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Enough please!!

posted 11/20/2008 1:53:50 PM |
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I can handle a little bit of politics and a little bit of controversial dialog, but enough please. Do I need to come up with a new invention or write some erotica? Let's get some sex back into these sex blogs...Please!!!

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Nov 20 @ 1:56PM  
ooohhh I like it when you get agressive....turns me on....wanna fuck???

Nov 20 @ 1:57PM  
We`re suppose to talk about sex ......


Was that what you wanted ....

Nov 20 @ 2:04PM  
Don't talk that way to me. I'm the boss today. Now quit squirming so I can get this spreader bar on you two. Once I'm done with spankings, then you can talk.

Nov 20 @ 2:06PM  
Let's get some sex back into these sex blogs...Please!!!
what the suffering from beefygoblinitis?

You know PP.........just cause this is adultmatchdoctor..........and just because this was originally a sex site...........NO WHERE in the blog rules does it say all blogs have to be about sex............and personally I think there sure wont be much for blogs if thats all that gets posted around here..........and basically I am pretty fed up listening to ppl bitch cause all they want is sex blogs.............if you dont like the blogs........skip them.......want to have sex blogs....write them.........but it would certainly be nice if people would stop whining cause others post blogs that are not just about sex.............I know you will have a hard time believing this..........but there is more to life than just sex...............

Nov 20 @ 2:11PM  
You're lucky I just don't tackle you, shave all your wool off and tickle your ribs til you pee yourself.

Nov 20 @ 2:19PM  
I believe that its kinda an unstated rule. Like if it was called "science blogs" and someone started writing blogs about spankings and erotic stories about huge titted lesbian sisters...well they certainly wouldn't be welcome or expected right?

So how is writing a story about the family vacation in the "SEX BLOGS" section any different?

Nov 20 @ 2:26PM  
Perhaps because in science blogs in the rules it would state this must be about science...........and here it says

Subject Matter - You may blog about any subject you like, perhaps a current event or an epiphany you had today. Keep it interesting. Don't just describe what you did today. Talk about ideas, thoughts, or things you might have learned for example.

Now beefy even someone such as yourself must be able to read that no where does it say SEX!!!! For that matter doesnt even use sex as an example...........hmmmmmmm

Nov 20 @ 2:27PM  
Not that I don't like reading about sex....but it's nice to have a variety of stuff on here to read....otherwise I would get bored....especially reading erotica stories

Nov 20 @ 2:29PM  
It also says this:

"Sex Blogs

AdultMatchdoctor sex blogs are a great way to let others know about you and to find that special partner. Below you will find the most recent blogs posted by our single adult members. Browse around, who knows what or "who" you will find! When you're ready to join in the fun, post a blog of your own."

So it is actually labeled "Sex Blogs".

Nov 20 @ 2:36PM  
Yes it does but does it say they are only blogs about sex and for that matter it says SINGLE adult members so should we stop the married bloggers from blogging.............we would lose some decent bloggers that way.............

its amazing how people will jump up and say this is my right to do this or to do that and than want to stop others from doing what they want..........writing blogs about other topics other than sex is not violating any of the guys dont like it dont read them......or piss and moan that they arent just about sex and i will continue to say its not in the rules that it has to be.

Nov 20 @ 2:44PM  
Well that depends...are you a married couple looking for fun..

Nov 20 @ 2:46PM  
Well that depends...are you a married couple looking for fun..
Why would that says single adults.................and what a persons reasons for being here none of your business......i realize that you would like to form this site in the way you percieve it would work the best...for you....but thank god you cant....or you and orzie would be the only two on this site....

Nov 20 @ 2:46PM  
Well that depends...are you a married couple looking for fun.. who wants to join us??? lol You won't be disappointed

Nov 20 @ 2:52PM  
I read "sex",,,thats why I stopped by

Nov 20 @ 3:00PM  
Frustrating sometimes,isn't it? (hug)

Nov 20 @ 3:32PM  

Nov 20 @ 4:39PM  
there once was a man from Nan tucket, who had a dick the size of a rocket, he met a hun, and boy did they have fun, thats my sex talk so now FUCK IT!

Nov 20 @ 4:53PM  

You kids are funny!!!!

Anybody in the mood to fuck????

Nov 20 @ 5:00PM  


But seriously, blog whatever ya want, and ya'll play nice.....geez....

Nov 20 @ 5:11PM  
Bigman .....Comere ....

Nov 20 @ 5:17PM  
quietly saunters over to RR......

Have a great night folks...I know I will!!!

Nov 20 @ 7:24PM  
dammm...........all this sex talk........has me hungry.....whats the number 2 dominos again???

Nov 20 @ 11:58PM  
Oh give me a fuckin' break!!!! And I don't mean you PP......

Some people just exist to be argumenative and stir shit...and never learn or really change.

Yes, blogs sometimes get stuck on a subject 'til ya wanna scream and I do like to see a variety no matter what they're about...the more for me to pick and choose from. But bottom line....blogger's choice, the way it should be. You meant no disrespect nor criticism...just suggested a little reason for anyone to bite your head off. But some do it so well....sigh. And they will be back to do it again.

Nov 21 @ 9:39AM  
If somebody will give me a penny, I'll put in my two cents.

Nov 21 @ 9:50AM  
If somebody will give me a penny, I'll put in my two cents.

*hands a penny over* shoot!

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Enough please!!