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posted 11/23/2008 8:55:21 PM |
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tagged: rant

I hear over and over how we have the right to say whatever is on our minds or to express our thought on someone else' blog, to say whatever we want to whomever we want. We have the right to freedom of speech. Don't deny us our right to freedom of speech.

Ok.. so we do have freedom of speech, that just means we are free to say what we like.. not that we SHOULD.

Impulse control, people, it's a good thing. Practice it.

Sometimes it seems that, online, at least, people don't feel like they are responsible for their own actions. They are not to be held accountable for behaviors or words. After all, they will never meet the person whom they have hurt with their actions/words whatever.. so why should they worry about it?

Online is not the real world, right? How is that so? We don't have physical contact, certainly, but we talk in real time with people.. yes.. you heard it here first. actual PEOPLE.

Sure, some will be game players who lie and work hard to tear people apart. But, for the most part, the people I have gotten to know are real. They have hearts, they have feelings, they have lives outside of the computer. They are REAL.

Remember how you would interact with people if you were face to face, in the same room with them. I know it's been a while for a few people but I'm sure you can remember that far back. Would you trash someone and lie to them? Would you be shitty to their faces or try to be less vicious? If someone in the real world reached out to you to understand something that has been on their minds.. would you turn them away or ridicule them for telling you their reality?

If you would then I think you need to go get help now. NOW.

The rest of you.. remember that on the other end of this telephone wire.. through which flow your digitalized thoughts and emotions... is a real human being. Someone who may be on the edge and need you to understand and or just be there for them.

When someone posts something that offends you, figure out what's broken in your life that makes it offensive. It's all just words on a page until we give it the power to hurt us.

"Oh skwirl, but that guy made me sick! It was just so offensive" then turn it in.. that's the mods job to deal with. No sense in showing your own ass.. right?

I was gonna post a game tomorrow.. we'll see how I feel after this..

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Nov 23 @ 9:04PM  
all this cause i only gave ya the left ......................

Nov 23 @ 9:06PM  
dass right Y.. I wanted both tonight.. big meany head..

soooo NOT..

Ok this skwirl is crawlin into her warm cozy nest and calling it a weekend.

Be excellent to each other!

Nov 23 @ 9:07PM  
are you going to kudo yerself is that it???

Nov 23 @ 9:08PM  
Oh shit... yeah..t hanks for the reminder I forgot to pay MY taxes.

Nov 23 @ 9:09PM  
Hey Ms. Prez, I think what you're sayin here is everyone has the right to be stupid, just some folks should just stop abusing that right.
Not sure what all I've missed in the past week or so of being away but I can honestly say I'm pretty glad I did, miss it that is. I'm sure I had a much better time off in the world than I would have had on here.

Nov 23 @ 9:10PM  

But Skwirl;...I try to be nice to everyone." Regardless"

Now: Wanna you know ?

Nov 23 @ 9:10PM  
and quit gnawing on my ankles dammit I left a kudo with my last comment!!!!

Nov 23 @ 9:29PM  
ain't it odd
Skwirl Girl
the position you be in dis day
didja ever thunk
it would be this way
ain't life funny
I'm bettin' it'd be a lot more fun
if peeps wuz able ta police themselves
we both know
that ain'ta never gunna happen
here's your greenie
Ms. Voice of Reason
and this isn't a slam - as you would know
it's for the others
it's just an odd, odd place you've evolved to

Nov 23 @ 9:44PM  
Someone who may be on the edge and need you to understand and or just be there for them.
And even if not, it still doesn't mean be an ass to them just cause you can..

It takes two to have an argument or a fight...and if neither one starts it, it never happens. But cruel or vicious words from just one to another can hurt deeply. And ---in my opinion---that's not a right that any of us have.

Nite nite, Skwirl...Sweet dreams......

Nov 23 @ 9:55PM  
They have hearts, they have feelings, they have lives outside of the computer. They are REAL.

I think this is the part people tend to forget. night skwirl

slips nutz under her pillow

Nov 23 @ 10:01PM  
Ok.. so we do have freedom of speech, that just means we are free to say what we like.. not that we SHOULD.

