if I had no other recourse to feed them? Hell yeah!! I didn't have a family to back me up....those that did, count yourselves lucky!

Dec 11 @ 8:01PM  
I draw the line at murder...unless it's not a very good person... depends.

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