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Love has a price! ---LITTERALLY!

posted 11/21/2008 5:01:24 PM |
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As everyone knows about me, I have friends i chat with all over the world and not just on YB or here at AMD, I'm more the Howard Stern/Larry King type and talk to all kinds of peeps from all over. recently i did a conversation with a Chinese woman during the Olympics on yahoo messenger, and we were talking about having more than 1 child, i guess the way i took it, the first one there is free, but anymore kids require a permit, so if you wanted a son and get a daughter? Tough tits! without a permit?? Thats it! LOL! The sad thing is what if using a contraceptive on a man and it breaks? And a 2nd pregnancy? The child is took away, but she never went in detail, but to my guess? Probably killed.sad! But then the 2 having sex is charged and fined heavy, perhaps beaten for breaking the law! Jesus guy's? It's hard enough to have to live with the "Never deck her with an unwrapped pecker!" routine there, but when you pull that thing out and see a hole in it?? Living in such a place? SCARY!!!! And accordingly, women prefer the penis unwrapped than wrapped after their first child, according to my source "It just feels better!!" that is why if you go to the regular MD site under Asia? You will see thousands of Chinese women wanting an American male, not only a green card, but they want many kids and to ride "BAREBACK" LOL! But don't think it is cheap all you horny single men! To get such a woman they require you to go to China to meet, pay their way here and for a marriage or fiancee visa which can run $5000 dollars for everything! Does love have a price? It does if you live in China! Crow.

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Love has a price! ---LITTERALLY!
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Nov 21 @ 5:29PM  
I got a buck fitty.. how much will that get me?

Nov 21 @ 5:52PM  
don't know skwirl, according to yahoo? (Talking like Jethro Bodine) they's got's what you's call dem dar yuan whats a YUAN? Shucks thats easy! me havin an 8th grade eggs u cashun?? thats "YUAN'S aint got enuff!!' LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 21 @ 6:06PM  
That's the prollem with chinese food.. ya eat em.. and half hour later you gotta eat em again! A skwirl's tongue could get awful tired.

Nov 21 @ 6:26PM  
I knew a chinese couple a few years back and they had two kids in china. there first being a daughter the second a son which the gov took. They say that males are raised for the millitary and females are killed to control the population.
Even in cant breath easy in china...

Nov 21 @ 6:47PM  
I'm more the Howard Stern/Larry King type

Who told you that?

Nov 21 @ 7:17PM  
Who told you that?

sorry! Words! i forgot, my Alzheimers is acting up! getting old! I'm hearing voices! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 21 @ 7:17PM  
like in the usa, rules are broken.
did you know its against
the law to go over 65 mph
on the freeway? last
time i clocked it,
i was putting slowly at
65 mph in the far right lane,
and everyone else was
whizzing by at 80-110 mph.
tortoise won the race though.
i do hereby swear to support
the constitution of the united
states of america, so help me god.
which one? everyone has their
own version of what it should be.
years ago, when i was 16-23, i felt
that narcotics laws were unconstitutional.
and i declared nothing upon arrival
at home. parents at the time,
felt otherwise. and had me arrested.
just like in the soviet union.
isn't that swell of them. turn in
their own son, for anything, even
for throwing a gum wrapper in the wrong
wastebin, or on the ground. busted.
the f.b.i. agent across the street
assigned to spy on me while i worked
at the venice post office, where i was
suspected of all kinds of shenanigans,
we had a strike, and we convinced
dick nixon that we deserved a hefty raise,
fewer hours, more benefits and the
respect postmen deserve. and then
i was summarily set up for dealing
dope on the dock, and oddly enuff
cornered into resigning, part of the plan
that many govt. workers had. public
employee unions. there is now
a secret agents union too.
spy for how much money?
costs are going up. go private
if you like, they'll cost your
entire firm. lapd unions.
and you're gonna roll back unions
to do the good old days of slavery?
i don't think so. time for the
ceo's to take a 600% paycut.
they have no idea how to run
any business. mostly they
know how to play golf, and
shoot the breeze. so full of hot air.
employee owned businesses are
doing fantastic in the cooperative model.
quoth the raven, scarecrows take away corn eating byrds.
birds are great, but they eat all your food.
such problems to solve. no sooner is one problem
solved, than another is created. oftentimes
the problems come from the solutions.
is there a solution? no, its a bogus problem.
for example, in the new math, 4 plus 4 is
568. you always have more than you really have.
sorta like,positive thinking. i prefer negative
thinking myself, i always have less than i really do.
so when i realize i have more than i thought i did,
i'm kinda happy. i was sure i had nothing. different
philosophies. and geithner will solve all of the problems
of the us treasury? he was appointed today. and
preserve us from the greatest depression. as predicted,
djia went up over 6% to over 8000. i was hoping
it would go way up to 15,000, but the guy in the other
universe who came to do the mysterious influx
of cash, was arrested by the united states secret
service, for counterfeiting. he tried to pull off
a job to help us all out, and what he get, arrested.
poor guy, all he wanted to do was make everyone happy.
road to hell is so paved with good intentions.
aw crap.

Nov 21 @ 7:22PM  
It's a very terrible thing over there....but man, they are way overpopulated......
and it's not like it's something new, they've been doing it for a loooong time....

Nov 21 @ 7:26PM  
yeah here is to "The pursuit of happiness" here. If i can get my share of it? I'm gonna try and get my portion LOL!

Nov 21 @ 7:37PM  
Happiness is what you make out of life crow. I know first hand cause I was a misserable MFer for a long time and didnt know it. Dont pursue it...just take it.

Nov 21 @ 7:44PM  
damn right Budman! Thats why you don't see me on here doing any crying ass and bitching, gotta go with'er! i learned that in the last 2 yea rs the hard way for sure LOL!

Nov 22 @ 2:39AM  
Hi'' I'm new to this site,my opinion on this is 5-grand is not alot of money!,If you're serious about finding a young bride.I'm not materialist and you can't take your money with you.I'm generous in giving and it makes you feel good..

Nov 22 @ 4:05AM  
Hi'' I'm new to this site,my opinion on this is 5-grand is not alot of money!,If you're serious about finding a young bride.I'm not materialist and you can't take your money with you.I'm generous in giving and it makes you feel good..

LOL! ok you go buddy! hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm????? errrr sorry! LOL!

Nov 22 @ 4:30AM  
Don't forget that you have to apply for a permit in order to have kids... and if your underage you cannot legaly apply and therefore any resulting children cannot be registered as citizens.

This preference for males has caused such a decline in the female population that it is not uncommon to buy a kidnapped 14 year old as your wife. Strangly enough while a female child sells for very little as an infant, the second she hits puberty that price skyrockets. It's also not uncommen to sell your teenage daughter.
If your approached by a female at a bar in china, she's a hooker. Pretty much no exeption.

What lovely results that one child policy has had...


Nov 22 @ 2:06PM  
indeed Beefy! great job and thanks for more info! That was interesting, I knew China had a slave trade, but was wondering what it was, you summed that one up. cool! thanks!

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Love has a price! ---LITTERALLY!