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What do Animals know?

posted 11/22/2008 4:25:04 PM |
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Can Cats or Dogs tell when we are sick?
I'm a Doggie kinda guy... Nope..I love Pussy.. buttttttt
Can your Pet tell, when You are sick!?

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Nov 22 @ 4:34PM  
Yes!and she brings me flowers!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 22 @ 4:37PM  
My dog knows when im hungover in the morning and brings me a beer..

Nov 22 @ 4:44PM  
A few of you know that I had a dog euthiasiad three weeks ago.

my other dog, the oft mentioned fat little house dog, Jake Russell, the Jack Russell, hated Caige the boxer, but the night that Caige got very very ill, Jake lay closley beside him, as if knowing this would be his last night with us.

As for me, yes Jake know when I am sick, and usually snuggled what ever spot that needs to be healed.

Nov 22 @ 4:46PM  
Over the years some of mine have been more tuned in than others.

Nov 22 @ 4:52PM  
Yup when I was so sick they would lay on the bed and watch me sleep.. one of them was awake the whole time.. they took turns but they stayed within arms reach the whole time.. and that's not my dogs' normal behavior.

Nov 22 @ 5:24PM  
Not just when I'm sick, but my dog knows when I'm sad. When I cry, he gets really close to me...snuggles.

Nov 22 @ 5:43PM  
my dog was depressed when i was feeling really sick...

Nov 22 @ 5:52PM  
they are in tune to your behavior,,I wish mine would fetch me a woman when Im horny

Nov 22 @ 6:25PM  
Not just dogs. Zelda, my Manx can sense when I am upset. She will stay close all night long and rub her teeth on my nose. This is her way of showing affection. There are no cats like Manx and in fact, they are known as the cat for people who love dogs.

Nov 22 @ 11:38PM  
My dog always knows when I'm sick, or even about to get sick. She stays very close to me and snuggles with me. Of course everyone says we look kinda strange. My Sassy is a tiny applehead chihuahua and of course I'm a bbw, so I guess we do look funny.

Nov 22 @ 11:52PM  
My dog knows when i'm upset, or depressed. If I cry he will come up and get really close to me and lay his head on my knee. If i'm laying down he'll lay his head right next to mine on the pillow. I really miss him, he's back in Illinois with my parents. As much as I wanted to bring him with me, he's been living there for the past 2 years and I couldn't bring myself to separate him from my mom. He loves her as much as she loves him. That's home to him now, as sad as that makes me.

Nov 23 @ 1:51AM  
Most definitley they can... I broke some bones in my foot...wasn't even sure what had happened myself, but was in excrutiating pain, my dog immediately started licking the area of the foot before I was even up off the floor. She also lets me rest or sleep in if I dont feel good... otherwise, she is up at 5AM sharp and isn't shy about waking me so she can go outside.

Dogs are very perceptive, and also compassionate if the relationship exists between dog/pet and owner as it should. Rather than some caged or chained animal that is ignored. My dogs/pets have always been treated like a member of the family and cared for in an equal manner.

Just my .02

Nov 23 @ 1:54AM  
I dont have a pet,I wouldnt know...but those stories are touching.

Nov 23 @ 2:51AM  
I'm not sure exactly what they know.... or how...but they do.
And it's not just dogs or cats...I have a friend who has horses. the one horse just always seems to know what my mood is the minute I walk into the barn or the pasture.. If I'm sad, he'll walk up to me and put his head on top of my shoulder and just stand there while I pet his neck. If I'm in a really good mood he wants out of his stall so he can prance around and he'll hold his head high and keep looking to make sure I'm watching him... If I am in a bad mood, he will put his head on top of my head and just stand there so I can't move.. Do you know how heavy a horses head

The really good thing is...they just know and they never keep pestering you about what is wrong knowing you don't want to talk. They're just there...

Nov 23 @ 3:21AM  
I love horses! Casually...that was very sweet...i got a great visual!

Nov 23 @ 11:09AM  
Hey CL....excellent example! I forgot about a similar experience with horses that I too, have had. Years ago (back when I was married - LOL) we had horses and there was one mare in particular who was very much like that - kind, sweet, loving, gentle, and would follow me around and nudge me to pet her... she was very tender and would rub her velvet soft nose on my arm.... Anyway, when she was pregnant and VERY pregnant with her big ole belly, I used to spend hours with her just rubbing her tummy and petting her... she would utter the most strange noises, but she knew I understood her condition. I stayed with her during her labor too... rubbing and talking with her when she birthed... She and I both knew we were feeling each other.... during the pregnancy and delivery. Any time I would enter the barn she would instantly start "nickering" at me to come see her....and her colt. She didn't want anyone else near him, only me! That makes ya feel good!

They do know.... I don't think we credit animals NOR children near enuf for their intelligence just because they cannot communicate in the "normal" manner.

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What do Animals know?