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How Do You Say It?? **UPDATED!!**

posted 11/24/2008 6:29:30 PM |
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tagged: fun, sunshine

Wondering....and this depends on if your from the North or South....

........... ............. ................ ............... ........... .....
At Thanksgiving, do you call it dressing or stuffing?

I had an Alabama lady today call it dressing and it threw me off for a
I am a Yankee and call it stuffing.

Pizza's, do you call them pizza's or pies?

Spaghetti sauce, do you call it sauce or gravy?

Anymore you can think of, please add them on.

As for me, it's stuffing, pizza and

******A few brought up soda or pop?

And hoagies, subs or heros?******

(My answer is in the blogs!)

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Nov 24 @ 6:41PM  

I think like you.

Stuffing, Pizza, and Suace.

Although I know what the others mean.

Nov 24 @ 6:46PM  
up in Wisconsin is called both ...i`ve heard dressing and stuffing

we call it sauce ....and pizza

Nov 24 @ 6:56PM  
Heh it's dressing, Za and depends on whether it's on pasta or not.. on pasta it's sauce, on meats such as chicken parm it's gravy.

Nov 24 @ 7:02PM  
Yep..Like RR, here in Michigan it's called both dressing and stuffing. And pizza is pizza, spaghetti sauce is sauce, and soda is called pop.

Nov 24 @ 7:13PM  
in Pittsburgh, we have a language all to our own
maybe I'll fill everyone in sometime

we call it, like tomato sauce or cheese sauce...if it's made from the meat drippings, its called gravy

Nov 24 @ 7:20PM  
i like to call tomatoes tomatoes

Nov 24 @ 7:56PM  
Stuffing, Pizza, Sauce and POP!!!

Nov 24 @ 8:08PM  
stuffing, pizza, sauce and SODA...guess I'm a mix! I'm soooo confused!

Nov 24 @ 9:04PM  
Dressing, sauce, and pizza. Could be just a southern thang though. lol

Nov 24 @ 9:17PM  
How about Hoagies...Subs...or Heros. ?

As for myself, they will always be Hoagies.

Nov 24 @ 9:41PM  
How about Hoagies...Subs...or Heros. ?

As for myself, they will always be Hoagies. could I forget that one??

My BF is from Brooklyn, he calls them Heros
I'm from Connecticut, I call them Hoagies
Living in Florida, I call them Subs!!!

Nov 24 @ 9:45PM  
pizza, sauce, stuffing, soda and its an italian, if not that its a sub.

Nov 24 @ 10:19PM  
Stuffing, pizza and sauce...and soda. The sandwich? Usually called a sub.

Nov 24 @ 10:19PM  
Oh, and I take crap from a few folks because I call it a sofa and not a couch.

Nov 24 @ 10:22PM  
do you call it dressing or stuffing?


Pizza's, do you call them pizza's or pies?


Spaghetti sauce, do you call it sauce or gravy?


few brought up soda or pop?

Yeah, I did this blog some time ago. lol We call it pop here


Nov 24 @ 10:25PM  
Let's see, if it has meat in it it's Dressing, otherwise it's just Stuffing

It's Pizza, no other word for it.

It's tomatoe sauce, and meat gravy.

I learned Hero's and Sub's but down here is Po'boy's, whatever that is.

Ok, now the trick, in East Liverpool, OH it's pop, Here it's Soda, when I was in Northern New Hampshire it was Tonic. At school it was COKE and you asked which flavor. (ie, Cola, Rootbeer, etc, etc, etc.)

Hey BlueEyes Sparkling, Can I have your Cow Pattie Recipe, Please???

