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posted 12/7/2008 7:34:02 AM |
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Insanity is repetition dong the same thing over and over again, till you feel like you are going insane that is how I feel tonight.

Oh yes I did it again, he called and I sat and I waited for him to show up.

Guess what just like always he never showed, you would think after 7 years I would know better. But oh no not me

Now it is almost 5:30 in the morning here and once again i have had no sleep I am sick to my stomache and for the last 2 hours I have been in tears

Just when I think he will leave me alone he calls again, rips my heart out and fucks with my head

So a few minutes ago I looked in the mirror and I told myself no more tears I am worth more than that and I will get through this.

If anyone has any suggestions for me please feel free to speak your mind. I feel like I am at the end of my rope.

Why can't I just tell myself he is apiece of shit and get over it??????????????

Thanks for reading this sorry if I bored anyone

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Dec 7 @ 8:53AM  
Hi, so sorry. It sounds like you're at a place where in a rational moment, you realize the reality is that all you really have is the HOPE of him showing up. Until you replace that hope with another hope, you will always cling to the old one. It doesn;t necessarily have to be another person, just the hope of what you REALLY want. What is it you really want? Him specifically or the relationship? Intellectually you know you can;t have what you want. Figure out what you CAN obtain and create a new HOPE. The pain will eventually go away...I promise.

Dec 7 @ 10:11AM  
did someone say "piece of shit"?

sounds like this person is playing mind games, feels a need to control something. next time, tell him you have company. maybe stifle a small moan when he's on the phone, gasp & say ZOMG!

this works best if you actually do have company, so find yourself someone worthwhile.


Dec 7 @ 10:15AM  
Hey Sue, looks like the horseless guy had some good advice for ya. No one is worth misery babe.

Dec 7 @ 10:27AM  
One thing that keeps us tied to the past is the FANTASY of what the relationship COULD have been. Lets face it..... if it was all that great, it would still be going on. If you stop building it up in your mind, it will be easier to stay away from.

Another reason we stay tied to the past is...... sometimes a crappy relationship we are familiar with, is less scarey than an unknown future. That is pessimism working its way into our heads. Start looking ahead with a POSITIVE outlook. You can do MUCH better than some POS who jerks you around like a yo yo.

When you hear his voice on the phone, HANG UP. Think of him as just another telemarketer who wants a piece of your time. If you have call ID, better yet. Dont' answer.

Relationships are like lottery tickets.
An optimist buys one ticket, hoping to win.
A pessimist buys one ticket, knowing he will lose, but buys it anyway.
A realist won't even buy a ticket, because the odds are they will lose.
A lunatic will spend their whole paycheck on tickets and it doesn't if they win or lose, will keep doing so until they are broke.

Be an optimist...... buy one ticket at a time..... AND...... you've already checked his ticket. It's a loser. Time to invest in a new one.

Dec 7 @ 11:06AM  
Well Sue, it sounds like the men here have some great advice. How true, seems like the jerks are everywhere, unfortunately we seem to pick them everytime. I wish there was advice I could give, but most times I don't have any for myself. But the guys here really do have sound advice. Another thing you could do aswell, adding to what Slo said was maybe block his number aswell that way you won't even know when he is calling! Take care and honey throw him to the curb!!

Dec 7 @ 11:09AM  
Sue, the best way to get over one is to get under another one, or so I've been told all my life. Manwithoutahorse had some good advice for you so did Slohand. Drop this looser and find a new man, at least you'll get to have the adventure of a new relationship. It's a wonderful feeling.

Dec 7 @ 12:25PM  
Don't mean to sound negative, but sometimes people make it sound like one goes and one is right around the corner to be picked up!! I don't know about anyone else but that sure is not the way it is with me. There isn't always someone waiting to jump in to take the place of someone else. Now if the occassion arises that there is someone else to see or be with then sure go for it, but it's not always like that. It's true having someone there can take your mind off another person but....if that doesn't work (the other taking your mind off someone else) it's not fair to the person stepping in. JMHO

Dec 7 @ 1:21PM  
In a nut shell, quit saying..."maybe this time"...start saying..."not this time"! Practice makes perfect and soon you will be able to say Not This Time so easliy the hurt will become your strength. Best wishes from someone who has been there. Since I realize how it hurts and most here do as well ...please listen, for we stopped by to read and are trying to save you from the pain that could last for years if you don't put a plan into action now.

Dec 7 @ 3:25PM  
Not sure why a lot of women love the "bad boy" types. All I can say is try getting with some decent guys out there.

Dec 7 @ 3:55PM  
Shawn I don't think it's so much the 'bad boy' types as it is just not right for 'us'. No one sets out to find the bad boy that's gonna break our hearts!!

Dec 7 @ 4:47PM  
Shawn I don't think it's so much the 'bad boy' types as it is just not right for 'us'. No one sets out to find the bad boy that's gonna break our hearts!!

Maybe not, but I have seen my fair share of women who have always seemed to go after the bad boy types. When women do this then what are they expecting? Not saying all women do this, but I am saying that there are a damn lot that do however...

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