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Why Is It.....????

posted 12/10/2008 9:23:20 PM |
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tagged: fun, curious, questions, sunshine

Ok, figured everyone can get in on this.

Why is it that I attract the wrong kind of guys?

Why is it that when I buy something, it will go on sale the next day?

Why is it people assume I'm Puerto Rican?

Why is it when I go out with my girfriends & no guys talk to me?

Why is it I care so much for things or people I shouldn't?

Why is it I never get let off on a traffic citation?

Why is it that morons flood this site with scams?

Why is it that my toes have to match my nails?

Why is it that I have to use a straw to drink?

Why is it that I like rough sex?


What is your why is it??

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Dec 10 @ 9:35PM  

Dec 10 @ 9:36PM  
Can't answer all your questions. Though I do know why your fingernails and toes always have to match....because you care. Hey, maybe that's the answer to many of your other questions. Whose expectations are you trying to live up to?

Dec 10 @ 9:36PM  

Dec 10 @ 9:49PM  
1. Because you think you can change them.

2. Just your luck, you don't want to wait on something you want.

3. Because you have a dark complexion? Dark hair.

4. You are involved with them, plus you're already taken.

5. You're a kind hearted person who cares about others.

6. You're an honest person who probably admits when you are wrong.

7. They want all the members money and like to piss us off.

8. Because you like things that match and you care about how you look.

9. You like the action of sucking.

10. Because that's what you like.

Why can't I find that "person" that I want? Why can't I find a great job that I like?
Why can't I write witty blogs like the people on here that I admire do? Why can't I decorate my house the way I want to? Why does my daughter stay in her room depressed all the time?

Dec 10 @ 9:58PM  
Because Y is a crooket letter....

and because your quite normal...

Why is it that most women I see in jeans I wish would straddle and sit on me..???

Talk about rough sex...once knew a girl who wanted 12" and wanted it to hurt...So I did her twice and punched her in the head...'s an old joke...

Dec 10 @ 10:03PM  
Talk about rough sex...once knew a girl who wanted 12" and wanted it to hurt...So I did her twice and punched her in the head...'s an old joke...

LMAO, that was fuckin' funny.....

Dec 10 @ 10:49PM  
oh geeeeez
forget this crap
ya know what day it is? ? ? ? ? ? ?
HUMP ? ? ? ? ?

Dec 10 @ 11:25PM  
Is your girlfriend hot...or just intimidating?

Am I the wrong kind of guy...on second thought don't answer that.

They assume your Puerto Rican becouse you have a kicking ass.

Not sure why you like rough sex...but I wouldn't 'mind.

Dec 11 @ 12:39AM  
I thought that in Florida they assume that everyone with dark complexion/hair was Cuban, and that for people to assume you're Puerto Rican you have to go to New York or DC? Is there a racism exchange program going on here that I was unaware of?

Dec 11 @ 2:16AM  
Why are men intimidated by someone like me?

Why does it seem that sleeping with a black girl is taboo around these parts?

Why are fools respected more than the intelligent?

Why does weight have to factor how good someone is as a person?

Why do I have to wait forever to be in a relationship when those who aren't fit to date go through partners like Kleenex?

Why do most men assume when I'm not in the mood,I want it;and when I am in the mood,they aren't?

Why are there double standards when it comes to women?

Why are some afraid of brutal honesty?


Dec 11 @ 2:35AM  
Murpheys Law! Hate it, but I have to live it too!

Dec 11 @ 5:44AM  
Because Y is a crooket letter....

i resemble that

Dec 11 @ 5:50AM  
why is my cock so nice?
why do women cum when i lick there pussy?
why do toes curl and eye role back when we are done makin love?
why do my balls shrivel when my cock gets bigger?
why does that mother fucking ass hole at the damn taco bell always forget to leave the tomatoes off my mother fuckin nachoes?
why is it so hard not to put tomatoes on my fuckin nachos?
why is he so fuckin dumn that every time i say hey pedro not tomatoes please that son of a bitch still does it.
why have i not shoved a whole tomato up his ass by now.
why does he still work there after i complained 10 times
why dont i just burn that place and hope for a chilis.
why is sunshines ass so nice?

Dec 11 @ 8:54AM  
why do people cut in front of me in traffic and then slam on the brakes?

why does my co-worker feel the need to tell me shit I already know?

why do people have to assume I'm making snide remarks when I'm really just trying to be funny?

why do guys on here send me their email address and ask me if I wanna chat?

why can't I find a decent woman that I can just have great sex with?

why do schmos on here have to complain about how they can't find any "real" women? (gotta be a "real" man first!!)

why does my hair not want to do shit when I need it to and look nice when I don't care?

why do I have to work my ass off daily when other people in this world get everything fucking handed to them?

why am I the only person in my house that knows how to pick up after themself?

why do I have to get pimples and grey hair at the same time??????????????


Dec 13 @ 3:39PM  
Why is it that online I can be myself and women love it and open up to me, but in real life they barely look at me?

Dec 19 @ 5:45AM  
why is it someone so gorgeous lives so far away

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Why Is It.....????