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Blog #800!! Woo Hoo!! A Can Of Fix-A-Date....

posted 12/11/2008 9:01:21 AM |
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tagged: date, life, sunshine

I was talking with a member that used to be on here last nite by phone. I told him I have a tire that has a slow leak and I was going to buy a can of Fix-A-Flat. But, I didn't realize there were different size cans in accordance with different size tires.

He giggled and said they should make a can of Fix-A-Date. And I giggled back and said "Yeah, your right!!" And this is why:

I went to go meet a member here for lunch. He's been on here almost as long as I've been here and we had always chatted and had good chats. So, I figured....what the hell? Why not meet for lunch?

We decided to meet halfway. I ended up getting lost, but he found where I was. When he got out of the car, he was BUTT ugly!! Nothing like his pictures!!! His pictures were all over 6 years old! He was way overweight from what he had posted. He was unshaven and greasy. Just a disgusting greaseball..... I was like "What did I get myself into??"

So, he asked if I would follow him to somewhere to eat lunch. So, I agreed. He took off and I was following. I grabbed my handy dandy cell phone and dialed up my sister....Thank God she was home! I said "Please, you have to hurry....I just met up with this guy and he so wasn't what I expected. Just please show up and get me outta this!!!"

Where did he decide to take me for lunch? McDonalds. And what's worse? He didn't even offer to pay. Wasn't like I ordered the McFilet Mignon!

The minute we sat down, in walks my sister....OMG was I ever so happy to see her!! She told him we were supposed to meet up to go shopping, sorry if she caught us off guard and early.......

I took him outside and apologized for my sister showing up. Told him I didn't intend for that to happen. We then split ways. And guess what, we never spoke again. Awkward...... Thank God for my sister....she was my can of Fix-A-Date!!!

So, how many of you have used a can of Fix-A-Date?? How many of you could have used a can of Fix-A-Date and didn't have one? Ummmm, can I sell you a can of Fix-A-Date?

This all goes back to my VERY 1ST BLOG HERE!!!!

Cheers to 800 blogs and many more to come!!!

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Dec 11 @ 9:13AM  
Years ago I allowed my friends to set me up on a blind date OMFG yep it was bad and cell phones weren't around yet so I called a different friend on a pay phone and he came to my rescue. My first and last blind date

Dec 11 @ 9:32AM  
Congrats on # 800 sweetie.

Dec 11 @ 9:34AM  
Wow.....Congrats on your 800th Blog!
Personally, I would'nt use a can of " fix a Date" the way you are speaking of..
Sure, I have met ladies that didnt match their pics... and were larger than I pictured...(according to their pics)
Hell, some have pics posted that are over 10 years old as their Only Pic!!!....
I wouldnt do the "Bail" out thingy though...! Thats just rude, so I see it! (Please dont beat me up... this is just My 2 cents! )
I would enjoy my "Happy Meal" to speak.. and talk... sometimes when we talk to someone...things loosen up...and the Bad goes away! (I did say sometimes.. )
After the meal is finished..and I am still not interested... then I'll give the Lady a Hug...and go home or where ever!
I Never meet the 1st time for Sex Only!!!!
Lessons Learned!!!
My Monkey cant climb just any tree!!!
My 2 cents!

Dec 11 @ 9:51AM  
It would be nice if people could just be honest and up front then there would be no need for fix-a-dates. So I guess I am the lucky one I haven't meet no one.

Dec 11 @ 10:03AM  
LMAO.....been there....done that!!!!!

Met up once with a guy online and same exact situation as yours....

LOL.....I didn't have a cell phone either, but I did what Lisa did....used a pay phone and my friend came and rescued me

Congrats on your 800th blog!!!!

Dec 11 @ 10:06AM  
If somebody is deceptive or lying about something anybody can see with their own to eyes, I would read them the riot act and split immediately after explaining it. Most first time meetings are dutch treat BTW.

Dec 11 @ 10:29AM  
Sure, I have met ladies that didnt match their pics... and were larger than I pictured...(according to their pics)
Hell, some have pics posted that are over 10 years old as their Only Pic!!!....

But, you would have thought he would have said "I'm sorry I don't have any current pix, I've kinda changed since then..."

When I go to meet someone, I make it known up front, I'm not some 2lb. there won't be any surprises or disappointments, ya know?

He still has up the military/graduation pix BTW.....which are WAY out of date!

Dec 11 @ 3:12PM  
Who is this guy? I'm curious. Email me his handle

Dec 11 @ 3:18PM  
Awww Sunshine I wasn't that bad.

Now you did it. Lisa will never meet me now.

Dec 11 @ 3:43PM  
Congratulations for writing your 800th blog!

Dec 11 @ 3:53PM  
Congrats on your 800th blog, kudos to you!! Many a times I could have used that as well, lol.

Dec 11 @ 3:57PM  
I thought about charging years ago for a fix a date service....

Call me from the date... I walk in....all leather and stuff...

HEY!!! WTF YOU DOIN WITH MY WIFE !!!!!! *reaches into coat as if he has a shoulder holster*


Dec 11 @ 7:15PM  

Congrats on the 800th blog, sweetie!!

Dec 13 @ 3:35PM  
Well I've never used Fix-a-Date but I did go on a date with one woman, oddly enough she brought her sister along and her sister ended up being the one who wanted to take me home. lol Neither were unattractive though so I can't complain.

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Blog #800!! Woo Hoo!! A Can Of Fix-A-Date....