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Taking the Bad With The Good..And There Are Good Ones..

posted 12/6/2008 12:40:21 PM |
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Maybe it's something in the holiday air but we all seem to be getting more spammer mail lately...both men and women. The men just want to wisk us away to foreign countries, be our soul mate and do things to us that have never been done before . Well at my age, I'm thinking if it hasn't been done it's because I don't want it to be. lol
One individual told me the other day he would send me to the promised land...Now, if I'm not mistaken, that is heaven.. Do you think he meant metaphorically, or did he have plans on killing me and taking all my money?
Oh shoot, I forgot I don't have any money.. Guess I don't have to worry about him...

I saw something on TV the other day where a woman lost over $50,000. to a scammer from online...and where another woman fell in love and planned to marry a man she met on a dating site, but never met in person. She made the wedding plans, picked out her dress and even sent him money to help fund his orphanage. Guess who never showed up at the airport as she waited there for hours to meet him........yeah, good guess.

These things do happen in real life..Everyday!! And some of the scams tend to be so real that banks have cashed their checks..only to take it back out of the innocent persons account a few days later..leaving them holding the EMPTY bag and owing thousands to the bank.

Then there are just your everyday lying scumbag jerks that you will find on here as well as in the grocery store.. They lie because they can, and they are usually really good at it. They don't care who they hurt in the process. The more you grow to care for them, the easier their task is. And as soon as they are through with you they will move onto their next trusting victim..Unless you called them at their game and made it almost impossibel for them to ever do that least here...again. And I'm not bashing's men and women that do this.. It's not a gender based club, it's just there are some fake people no matter where we look. Some are just more obvious than others.

However... sometimes because of all this going on everyday, some of us become extremely synical and stop believing in people. We don't trust, we jump at the slightest mistake the other person makes. It's almost impossible to break that habit, and sometimes we hurt other innocent people because of it.
There really are good people out there.. Good people on this site.. I've met a few of them. So have others.

I keep reading where (usually someone new) asks if there are any real women on here...Well ask Ynot, ask G, Eye, BBC, DK, Flrj, Brit....JUST to name a few.. Hell ask Griz. Umm, I think he'll tell you I'm real.. lol
And as for the women who want to know if there are any good men on here...Ask the women who are with the men I just mentioned. I'll be the first to tell you Yes there are lying asses on this site...But I found one who is absolutely My Mr Right. I love him like I never thought possible to love again in my life.. and I know that love is returned. I'm one of the truly lucky ones.

I know there are other really good guys on this site...and many really good women..And I say this being one of the most skeptical people you will ever meet.
So don't let the scammers and the liars chase you off or make you lose sight of what you want in your future.

But if you never give anyone a chance, you will never find anyone... And if you are using the excuse you are too tired to look or to meet anyone, don't bitch when he or she doesn't just come knocking at your door saying "hey I heard you were looking for me".. Chances are really good that is NOT going to happen.

Don't give up...just be very careful..and use common sense.
Fairy tales really do come true, but someone has to make a first move..

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Dec 6 @ 1:13PM  
Ok I nominate you CL to help me find my man that is looking for me. lol At least you know how to do it. So send a few in my direction, and I'll take it from there. If you do accept this mission, please be forewarned I've been single for a long time, a man would have to beat me over the head a few times to let me know that he's interested in me.

Dec 6 @ 1:35PM  
At least you know how to do it.
No...I just became friends with someone that I thought was a nice guy.. and little by little I let my guard down with him. I was lucky to discover that he is one of the nice guys. (with an ornery streak a mile long ). We were both ourselves and just got to know each just happened. But it wasn't over night.

I've had guys tell me that they were interested when I never had a clue.. I think men and women both do that sometimes.

Why do they have to let you know they are intereseted in you first...
Some men are as clueless as some women on this issue...and if no one ever makes the first move....the other may never know. And both lose.

Dec 6 @ 1:55PM  
hey you stole him from me! I seen that hairy chest (from afar) but hell I umm oh well never mind it sounded good in my head

Dec 6 @ 2:12PM  
Good Blog girly!!!
Speaking of Scammers... I work with a guy...that went on an Russian dating web site.... Talked to this girl for months online.... talked via phone a couple of times....
She was to come to VA to Visit with him....before they got Married!
He bought a plane ticket for her... $3600.00 and She told him..that Customs wouldnt let her come to the USA.. Broke... she had to have $1,500.00 in Cash....
Well the DUMB ASS Sent her the Cash along with the Plane Ticket!!!
The END!!! He never heard a word from the person Again!!!!
He checked with the FBI...and they Said tough Shit!!! It was the Russian Mafia..!!! He had been screwed By Pros! They cashed in the Plane ticket along with the money,they fucked him out of $5,100.00 total!!!

We don't trust, we jump at the slightest mistake the other person makes
if you are using the excuse you are too tired to look or to meet anyone, don't bitch when he or she doesn't just come knocking at your door
Fair enough!
Let me just say... the People here that have found someone..are Blessed!!!!
I'm sure it wasnt Easy!!! Good Luck to all that have found that special someone,Here, hell anywhere!!!!!

Dec 6 @ 2:16PM  
I don`t get scammers mail

I`m real ...tell me i`m real ....

Dec 6 @ 3:47PM  
I`m real ...tell me i`m real
can I Pinch ya?

Dec 6 @ 6:52PM  
Yes RR, I know you are real.

E-mail? I have been off of here for over a month (no Internet) an I had 1 e-mail waiting for me. Jeez, I guess the real thing scard off the spammers - way to go CL

Dec 6 @ 9:19PM  
Hmm I found one online almost 9 years ago... and I only wanna murdelize the bugger every third month or so... nah I wouldn't trade him in on a dozen new ones.

Dec 7 @ 7:52AM  
Or you could get these I want to fuck you messages

I love a woman with a body like yours. You always have a very tight
cunt and when i kiss and suck your clit just right I know
you will squirt the sweetest tasting nectar down my throat!! I
can tell your the type of woman that is gonna reach under and squeeze
my balls hard as I cum so you get a proper feeding and empty my balls of
every last drop.
Bless every tight and tasty hole in your body..


Dec 7 @ 10:41AM  
I don't read scammers e-mails. I scan over it, see all the contact me addresses and I report them and block them. To read them makes me wanna

I'm hard pressed to have sympathy for those that get scammed. It's all been exposed time and time again so they should know better. Even as a newbie 5 years ago I would never have given any financial info to anyone nor send them a dime. I certainly don't understand people who do....goes over my head.

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Taking the Bad With The Good..And There Are Good Ones..