Impulse control, people, it's a good thing. Practice it.
Yes, but it works both ways. Courtesy in post, AND response. The term is "netiquette".
(Maybe you and I are thinking of two different instances of uproar. No matter...)
I prefer the peaceful, playful AMD to the wartime one. When the fur starts flying, so to
speak, I log out and go to my games website.

Nov 23 @ 10:02PM  
why did they close down the yahoo news comment boards?????
because someone's feelings got hurt.
and then he became the virginia
tech massacre killer.
his name was agame007a.
i steered him best i could
to the f.b.i. i had known
him before on a schizohrenia site.
i talked to him at length on the yahoo
news comment boards. ya never know
who you might set off. i got most
of his beef with the united states
of america. how he hated senator miller
who voted for the invasion of china
by the united states of america.
to his mind he was only acting
in self defense against a country
that was about to go insane.
then after sending in novel
form, private information to
the san diego county sheriff's office,
duke cunningham, mr. top gun himself,
murderer of thousands of asian people's
went to prison. people forget how
nixon was insane. bombed laos, cambodia,
thailand, vietnam. how would you like
to be under those bombs? they had
plans for a hot dog stand in peking
and a lemonade stand in lhasa.
destroy all foreign cultures
or strip them of all their identity
and replace it with baseball, mom
and apple pie. america, the only way,
the one true way. the one true faith,
the one true religion. stars and stripes
forever, and manifest destiny.
american therefore divinely ordained
to rule even heaven. don't get set off
now, if you are a rabid american.
but we're not the only gumball
in the gumball machine.
it just seems like it.
americans are rather stuck up
for no reason. i mean we are
10 trillion dollars in debt.
thanks to raunchy ron raygun.
and many othes too.
its a polyglot world now.
world integration has occurred.
in the interests of self preservation.
otherwise radical extremists
all over would have blown
this world to kingdom come
a long, long time ago.
and taken the rest of the milky
way galaxy with it.
peace and good luck.
pirates of the spanish main.
when the seas were free.
an interesting period
in world history.
from about 1492 to 1865.
and there is a resurgence of it.
because of bureaucratic bungling.
red tape. to go to the store
in the future you may need
ten forms to get ten forms to get ten forms
to get the one form which allows
you the privilege of going down
and buying just one sack of potatoes.
your ration for the week. good luck again.
some people like potatoes boiled, some
baked, some mashed, some fried.
idaho. ruby ridge. and other assorted
phenomena of injured feelings amongs
veterans and draftees. done to them
by draft dodgers and communists
and other assorted spies foreign
and domestic. so many were so
convinced of their infalliblity, they
thought they didn't even have to
register for the draft, and they
didn't. and they thought they
would beat the rap forever.
however, the rap beat them.

Nov 23 @ 10:20PM  
Impulse control? Never heard of it.

I saw where someone on here said they prefer peacetime AMD over wartime AMD, and I totally agree. I much prefer the peace and just being silly and having fun over the arguing. I'm not a saint, I admit to having participated in some of the past blog wars, flame wars, whatever one wants to call it. Almost canceled my account here too. But, after a few days, I decided, I've got friends here, I do like to hang in the blogs, so I decided to stay. I've also decided to try to stay out of and avoid wars. I'll admit, it's been hard at times to restrain myself from telling someone to get a life, get a grip..or just plain out go to hell.

Excellant blog Prez...worthy of a kudo...(not to mention I have to pay my taxes. )


Nov 23 @ 10:27PM  
are you going to kudo yerself

Can I watch...?

But, good points. Irony however that within a week, someone new will come along with
"Are there any real wimmen here, or real men, or real swingers, wannafuckerz....etc...."

Then, when no one answers such an incredibly STOOPID question...they then immediately get all pissy and treat everyone as if they're not...

( Although I did personally answer them the very last time, they didnt bother to approve my reply for some reason... )

No...I am very sorry, we are all experimental, high tech government plastizoids, with the new "Windows Clusterfuck" databases...however, if you send this on to ten friends, Mr. Bill gates will personally come to your house for a personal visit and fuck your dog...
Windows error...
Please will now wipe your drive and reinstall, click here to report a problem....

