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Winter driving in Michigan

posted 12/5/2008 11:39:52 AM |
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It's always hilarious the first snow fall here in Michigan. People who have lived here their whole lives seem to have forgotten how to drive on snow covered roads. We had our first accumulating snow this past Sunday night. It was the wet, packy type snow that is slushy on the roads. True to the local news at noon, and yep, cops were busy with fender benders, cars in the ditches, spin outs on the expressways. And the majority of the drivers aren't new drivers..they are people who have been driving long enough to know better. And of course, it eventually makes the roads wet later in the afternoon. And when the sun goes down, and temps really forms. Something I guess they forget about over the summer months. Cause again, here we go, cars in ditches, fender benders, etc. Wednesday night, we had another light snow, a lot of the back roads don't get cleaned like the major highways do here. So those back roads are still covered with slick spots, and now with the snowfall over night, they are slippery again. And on my way to work Thursday morning, I saw cars spun out on the sides of the roads, in ditches, and about 7 blocks away from work, a van on it's side in a field. (Police were already there helping the driver).

When I took driver's ed way back when, I remember it was in the winter. And the first time I got to actually drive, the roads were maybe that has helped me in NOT being one of many who end up in ditches, spin outs, or in fender benders. And, after last winter, I decided I wanted an SUV again, cars just don't do so well when there is close to 10 inches of snow on the road. So I got me a Jeep, Grand Cherokee, ( I love Jeeps), and I'll be doing good this winter season.

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Dec 5 @ 11:48AM  
Yeah, most people around these parts can't seem to drive PERIOD! Snow seems to make it worse when these idiots are out trying to drive in it.

Dec 5 @ 12:02PM  
Yeah that goes for here too but I do notice in our paper that most of them are 16-19 yr. olds. They think they're the cowboys of the highway and are indestructable.... They're probably texting their friends about how slick the roads are when they hit that black ice or slushy snow. Hard way to learn a lesson methinks....

Dec 5 @ 12:03PM  
Wet snow is all we get here in VA., So when I went to Jackson, Michigan, 2 years ago.. I was blown away that no snow was on the roads after several days of snowing!!!
The temps were so cold that it was a Dry type of snow!! Cars were running 70+ mph.., but when we went thru WV. comming back home.. there was snow on the roads...temp change is guess?

Dec 5 @ 12:06PM  
It seems like drivers either drive too cautious when they really don't need to or they drive like bats outta hell when the roads are slick......people drive me effin crazy

Oh yeah....did you hear about them trying to pass a law in Michigan about not texting while you are driving?? And people are bitching that this violates their privacy or freedom or something or other for everyone to complain about pay attention to the fucking road people!!!!

Dec 5 @ 12:58PM  
Are you sure you aren't talking about a lot of the people here in Ohio? Sounds about the same...
Maybe they should issue summer and winter drivers license to some people.

Dec 5 @ 1:48PM  
You haven't seen anything until you see what an ice-storm or snow does down here.

They don' t even open the stores. The WHOLE city closes down and everything is at a stand still. I can see and Ice storm, but how much snow can they get and how often???

Looking forward to my first snow day. This should be fun


Dec 5 @ 2:12PM  
That's how people in Florida react to rain......I hate that.....

Dec 5 @ 2:56PM  
I think it pretty much goes for city people everywhere.. us in the backwoods don't have no triple A to haul us out the ditch.

Dec 5 @ 3:03PM  
Make that most city people. I've already got sand, hand winch, and a little shovel in my trunk. I've only had to use them a couple times over the years, usually to dig myself out of the driveway (only to spend half my time on the road helping the idiots in front of me move ).

I think if you cause an accident or get your car stuck and it holds up traffic, you ought to get 1 hour in jail, for every minute you hold up traffic, multiplied by the number of cars you hold up.

So if you held up a line of 72 cars, for one hour because you can't drive in ice and snow, you'd get 6 months behind bars!

Dec 5 @ 4:22PM  
Snow makes me homesick for Atlanta. Read on, it'll make sense.

The dirty South doesn't have the infrastructure (plows, sand, salt, etc) to deal with snow and ice storms. So, whenever the weather report uses the words "snow" or "ice," everyone runs to the grocery store and empties the shelves then heads home to camp out for several days.

Usually, the snow didn't amount to much. Every couple of years, though, we'd get a decent snow. Which translated into NO FUGGIN' WORK!

We didn't have too many wrecks, though. Not because of the driving expertise of Southerners (not by a looooooong stretch), but because very few folks were brave enough to drive.

OK, some of us were too busy playing in the snow to drive.

Now that I live up north and have a 4WD truck, snow, as my boss says, is no excuse for not working. Dammit!

Dec 5 @ 7:08PM  
Guess it can be said for most of the Northeast...But Stay out of Jersey in the snow...people can't drive well on dry pavement...much less wet .. ..

In Jersey a Yield sign means first one to the corner has the right of way...a sholder is used as an actual lane...and in SNOW the seed limit goes from 55 to 5...peole get to cautious ..slow down and get stuck...

I own a 4 wheel drive Blazer and never had an issues in snow..except for playing dodge car... .

Dec 5 @ 8:59PM  
Was in Augusta Ga., oh about 1980 doing AIT training thru the winter. It snowed about an inch, so a carload of us Northern Military boys grabbed a taxi, stopped at the liquor store, and had him drop us downtown at the square...we sat on the bandstand in the middle, passing around various bottles of brandy and schnapps, etc....

Laughing our asses off watching people try to drive...

And the funniest of all were the cops, in their high powered cruisers....

Gas it...PEELOUT!!!! ( no, dont take ur foot off the gas, doh... ) get up to about 5MPH...BRAKE!!! ( no, dont take yer foot off the brake, doh ) SLIIIIIIDE about 15 feet...
Then repeat...

Dec 7 @ 9:12PM  

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Dec 10 @ 3:28PM  

61 degrees here right now

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Winter driving in Michigan