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Prezidenchul Pardoning of the Turkeys

posted 11/23/2008 8:47:57 AM |
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Yes, you read it correctly, I am pardoning the Turkey(S). There have been a lot of them this week haven't there?

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, and being grateful to have found a place where people can be who they are with very little harassment, I hereby pardon those Turkeys who; harassed members, flew off the handle, got all judgmental, and or made everyone go "WTF?".

These Turkeys are not destined for my dinner table. Not yet anyway. (No promises if they step out of line AFTER Thanksgiving though)

I would like for each of you to take a moment, either in private or here in this blog, to mention to someone how grateful you are to have the opportunity to know them.. to thank them for friendship, love or a service.

In the future, I would hope, as your President, that we could all be a little kinder, and consider the feelings of others. They are all just words on a page until we give them the power to affect us. But do remember that there are human beings attached to the other end of the line.

*putting on my bear panties* Gowan.. laugh.. I dare ya.

Don't forget to support your Troops and pay your taxes.

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Nov 23 @ 8:56AM  
Wow so my thankful bit.. These are not in any order so... just accept that you all matter very much..

Rod, Ann, Dayna, Deanna, Dana, Christy, Christy, Chrissy, G, G, Chuck, John, Gary, Steve, Jeanie, Billy, Jeannie, Candice, Megan, Kevin, Matt, Max... (sorry Maxie I can't remember your real name) Treas, Bonnie, Stormy, Dave, Paul (no ringo) Tom, you have all given me a hand in friendship.. and I love each and every one of you for it.

To those new friends and those whom I have not yet met.. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to get to know you better.

I wish each and every one of you a very blessed Thanksgiving.

Nov 23 @ 8:56AM  
Shit.. I forgot Bruce.. Bruce you are in that top list.. sorry.. I knew I'd forget somethin.

Nov 23 @ 9:18AM  
Taxes paid. Happy Thanksgiving to our prez.

Nov 23 @ 9:29AM  
I'm thankful for all the friends I've made on AMD the past 8+ years.....when everything seems shitty and down, I always know I can come here and there will be people who care and who love me for me.

Thanks again for helping me cope with....stuff and for helping me keep my sanity

Nov 23 @ 9:42AM  
Thanks Dayna, for the laughs, blondie, olpup, weshare, Sunshine, Bruce, Chuck, and Softy...for listening and being my friends....

Nov 23 @ 10:03AM  
I`m Thankful to everyone i have talk to on here .....Thanks and have a wonderful ThanksGiving

Nov 23 @ 10:26AM  
so ya want me to post a list? now ya'll KNOW how shitty my memory is......hell i'd forget to post her name soooo...hows bout i say i'm thankfull for all those on AMD i've made friends with and what AMD has given me *got HER HERE *..oh...and YOU for sure skwirl!!!!

*sits pondering ....''does amd realy work''*

Nov 23 @ 10:32AM  
It sure does work.. if you don't cut off your nose to spite your face.

Nov 23 @ 10:32AM  
Rather than mention names when I know I will inadvertently leave somebody out and hurt feelers, I will refrain. The people know who they are. I would like to suggest that we take a moment on our own quietly and recall with fond memories, those who are no longer with us that we wish were.

Nov 23 @ 10:38AM  
but should we pardon sarah palin for her latest turkey blunder?

Nov 23 @ 10:47AM  
your right Bruce someone always gets forgotten So I will say all those wonderful peoples I know and love. Met in person, talked to on the phone sendin emails back and forth and those who I play with in the forums. And some man I call brother of my heart hell I forgot his name anyways I love all my friends even the rodent

throws a nut and runs like hell

Nov 23 @ 10:50AM  
sometimes the silence is good too yano

Nov 23 @ 11:32AM  

Nov 23 @ 11:44AM  
Like everyone else I want to thank all the friends that I've made here and for talking and sharing with me through the good times and the bad. I come here and read blogs and usually enjoy every minute of it. I hope to get closer to some of those people, I think I could be as close to them as the friends I have in my hometown.

I made chocolate oatmeal cookies last night. We call them cow patties, would our little skwirl like some of those? lol The sandies haven't been made yet.

Nov 23 @ 1:23PM  
Your list is just about the same as mine Skwirlie Girl. Lots of people have added to my life in a positive way on here and for that I am very grateful...

Nov 23 @ 1:30PM  

For each and every one of my friends on here. And those I have not made yet.

May you all have a wonderful ThanksGiving, and may God Bless you all.

Nov 23 @ 1:31PM  

And here's my green nut for you Sam.

Nov 23 @ 1:43PM  
I'm grateful that you still want to have me & Pudge the Pretty tied up to your bed.

The rest? Well, I think I had best wait until I am in a better mood. I don't think I have what it takes to be nice right now and might inadvertently take some one's head off.

Here's my tax...

Nov 23 @ 1:49PM  
For each and every one of my friends on here. And those I have not made yet.

May you all have a wonderful ThanksGiving, and may God Bless you all
Chuck said it all!!!!
Oh yeah I almost forgot..Ladies do ya... Wanna Fuck?

Nov 23 @ 2:44PM  
I'm thankful for who I have in my life and for what I have....and I'm also thankful for the great people I've met here.

Here's your cookie

Nov 23 @ 2:51PM  
We call them cow patties

The no-bakes? With peanut butter? We call them cow pattis too!

Nov 23 @ 5:29PM  
I'm not going to go with the name-thingy either,but to those who made my 'net journey a little more interesting,thanks.

Nov 23 @ 6:05PM  
I want to thank all the little people who made this award for Wickedest Sexiest Bastard of the Year possible...
*Shuffles Papers*

Aw fuck, wrong speech....

Anyway....not namin know who yar...
'Preciate Ye....

Luvz Ya too, Skwirl girl....

Nov 23 @ 6:07PM  

Nov 23 @ 8:16PM  
Aww Sammy! My lil squirrely girl, I be thankful for you and many more on here for the love and friendship you've given me through the years! I know I'm not around much lately but know that you all are never far from my thoughts.......well OK I admit there are moments when I completely forget about y'all but...well..... some of you know why! lol Happy Holly Days to y'all! Big hug and a shiny green thingy to ya!

Nov 24 @ 8:56PM  
I'm thankful for Rick,Jordan, Deanna, Dayna, Stormy, Megan, Shawn, Rod, Ann, Sam, Greg, Dani, Lisa, Nomi, Rosie, my parents, Rose, Bob, Cindy, and lots more that I can't think of right now. I'm so happy to have these people in my life. Some of them are from here, others not.

I'm extremely thankful for the new man in my life. He's wonderful and I hope to be with him for a long long time! Oh....and yes I met him here.

Nov 24 @ 10:22PM  
and yes I met him here.

She lies! She met him at my house!

Nov 25 @ 12:35AM  
I'm extremely thankful for the new man in my life. He's wonderful and I hope to be with him for a long long time! Oh....and yes I met him here.
Awwwwwwwwww!!!!! Awesome! I'm happy for y'all!! And while I didn't meet mine "here" as in AMD, I am thankful for him too!

Nov 25 @ 1:26AM  
She lies! She met him at my house!

Well geeze, if you want to get all technical and shit. LOL Yes I did meet him in person at your house

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Prezidenchul Pardoning of the Turkeys