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posted 11/25/2008 1:20:46 AM |
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After I read Skwirls blog today about donating food, I began to wonder how many people do care enough to do things like that anymore... Are there many people still willing to help total strangers in need, especially with the economy being what it is...

You know sometimes when you ask questions, you really do get to see the answer with your own eyes..

I had quite a few errands to run today and at the end I stopped at Wal Mart and grabbed a few things. I think everyone within a 50 mile radius must have had the same idea..At the same time...
As I chose a line and went to the register I discovered that the 5 carts in front of me all belonged to a man and woman that were together. Five carts all full of toilet paper, paper towels, various sizes of diapers and a few boxes of depends..It made my mind wonder..
The register right next was opening so I went over to it. As I was checking out I heard the cashier, who was directly behind me, tell the guy that wasn't his total because his 10% hadn't been taken off yet. She told him that he would get $71.13 off that amount yet... My mind automatically starting thinking $711.30 is a heck of a lot of paper goods..and how does he get 10% off...

The man proceeded to tell the cashier that with the discount that Wal Mart allows them it sure adds up to being able to help even more. He said they do this 3 times a year. Twice a year they divide the stuff up between 2 homeless shelters and right before Christmas they will do it again and take all the stuff to Community Action to be given out with food baskets and toys for needy families.

How absolutely cool is that?!? I swear I wanted to hug that man and the woman with him.
On the other hand I wanted to slap the man behind me when I heard him say something about "sure they give discounts to people who have money and don't need them, but not to the people who shop there all the time, and this guy gets to write it all off on his taxes so he's not out anything."

What a dimwit!! Evidently the man can afford it...but that doesn't mean he has to do it. But he is and it is helping many people who need the help. He most likely does write it off on his taxes, but he's not going to get all of that money handed back to him.Only a percentage of it. .And wouldn't it be easier just to not spend the time and the money to begin with if that's why he is doing it??

Why is it that some people can't just be happy for others and leave it at that,.instead of bitching cause it's not them benefiting instead?

However I did get my spirits raised by seeing that there are people who do still care about others and go out of their way to help them.

On a totally different note>>>>
Griz gives blood at a local blood center near where he lives. From now until Christmas for every pint that is donated they are donating one pound of food to the shelters around there. He gave 3 pints tonight and is hoping he can give one more time by Christmas.
I was just thinking that if anyone wanted to help by giving food and blood,( both are greatly needed) maybe you could check with your local red cross and see if they are doing anything like that in your area.. You get free cookies and something to drink afterwards and it doesn't cost you a penny to be of so much help. mmm, cookies...

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Nov 25 @ 1:36AM  
Very touching story...I'm a volunteer rescue worker (have been for over 8 years) and I'm always amazed at the same people who volunteer their time, donate to people less fortunate and the same people who will drop food off for the homeless. Two weeks ago our rescue team spent a weekend extending a soup kitchen, last weekend we stocked the shelves full....Have always volunteered in my community (coaching, scouting, rescue) and when ever I find a project to help out other less fortune....Seem to find the same volunteers. I believe it stems from the way you were brought up...I came from a poor family, was even homeless for 5 I feel blessed to have a roof over my head and the ability to help those less fortunate.


Nov 25 @ 2:23AM  

I hope this touches many peoples hearts. And that they do thier part where and when they are able too. Very nice story hun. Giving you a kudo.

Nov 25 @ 5:48AM  
What a dimwit!! Evidently the man can afford it...but that doesn't mean he has to do it. But he is and it is helping many people who need the help. He most likely does write it off on his taxes, but he's not going to get all of that money handed back to him

yup...a dimwit!! NOT The word i'd have chosen but good nuff....and the write off?? let's NOT be confused.....writing off means not paying tax on money you spent and SPENDING IS SPENDING......easier is to NOT SPEND......jeez....some can't even do simple math...maybe that guy was just simple???

good points CL.....i'll go donate bout wood and such for a thanksgiving fire???

Nov 25 @ 7:16AM  
I go regularly to donate blood but I always get turned down because I am anemic. One day I am going to go in and my hemoglobin is going to be high enough....

Nov 25 @ 7:47AM  
Awesome blog!!!
What a dimwit
good choice of words!!! I was thinking Dumb ass!!!
Some people are so selfish, its a shame!
I try to give all I can to my Own children which have children of their own....With Our economy like it is, its gonna be a tuff year..for everyone!!!! (well most of us)
But a few cans of food wont break anyone!!!
I have never heard of anyone giving 3 pints of blood before, I would fall out after giving that much!!! Way to go, Griz!!!!!!
I'm due giving myself, the last time I went to give I was sick with a fever and couldnt .....thx for the reminder!!!

Nov 25 @ 7:58AM  
You are right SF, it seems to be the same ones who help over and over. Some tend to have the attitude that since it's being done by others why should they bother... but let them need help and they wonder why more people aren't helping.
To you and all who do help others, kudos and .

Thanks, Chuck. It just touched my heart and I thought I would pass that feeling on and let others know that there really are people who still care about others.

how bout wood and such for a thanksgiving fire???
Will it keep you from building a fire on Thanksgiving? I'm thinking it's going to be just a tad bit cold to be getting hosed down in the yard. lol
maybe that guy was just simple??
Sometimes I wonder how some people live with their conscious.

I hope that happens for you, L4E.So you can donate and so you are healthy.
I can't give blood due to medications, I wish I could. At this point, Griz has given over 10 gallons. there is a rare factor about his blood and they call him as soon as he is able to give again.

Nov 25 @ 8:41AM  
Very touching... It is so nice to know that there are others out there willing to help others..
Yes it is the way you are raised I think to want to help others..

Nov 25 @ 8:47AM  
I have been giving to our local food bank for years. When I plant my garden in the spring I make it just a little bigger each year. I am up to an acre and a half of just about any kind of veggies you can think of along with several different kinds of melons. Yes it is alot of work but I love being outside in the summertime and love gardening. After I have all that friends, family and myself can use out of my garden I take the rest to our local food bank. I just took a truck load of yellow and red delicious apples there Friday.

Nov 25 @ 10:08AM  
I'll be posting one more sharing blog after thanksgiving.. and yeah.. no matter how little I have.. there is always someone who has less. I've been on the receiving end and I will never forget what it feels like.. and I am grateful every day to no longer be in that position.. so I give as much as I am able.

Nov 25 @ 12:11PM  
For about three years I road with a number of Veterans Servie group first Rolling Thunder, M.C. and then Paladin Knights of Youngstown, OH. Bot Chapter 4 RT and PK work hard to keep the Food Bank full at the Veterans Out-reach center. We worked a deal with Sams club, who matched our donation money, and then gave us the "company" rate, which is the Wholesale rate. We got a lot of food into the hands of people that just didn't have anything.

Some of the things we were told they always could use were Meal they can open and eat. Some don't even have stoves. So look for things like that as well when you give. A can of green beans means nothing if you can't open them. Just a suggestion. I'm going to find out how to find a case of rations they use now for the troups and send them. They are about 1200 calories each, heat themselves. and I'm told not too bad in tasting. At least it will be a HOT meal they will get this year.

Have a great Thanksgiving all.


Nov 25 @ 2:33PM  
I donate blood also. I even donated and practically passed out when I was

Thru my daughters school and Girl Scouts, we donate food.

In January, we are collecting new & used socks and filling them with cat nip and splitting them between 2 animal shelters for the cats and kittens.

Trying to think of something we can give to the

I know no matter what I give to my dog, he eats we gotta think on this one.....

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