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If you had to choose...

posted 12/8/2008 10:52:11 AM |
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Would you choose a nice looking person who can't even spell after taking "Hooked on Phonics" or to be with a less than average looking person that has some sense between their ears?

You can't say nice looking with brains have to choose one or the other.

I'd take the brains any least I could hold meaningful conversations with them.

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Dec 8 @ 11:03AM  
Well, I am not looking for anything Long term(Untill I find the right one )... so it just dont matter!!!
No one is Perfect.... geeez!
Wanna fuck?

Dec 8 @ 11:04AM  
you're too funny!

Dec 8 @ 11:05AM  
dang,,I didn't answer your question!! Do they have to be 'BUTT UGLY' or just, you know, kinda not good looking?? Cause it would make a difference, LOL

Dec 8 @ 11:07AM  
No one is Perfect.... geeez!
Wanna fuck?

I know nobody is perfect....ahem...wait I am....LOL j/k

Bring it!!!!


Dec 8 @ 11:08AM  
Do they have to be 'BUTT UGLY' or just, you know, kinda not good looking?? Cause it would make a difference, LOL

Just less than average looking...not necessarily "butt ugly", but not the standards that society places to make someone "perfect looking".

Dec 8 @ 11:14AM  
Ahh hell 'average' is over rated anyway. And besides I probably am not even average so...........I guess I'll go with the less then average with something between the ears and someone who can spell. AHEM......although I did meet someone here who was naught average, but let me tell you, he was HEADS above average and just seeing him and talking to him was a major turn on, in ohhh so many ways ,,,,,,,,and he is a very smart man to boot!! So he had them both,,,,so tell me again "WHY CAN'T WE HAVE BOTH DAMNIT" !!

Dec 8 @ 11:17AM  
so tell me again "WHY CAN'T WE HAVE BOTH DAMNIT" !!

Just a hypothetical question...wanted to see what the answers would be and how important looks are to people. I'm one of the lucky ones to have a man that is smart and nice looking....I definitely feel blessed!!!

Dec 8 @ 11:26AM  
I am all for brains over beauty any day. Looks change. so does perception. Dumb lasts forever.

Dec 8 @ 11:32AM  
Dumb lasts forever.


Dec 8 @ 11:38AM  
I would have to say at least a little bit of brains and besides that Hokked on Foniks wurked fer me.

Dec 8 @ 11:42AM  
I think there are alot of people hooked on phonics around here, lol. So Max you aren't the only one

Dec 8 @ 12:11PM  
Hmmm, that's tough. I'm going to have to with a tie breaker, whoever has the most money.

Dec 8 @ 12:20PM  
I'm going to have to with a tie breaker, whoever has the most money
Smart Man!!!!
Ladies..Yall want Brains... ? Check out WoW !!!!

Dec 8 @ 1:18PM  
yes I would say you are blessed indeed. My thoughts on this, Of cousre i want both I think everyone want that. I believe in phyiscal attraction that is what creates an undying desire for that person for me anyways. I think it is a tough sistution though being on the computer because we have the tendceny to be over picky sometimes, where to when meeting someone while your out in the real world where we meet someone in person by chance things can take on different sisutations. I have been attracted to sexy men and then I HAVE BECOME ATTRACTED to men that I didn't right off the bat think were knocked down a georgious man, but through getting to know them by seeing them made a difference and I have in my past done this and found that person to end up being very sexy and georgious. So for me it depends on weather your looking at them on a computer or in person yet in the end in my eyes they have to be attracted to me no matter how it happens. I am not a mean person and maybe not all people are willing to admitt it but i couldn't be with a man who I didn't think was attracted to me in some way.

Dec 8 @ 1:57PM  
Love is NOT when you find the perfect person...

Love is when you see an imperfect person perfectly...


Dec 8 @ 2:19PM  
sorry this is to hard with a man not good looking nice pretty smart relationship sucked gorgeous man decent brains great sex he strayed so i guess it dont' matter

Dec 8 @ 2:19PM  
Aww DK that was sweet

Dec 8 @ 2:24PM  
Both is good but I have to say.. no dimwits for me.. i can't stand to have a battle of the wits with an unarmed person.

Dec 8 @ 2:32PM  
It all depends. If it's simply a one night stand, a hot dimwit would do. But if I'm going to be seeing her often and I'm going to have to listen to her, I would of course hope she was smart and interesting to talk to.

Dec 8 @ 2:35PM  
Since I am not really looking anymore I would just introduce them to each other. Maybe the attrasctive guy will give some tips to the less than attrasctive man and the less than attractive man will teach the attractive man to be a bit smarter!

Dec 8 @ 2:43PM  
i gots lucky and gots BOTH rolled into ONE

Dec 8 @ 3:38PM  
i am dumb....and ugly

Dec 9 @ 1:13AM  
How long do we have to stick with our choice?? Choice #1 is good for some fun and games...... but long term.... gotta go with #2.

Fortunately, my gf has also decided that Choice #2 is the better option.

Dec 9 @ 2:38PM  
Brains...any day of the week...

A Dumb woman can never screw you into thinking she is smart,

But, a Smart woman can always find a way to make you think she is beautiful......

Dec 9 @ 4:22PM  
intelligence edges out good looks barely

Dec 11 @ 1:21AM  
It's easier to put a paper bag on a chick's head while fucking her than it is to balance a Hawking dissertation on her ass and try to read it while pumping away. I'll take smart.

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If you had to choose...