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Board Games anyone?

posted 11/30/2006 5:04:01 PM |
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We all know that board games can be pretty fun to play. Growing up I played quite a few of them ranging anywhere from Monopoly, Life, Payday, Trivial Pursuit, and Risk. I remember getting really into the Risk board game in my sophomore year in my world history class in high school. We were introduced that game in that class to learn more about the countries. Today Risk remains the top board game for me. What are some board games that you like?

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Nov 30 @ 5:14PM  
I had a roommate in college who got drunk one night and played 4 man Risk by himself. At 6 am, I got up to take a leak and he was sitting at the table still immersed in his game. I asked him if he was winning and he said, "No, I am blue". I told him to go to bed right away because if you are playing Risk by yourself, no matter what color you are, you are winning!

My favorite board games are:

Sorry (as a tike)
Chutes and Ladders (the adult and tike version)
Mouse Trap (if anyone could construct the fucking thing to work - you deserved to win)


Nov 30 @ 5:27PM  
Love board games!! I like the off the wall ones that are interactive...
Truth or Dare

Also like the old favorites ...
Trivial Pursuit

But my all time favorite is...
Twister!! **played nekkid of course!**

Nov 30 @ 5:30PM  
Oh yeah, Twister. Never played that game, but I'm pretty sure that I would like it with many women playing it with me.

Nov 30 @ 5:35PM  
Twister would kill me now My favorites were always monopoly and life. I can't remember the last time I sat down and played a boardgame.

Nov 30 @ 5:35PM  
Nude Twister is more overrated than 69! Nothing like a group full of naked bodies (male/female alike) sticking an ass in your face as they attempt to secure left hand yellow, right foot green

Nov 30 @ 6:13PM  
sounds like a trip to the chiropractor would be called for if I tried twister, think I'll stick to the 69

Nov 30 @ 6:22PM  
Risk, Scrabble and Boggle (ok not a board game but I loved it).

Nov 30 @ 6:44PM  
69 is always good!!! Okay, we're getting a little off the topic here. lol

Nov 30 @ 7:05PM  
Oooh I love games.. the board kind.

Scrabble, Upwords

card games.. yeah.. you name it I pretty much like it.. except chess and checkers.. I have a mental block with those two games.

Nov 30 @ 7:29PM  
I found a newer favorite last xmas. My ex bought me "Heroscape" it's kinda a midevil risk with some D&D thrown in. Don't get to play it too often... the only other one I know that knows how to play it is Rob and he's not into it anymore.
I also like payday, backgammon, and pass the pigs.

Can't beat card games though...

Nov 30 @ 7:31PM  
The list goes on.

Nov 30 @ 7:46PM  
There's an online site that hosts Scrabble games if anyone is interested

ponme and cutecarrie ... up for a game sometime?

Nov 30 @ 8:36PM  
I love the trivia board games, Trivial Persuit being one of my favs. Yatzee, pictionary (although i'm not very good at it), Truth or Dare, and i love card games, we used to sit and play Ucher all night!

Nov 30 @ 10:15PM  
My games are Scrabble and Trival Pursuit. The newest one I like is SceneIt. But growing up in my house we played more Euchre than anything (know, not a board game...does Cribbage count? Played a lot of that, too.)

Nov 30 @ 11:39PM  
My games are Scrabble and Trival Pursuit.

Goodie! Another scrabbler.

Dec 1 @ 2:09AM  
Trivial Pursuit
Risk (but I suck at it)

I like thinking games and not ones based much on chance. Play lots of various card games too.

Phase Ten
Split (freaking fun game)

Also, play a lot of Mexican Train Dominoes.

Dec 1 @ 4:19AM  
I have a large group of friends south of Houston about 300 miles from me that is my family by choice. Three of the families used to live up here in the DFW area. But about ten years ago aerospace crashed up here and they got on with NASA contractors. I am down there for five to six days at a time on TDay and Memorial Day, sometimes Christmas and New Years.
Much of the afternoons on into the night are spent eating, drinking and playing dominos, spades, euchre, poker, etc. while having the TV on watching sports often with some good ole rock and roll playing.
In the evenings, the women will join in for a board game.
Cranium is a real good one for a group.
Pictionary is played sometimes also.
The biggie is, or actually WAS, Trivia Pursuit. The reason I say was is because in the classics like Genus and Boomer, we have played it so much, everybody has memorized the answers. The new trivial pursuit games utilize a DVD and the TV with the DVD player is not is either of the two areas the game will be played. Additionally, especially when the evening goes on and liquor is taking effect, men like myself will watch a football game or something while waiting for somebody to play. The downside obviously is that if you have too many teams and people take to long to play, it can get a bit boring due to the wait.
I sure wish that Rivial Pursuit would come out with new versions that did not involve the DVD.
Cranium seems to work the best now for ongoing entertainment at a quick pace with a lot of giggles and grins.
This Tday we played another game where you have six cards with something written on them that is a noun (eg car, body odor, West Palm Beach). One person will draw a card with an adjective (eg pretty, warm, ugly) and then pick their choice from the one noun card each other player gives them. Damned if I can remember the name of the game, but I do remember the name of the rum and it was a pretty cool game.

Dec 1 @ 5:50AM  
my favorite board games are
Trivia Pursuit

and i have a couple games i play my friends and i made up and this is my favorite
the question game
this is best played with 4 or more imaginative people. One person makes up 3 questions. (who what when where why, how) and tells the othersthe catagory. the others make up an answer based on the catagory. the first reads their question and the rest have to read their answers.
"ok everyone, my question is a who"
>insert sounds of people writing on paper<
"Ok you all ready?"
>insert various sounds of agreement<
"My question was Who Assasinated Abraham Lincoln?"
"George Bush"
"the crazy homeless person down the street"
"My Mom"
depending on how imaginative your friends are determines the funniness of the game. all that is needed is paper and things to write with

Dec 1 @ 2:40PM  
Rock em Sock em Robots

and anything I can eat a scooter crunch bar while playing....

Dec 1 @ 4:11PM  
Trivial Pursuit
Risk (but I suck at it)

Boggler + scrabbler ... even better! . I'll have to go find an online Boggle host site ...

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Board Games anyone?