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And the AMD Games Continue

posted 11/20/2008 6:55:51 PM |
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tagged: sex, game

Looks like a couple of my clues flew the coop but we all know who they are anyway..

click the linky to take you to a crossword puzzle I made up using names from AMD. The clues are pretty obvious so it should be quite easy to get this batch. If you aren't mentioned.. get the hell over it.. I ran out of space. It doesn't mean that I don't lubs you bunches or nothin.. just that I ran out of space in the clue section of the free puzzle maker I used.

This is sized to print out on a single sheet of typing paper.. or you can resize it to suit your needs.

Answers will be posted Friday Evening. For those who haven't gotten it all by then.

Happy Gaming.. and I hope that the two who took off come back soon.

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Nov 20 @ 6:58PM  
And dont forget to pay your TAXES!!!!!! The troops need to eat! Leave your cookies at the door.

Nov 20 @ 7:08PM  
Imma gonna have to find a printer somewheres, so's i can do the puzzle. I love crosswords! Great idear, my furry friend.

Loves you very very very very much!

Nov 20 @ 7:09PM  
Oops I almost forgot to leave you a cookie! That's been taken care of now.

Nov 20 @ 7:16PM  
my brain hurts

Nov 20 @ 7:24PM  
I dont have a printer,but for once I know the answers to this...good concept Ms. Brushtail. I haz cookie 4U

Nov 20 @ 7:26PM  
*wonders if she can get away with nuzzlin down there tween luna's bewbies to nibble that cookie*

Nov 20 @ 7:39PM  
Already dropped your goodie at the door on my way to check out the puzzle...

*wonders if she should put the goodie between her bewbies instead of leaving it at the door?*

Nov 20 @ 7:43PM  
Cookies and bewbies!! mmmmm I could also go for some cookies and nuts!!

Nov 20 @ 7:52PM  
I've already figured out 14 of them...but, damn, some of them are difficult! What fun!

Nov 20 @ 8:07PM  
i only had a reamer once.
she had lukewarm
water and gargled my nuts.
i'd heard of it.
it was a mediocre sensation.
just to say to myself i'd done it.
is music better than sex?
is food better than sex?
is sex overrated?
is sex x rated.
pg sex.
g sex.
r sex.
x sex.
xx sex.
aned xxx sex.
what is sex called in persian?
what is the word for sex in hindi?
can you make up a crossword
puzzle in the cyrillic alphabet
in the russian language?
i bought a book of soviet
short stories once. it was
all in russian. their keyboards are different.
how about a chinese crossword puzzle?
or japanese? hebrew crossword puzzles?

Nov 20 @ 8:10PM  
how bout one in klingon?

Nov 20 @ 8:14PM  
This is fun but I cant tell what the numbers are!

Nov 20 @ 8:38PM  
thanks Skwirl, I saw mine, but i have a 19 inch monitor and had to change resolutions Either that or get coke bottles for glasses! LMAO! Thank god Firfox has that feature you can make photos bigger. But besides that? its a g9ood looking crossword! (Not your fault, its my monitor the way it is.) Crow

Nov 20 @ 8:55PM  
*wonders if she can get away with nuzzlin down there tween luna's bewbies to nibble that cookie*

I'd look pretty odd with a bushytail twitching out of my cleav...

Nov 20 @ 9:21PM  
print Skwirl Girl?
like a's n b's n the rest of whatever they are?
nobody said there wuz tests
are you gradin' on the curve
I know all about curves
c'mere Teach
lemme cruize yours for a bit
oh yeah
and for extra credit
I'm droppin' a greenie
cuz I gotsta see
when you bend to get it

Nov 20 @ 9:53PM  
That was super fun!!!!

Nov 20 @ 10:19PM  
Ok..I think I can do this one.

here's the cookie

I'm off to work on a crossword puzzle now. (printers are such wonderful things! )

Nov 20 @ 10:40PM  
Pay Your Taxes....

Nov 20 @ 11:12PM  
Too cool!!

I love it when you challenge me like that.

Nov 21 @ 2:19AM  
Why is it fuzzy...

Please tell me I'm not the nutgobbler...


Nov 21 @ 9:33AM  
To cool thank you...

Nov 21 @ 10:33AM  
I wanna do it, but I can't really make out the numbers...and I tried resizing it too

Nov 21 @ 11:32AM  
imma click sumthin but it won't be no linky...........

Nov 21 @ 6:04PM  
Ok gadies and lentlemen here are your answers as promised. Next game not til next week.. I'm takin the weekend off to pursue umm yeah interests that's it.. interests..


1. Don't call me chubby = Pudgetoyou
3. He's a fine upstanding citizen = straightup
4. Large Mythical Creature = Beefy Goblin
5. He's one tough but lovable puppy = bandengor
6. What did you say? = xquseme
7. I've got your number = mrknowuwell
9. He's the master of ceremonies = borty
13. Her indian name is dances with shitkickers = ladybootscooter
14. A very colorful prognosticator = Purpleprophet
17. She's the band bunny = dmbchick
18. She's a bright ray of _____ = sunshine
20. He's very quick with the verbage = Wordsofwit
23. What's your reason? = Ynot
24. If she ain't happy, no one is happy = themama
26. She's the ____ of the ball = belle


2. The sheep of your dreams = ewewish
8. Furry nutgobbler = theskwirl
10. A gentle caress = softtouch
11. Blackbird singing in the dead of night = thecrow
12. A girl with a powderpuff tail = onebunny
15. Ooh the colors! That's craaaaaazy man = funnywhapper
16. The dark side of the moon = lunanegra
19. She's just browsing = casuallylooking
21. She's been searching non-stop = lookingforever
22. Raid is her weapon of choice = cootiesprayer
25. He's watching over us = keepinganeyeout
27. Who's the cleaning lady? = Lisa
28. She'd like you to perform a goooood deed = lickmyclit
29. The undisputed king of kink = straddlemynose

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And the AMD Games Continue