Nov 23 @ 10:40PM  
*dropping a greenie and dashing outta here...QUICK!*

Nov 23 @ 10:44PM  
I must say "I am THRILLED to be out of the loop" The madness is one of the reason's I disappeared for so long and may again


Night Night All, Don't know when I'll be back again

Nov 23 @ 10:54PM  
I try to behave here the same way I would in person. Unfortunately, sometimes I can be an ass in person too. I'm human, I make mistakes. However, I do try to keep them at a minimum where it concerns other people. When I have failed, please point it out. That is the only way I am going to have the opportunity to learn from my mistakes.

Here's a cookie and a nuzzle for you, Skwirly.

Please post a game. I'll be good (and if you are lucky, I'll be great! )

Nov 23 @ 11:52PM  
Stopping in to pay the taxes...
Great blog............

Nov 24 @ 12:07AM  
Here's your nut Skwirlie, and it was a fantastic blog.

Like L4E I can also be an ass in person, I believe I admitted to it in Sunshine's blog the other day.

I'm well known for flying off the handle in real life, people who know me expect it. Please everyone, if I do it here, call me on it. Give me a few minutes to calm down and I will say I'm sorry for it, I always do. I try my best not to spit out words that I can't take back, I know how hard they are to eat once they are out in the open for everyone to see, but it does happen.

Nov 24 @ 12:43AM  
I don't think I speak any differently in the real world...with the exeption of that accent your imagining...

No realy, I have no impulse control in "the real world" either... and yes this could have something to do with me not getting laid...several years...

Nov 24 @ 12:46AM  
Come to think of it, I have more impulse control in here... you know with having to hit post and all... the stuff that comes out of my mouth...

Nov 24 @ 12:56AM  
i would b impulsive.........but its 2 much work.........must b my nappy time

Nov 24 @ 1:19AM  
Good One!!!! Thx!!!
Here's my tax kudo.....and I also have a couple of Nutz I wanna give ya! Sleep tight!

Nov 24 @ 1:48AM  
I behaved badly. I have reasons but it was still no excuse for my lapse into ugly behavior. My apologies to everyone.


Nov 24 @ 4:38AM  
Seems the AMD folks have managed to elect a wise, sage president.

Too bad the general population can't seem to to do the same.

Oh, wait. We haven't had such a person even get nominated in a while.

Skwirl in 2012! I'm ordering bumper stickers right now!

Nov 24 @ 5:26AM  
Well, hell, let's talk true. I am probably the primary instigator of the skirmishes beginning Friday evening that provided the motivation for this eloquent wise post. Green thingie for you, madam prez.

Nov 24 @ 6:22AM  
You would think this is America the way we fuss

Nov 24 @ 7:06AM  
I'm just going to leave you a green thing is support of your views and sneak out.....

Nov 24 @ 8:13AM  
Don't know what happened....don't really want to know.....But Madame Prez, you is RIGHT!!! Remember to tell your secretary of whatever that I paid my taxes!!


Nov 24 @ 8:54AM  
Amen to Skwirl

My personality online is really no different than how I am in real life. I am not sure what all happened Friday evening and over the weekend because I haven't really been around, but whatever...I'm sure I didn't miss much and frankly I don't care. We all need to just agree to disagree sometimes because that's just life and treat people the way we want to be treated!!

*hands over a kudo*

Nov 25 @ 1:28AM  
While I agree with everything you've said here, I don't think it's going to make a difference. I really wish it would. I wish we could all be kinder to each other, and be more accepting of each other. I just don't think it's going to happen.

Nov 25 @ 2:03PM  
Amen sister, We do have the right to free speech but our founding fathers left it up to us to use common sense and respect for others.

Nov 25 @ 9:31PM  
Well evidently this one made about as much impact as a wad of bubblegum on a sidwalk.

Only two days later and it's already started back up.

Dec 2 @ 3:46PM  
Only two days later and it's already started back up.

and if we do it now...we're just entertainment right

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