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Isn't this cute...

posted 12/9/2008 12:11:44 AM |
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They pulled two of my last blogs. They were not vulgar, racist, or offensive.

Yet we still have blogs up from a certain disgusting little troll who plays in feces..

This place gets more fucked every day.

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Dec 9 @ 12:16AM  
So I wonder who they're going to mess with next. If they're pulling a Blog about someone messing with the blogs and getting them all out of kilter. In a funny way, and then pulling one about an e-mail that made no sense what so ever. Who's are the going to mess with now?

I'd like an explination on why they were pulled. Seems to me they have no rhym or reason.

just my opinion of course.

Anyone else have a suggestiong????

Dec 9 @ 1:32AM  
Ummm fuck this doesn't get many of us fucked and they keep censoring us.

Is new pervia still active?


Dec 9 @ 1:41AM  
That's why I don't participate very much anymore. About six months ago things changed ...the site became more homoginized, I've had several of my blogs deleted without any explanation. Most of the people who would write contorversial blogs about interesting topics have faded away or just simply canceled their accounts.

The other night ...I took a look at some of the blogs from a year ago by members who still have accounts but aren't very active anymore and the difference is astounding.

Too bad...I used to have lots of fun here even though things could get rather nasty.

Dec 9 @ 2:09AM  
I can't believe, after all this time, you guys haven't figured out to IGNORE the assholes. Working you up into a frenzy, pissing you off, getting you angry, commenting on what an asshole they are, etc. is what they thrive on. Thanks yourselves that they keep coming back. Or, rather, that he keeps coming back. I really think if he got NO attention...that means absolutely NONE...he'd realize it's no fun to play his petty games here.

Dec 9 @ 6:16AM  
I'm with borty, it used to be more fun, I don't come home from work at nite anymore all excited to read what people wrote blogs about. Occasionally there is a good one, but its not as fun as it used to be.

Dec 9 @ 8:32AM  
How long have you been here, found4ever?

If long at all, you would already know that for some, ignoring just makes them get worse. And that the mods here dont do shit, but to collect their gold member money. If they would just mod the WORST of them, no one would be bitching. Instead they censor anyone who complains at all. I could name at least FIFTY decent folk who used to come here and participate heavily, but left just because of this. And many WERE gold members.

Trolls dont piss me off, the mods do.

Dec 9 @ 8:46AM  
That's just ridiculous. Who moderates this site anyway.....a group of morons? They let dookiestain talk about his shit fetish and don't remove his blogs.....nobody here wants to read any of that!!!!!

Dec 9 @ 8:50AM should know by now that there are one or two people here who revel in fucking with people...and have an inside track with the mod and/or the admin. All they have to do is flood the mod with complaints, using different profiles...and the blogs get pulled. It's happened before, and its obviously happening again. Kinda funny that the worst offender of this has recently canceled their profile, and now all these new (or rather revived) profiles are popping up again.

Like Borty, this is why I don't bother posting blogs. First of all...I get very few views and less comments. Why bother when no one is interested? Second, I've had my share of blogs pulled for no reason. I spend enough time writing a blog to be pissed when it gets pulled...only to get no answer when I ask why.

Dec 9 @ 9:22AM  
what was the blog about that was removed?

Dec 9 @ 11:14AM  
Hey....I offered to be a Mod.....but no one's answered yet......

Dec 9 @ 12:42PM  
You're right, When I joined last February this place was lots of fun. Then we got a few antangonist that just wouldn't leave things alone, or harrassed people on their blogs and now look at it.

I just cancelled my auto renew on my Gold membership. Hit it where it counts in the pocket book.

Maybe someday they'll see the light and people will start coming back,

Yes beefy the other New Pervia is still there, not used much anymore because everyone decided that they would rather be here. But it's there to be used. And we can all go back there if you ever want to.


Dec 9 @ 12:44PM  
What is the New Pervia?

Dec 9 @ 12:48PM  
when you say they pulled one of your blogs what do you mean. I posted a joke not to long ago and i doesn't show up. do they alert you or what? I can see it when i look up my own blogs and i changed a couple of words. let me know.

Dec 9 @ 12:54PM  
If someone complaines to the Moderator or enough people complain, orthe mods a
"mood" anyway they can come through and take your post off the board.

Now if it's vulgar, raciest or highly offensive, they are suppose to anyway, (but the feces guy is gone yet, and he was talking about child porn on top of all that)

THe one blog was about a strange e-mail he got. It read like an ADHD person on speed. The second was about someone posting something too large to the boards and that sting went outside the boarders, Both were humorous, both were looked at and commented on by some people here. But the mod took offense and delelted them.

I gues we complained too much about a certain feces pervert and they didn't like it. I don't know, never can tell with these guys.


Dec 9 @ 1:07PM  
I gues we complained too much about a certain feces pervert and they didn't like it

You have GOT to be kidding me. So, the mods want members like that around....ones that are childish and talking about smelling shit, eating shit, playing with shit???? That's okay to blog about???


Dec 9 @ 1:38PM  
Like she was two blogs. One was me asking about some weird spam mails I have been getting. Nothing offensive in any way.

The second was a smartass comment about someone posting html wrong, which makes the blog section reeeeal wide. I added a ( PUBLIC, not adult ) youtube link, which showed some people getting spanked. All pg, not r or adult.
Again, nothing rude or offensive. Was clearly a JOKE.

No, they do not have to notify you if they pull a blog or post. Yes, they do that often, while other SICK shit stays up. And all the oldies in here will tell you that they will BAN anyone who complains long enough, they have done it to several before. Oldsters will also tell you that it took us ALL months to get a serious racist hatemonger off the forums, who was posting racist shit multiple times a day. Or months again to remove one seriously disturbed bitch who harassed and threatened nearly every single member on this board at the time.

And if it IS one certain person who just cancelled, RIGHT after sending me a nasty email, and is lurking and having my stuff pulled...well, its like this... you are one seriously delusional bitch, I have NO fucking clue what that email was talking about, and you can seriously go FUCK YOURSELF, since I have NEVER done a fucking thing to you. So come lurk THAT, and twirl till the whole world falls off its axis, you seriously stupid motherfucker.

And they can ban my ass, too. I truly do not give a shit.Especially if they are dumb enough to not realize a ton of complaint are all coming from the SAME IP address.

Dec 9 @ 3:44PM  
Bump, juz cuz I can....

Dec 9 @ 4:28PM  
Like Megan, I missed your last blog

Dec 9 @ 5:16PM  
That is one of the reasons I am rarely around here. It has gone downhill since I was first here, so now I check in once in a while, but I spend a lot more time at the other place!! Hope you are well!!

Dec 9 @ 5:27PM  
It's really gonna get scary when The Mighty Sack finds out about all of this....there's gonna be lots of shrinkage...

Dec 10 @ 7:38AM  
I was wondering if anyone would allude to Canu being back or coming back. He's not and he won't. He has absolutely no reason to come to this website, and his friends all know where to find him now. He is not a member of this site under any name or guise...

And in case anyone has any ideas...the only name I use on this site is the one I'm using right now.

Jan 15 @ 11:01AM  
If people really want to keep in contact with each other all they have to do is send an email. I agree that this sight is nothing but a breeding ground for trouble & that some of the people on here should be gone. Good blog.

Jan 15 @ 11:31AM  
I must have missed your blogs also.... I missed this one, til just now.

When I first joined AMD, it was fun......and it was interesting. Now, except for the last week or so cause I'm stuck at home, ( damn cold weather) I don't usually spend a lot of time on here. Here and there, but .......

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Isn't this cute...