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Why me?

posted 11/30/2006 8:18:20 PM |
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Out of the blue this afternoon, I get three comments from the same person. One was a blog comment, on my more on Pet Peeves blog from a few days ago...the other two were picture comments...both the same thing ...on my ass shot.

I've never heard from this person before, but they've been on long enough to post a few times in the forums. I wonder if anyone else has heard from this person...from Toledo? With flatulence?

This picture comment asked if I was wearing a The blog comment asked why was I holding my ass...because of hard night or hard dick. Does this make any sense to anyone? I responded to one of these comments. I asked if the person was really just twelve...or did they maybe have alzheimers. (the age was 69 on the profile) Now...please let me explain before anyone gets on me about that response. I wasn't trying to be sarcastic there! I was trying to give this person the benefit of the doubt! I just can't imagine someone who has been on site for a bit...just up and posting stupid or rude comments for no reason. So, I wanted to make sure that the person didn't have any type condition which could impair their judgement. And a common condition among men this age is alzheimers. Right?
I really wasn't trying to say that alzheimers patients are stupid...believe me. But if this person isn't twelve and doesn't have alzheimers...or any other condition that could result in poor judgement...such as Multiple Profile Disorder or Fake Profile Disorder...hmmm
Come on people...I am not the stupid person on this site! I thought I already explained that!

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Nov 30 @ 8:34PM  
There are some very strange folks on here. I have one guy, about the same age as your senior stalker, who keeps e-mailing me over and over. I told him very nicely that I wasn't interested...that I was interested in women only, but maybe he can't read. Either that, or because he is elderly, perhaps with low blood pressure, when he gets an erection his brain suffers from lack of blood.

Who knows.

Nov 30 @ 8:38PM  
Oh, btw...I didn't approve any of those old fart's comments. I'm not going to have plain stupidity on my pics and blogs either.
I still have them, so if ole fart wants to explain himself I may re-consider.

Nov 30 @ 8:42PM  
As an old fart myself, I would like to go on record as saying I think you have a great ass, and the other guy is giving us old farts a bad reputation. I think you were too kind to him with your response.

Nov 30 @ 8:44PM  
you gals are much nicer than me... I just hit the block button... lol!

Nov 30 @ 8:45PM  
HMM he must be on a roll tonite got one myself all in caps. Sent him a reply all in caps asking why he was shouting at me. And as far as your pic goes, well I have to admit your ass does look really good in it

Nov 30 @ 8:46PM  
Here's a good read on that:

Disinhibition is now being mentioned with some regularity in news articles as an explanation for how youth communicate differently when using the media of instant messaging, text messaging, and posting content on social networking sites. Because technology often provides 1) a perceived buffer from regular consequences and 2) a real buffer from traditional social cues, people will say and do things through technology that they would not do face-to-face. Youth who do not have any real understanding of the dangers or consequences of certain behavior will often talk openly about sexual issues or post provocative pictures online. While this may sometimes reflect their actual behavior, it is believed that many youth are being provocative in order to gain attention--not realizing the danger of some of their behaviors.

Although the para talks about it could be true for people of any age.

Nov 30 @ 8:47PM  
talks about [youth]. Sorry.

Dec 1 @ 12:12AM  
I bet he says that to all the girls!

Dec 1 @ 6:26AM  
it could be worse. i had an arguement with a guy (an actual arguement) as to the picture of my cleavage actually being breast cleavage. He tried to convince me, the one who took the picture that it was not breast cleavage and was in fact my ass.

Dec 1 @ 11:50AM  
*Puts on Dr. glasses*

No, iz a cleer cut caze of...
Terminal Cranial-Rectal Inversion, Dat iz cleer to mi....

Dec 1 @ 12:10PM  
Yeah, he shouted in all caps to me, too. though, his comment was nice. Perhaps he simply doesn't understand internet etiquette... (Gee, I'm awfully mellow today, yeah? Must be the warm fuzzies I just got )

Dec 1 @ 2:15PM  
You gals can't help it ya'll are popular!

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