Have a great Thanksgiving.
I'm Roasting a Duck,

Nov 25 @ 12:02AM  
dressing or stuffing
Both.... Stuffing is what you get from a Turkeys ass!!
"Drinks" in soft Drinks
Subs, but I sometimes fry cube steak with Onions and peppers with lots of cheese..and call it an Hoagie....(Cause its on a Hoagie bun.. )

Nov 25 @ 2:46AM  
connotations. dress you up and dress you down.
what are you dressing up for? you're just
gonna get dressed down. stuffed. can
mean taxidermy. or embalming. or your full, can't
eat one more bite. ever seen how many meanings
one word can have? thingmajig is another word.
or grommet. the whatmacallit. can't think
of the word right now. when stuffing a turkey
don't use straw. use the middle appendage.
sicilian sausage is a good stocking stuffer.
stockings are what some men call women.
they put things in their stockings. all over
the world there are different words for
scatalogical things. fucking is called planking in serbia.
how do you say can i fuck you in russian?
or afghanistan? what if the guy tells you the wrong
words to say. cause you don't know the right words.
come fly me. stewardesses are so flighty.

Nov 25 @ 3:25AM  
soda or pop ?
must be an American thing.
Aussies call it fizzy drink or soft drink

as for turkeys.
if your dressing it, are you goin out on a date.
stuffin it must be the end of the date

Nov 25 @ 4:29AM  
At Thanksgiving, do you call it dressing or stuffing?
Stuffing- you put dressing ON something, you stuff stuffing INTO something.

Pizza's, do you call them pizza's or pies?
Pizza, or pizza pie. Pie only if used in the context of a pizza place where it's obvious that you mean pizza, not key lime.

Spaghetti sauce, do you call it sauce or gravy?
Sauce if it's made from tomatoes or cheeses. If it's a meat sauce with both, it's a tough call because you could go either way. But generally if it's not mostly made of thickened animal fat, sauce. I sometimes skip the whole dilemma by just calling it by its first name- pesto, marinara, alfredo, etc.

******A few brought up soda or pop?
Ohio is actually one of the battleground states between sodaland and popworld. Much blood has been shed. I stay the hell out of it.

And hoagies, subs or heros?******
Hoagies, subs, heros, and grinders are actually all different things. The difference is subtle, but you ask any late-night campus food delivery guy and he can explain it.

Nov 25 @ 6:22AM  
stuffing,pizza,sauce,,and soda,,,,,,damn your making me hungry

Nov 25 @ 6:53AM  
As for me, it's stuffing, pizza and sauce...

what do you say lawn sales or yard sales or the yard or door yard

Nov 25 @ 7:37AM  
Stuffing...whether it's in the turkey or not..
Sauce...gravy goes on potatoes or over biscuits and such.
It's pop.
I was in Virginia once and a friend asked me if I wanted a coke..since I don't drink coke products I declined only to hear her offer someoen else one and then asked if they wanted root beer, cola or orange..What's up with that?? First time I had ever heard it.
Most of the time, it's a sub.

Peach's.... yard sale...unless it's int he garage, then they advertise it as a garage sale..

Food that you prepare and put in a dish (usually glass) to serve or take somewhere...
Do you call it a casserole, a hot dish or a covered dish?

Nov 25 @ 7:59AM  
I was in Virginia once and a friend asked me if I wanted a coke..
It was prolly a Damn Yankee...(Damn yankee = someone that visited the South on Vacation and didnt go home)
I work with a Guy from WI... he calls Soft drinks..cokes, Maybe it was Him?... I dunno!?

Nov 25 @ 8:21AM  
who cares.........i am hungry now......

Nov 25 @ 9:02AM  


Nov 25 @ 10:14AM  
Here in Alabama everything is a coke, no matter what it is. Coke, Dr. Pepper, grape, orange, or pepsi. I'm the raging cokeaholic. It's all I drink, I think I keep them in business in my town. We have our own bottling plant here.

Nov 25 @ 10:20AM  
Being a hillbilly from West Virgina use to say soda..
Everyone looked at me like I was nuts here in Ohio.
So now I say

My mother in-law called a couch a davinport..


Nov 25 @ 6:48PM  
Stuffing - dressing is what we put on salads
Sauce - gravy goes on meat
Soft drink, soda is soda water. I was Nebraska a couple of years ago and people said both
I have no idea what hoagies are, some sort of sandwich I imagine
and casserole or stew
I have heard of davinport but it's not common here, usually a couch or sofa, sometimes a settee

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How Do You Say It?? **UPDATED!!**