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Rant Rant and some more Rant

posted 11/20/2008 2:30:48 AM |
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tagged: rant

I know that this subject has been done to death on this site, but bear with me a minute. Is it me, a southern thing, or just some men on this site. This is the 5th email that I've had today with the same request from married men. Maybe this one just hit me the wrong way, or I'm at a sugar low or something, but please.......I'm about ready to scream.

This guy sent me a wink, then a flirty email, so I winked back, then an email. And this is how it turned out........


Wife went back to California several months ago. I just happened upon this web site, don't know if it is any good. Don't have experience in this area of the computer world. I am just looking for a little casual sex, no drama, no strings attached. I am an adult, don't carry tales or any diseases. If you are interested, we could meet somewhere and have a coffee or soda and see if we need to go any farther. I go to Atlanta from time to time, could swing by (my hometown removed) or we could meet away from your hometown. It is your call.

This site is a place for friends to talk and blog. Some people hook up, some date, some find their future spouses and get married, but mostly it's a place to blog and talk. Or that is what I've found here.

Sorry to hear that your wife has gone back to California. Don't know where that leaves you now though. You didn't say. For you to want to go an hour away from where you live to have casual sex probably means that she will someday be coming back and you wouldn't want her to find out what you've been doing. More likely she never went to California and she's happily at home ignorant to what you're doing. lol Sorry to sound jaded, but most married men on here are lying about where their wives are and why they are doing what they are doing. I have more respect for the ones that tell the truth.

For you to say that you could "swing by (my hometown removed) or we could meet away from my hometown" says that you wouldn't want anyone here to know what I've been up to either. Sorry darlin, but I've been divorced for 24 yrs. I don't have to explain anything I do to anyone, nor do I care if anyone and thier uncles know what I do. It's none of their business. lol They aren't paying my bills, nor do I expect them to.

If what you said is the truth, sorry for jumping to conclusions, but I've had this happen time after time after time, and I'm sick of it. Just tell the truth and suffer the consequences of it.

It doesn't really make a big rat's ass to me if you believe me or not. I laid out what I am willing to do, if you aren't interested, that is fine. I don't need anyone telling me how to live my life of how my life is going or where my wife is or isn't I will be very fine thank you and no thank you.
lol I'm not the one emailing another person looking for casual sex. What I was trying to tell you was........if you had just held a conversation with a woman here, she would've probably agreed to meet you, not to have sex with you, but at least meet you to see if you had anything in common with you.

Frankly my dear I could give a shit less if you ever have sex again. I know it certainly won't be with me, I have more respect for myself than that.

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Nov 20 @ 2:38AM  
Now......was I being mean or a bitch or what? I don't really think I was. I might have handled it differently if this hadn't been the 5th one today, but damn!! enough is enough. I'm sorry if I was being mean, really I am, but man up........say what you mean and mean what you say. If you're separated, explain why, say if you're getting back together or not, I'm too old to be playing games. If you just need someone to talk to, fine. I can talk the horns off a billy goat. I'm the Dear Abby of the internet anyway. I'll be happy to help you any way I can, but that sure as hell don't mean I'm gonna have sex with you to help.

Nov 20 @ 2:45AM  
I think you were nice and polite, but I usually check the profile first to see their status. If they are in a relationship or married I don't wink back. If they emailed me they automatically go to my filtered mail and I writ ...:I don't entertain married men...or those in a relationship"...I send and then block. It is quick, short, to the point, and then I am not setting myself up for a judgement call or argument. Done...Your call...that is just how I do it.

Nov 20 @ 3:20AM  
It sounds like his relationship with his wife may be a bit of a sore spot... that appears to be what upset him about your reply.

Generaly speaking...well when a wife leaves you for any extended period of time,expect paperwork to follow - followed by court date.

I wonder how much of his stuff he will get to keep.

He may be simply cheating on her...and I'd lay even odds that if he is she's banging his brother anyway.

What cheating spouses usualy get cheated on. We attract what we are, for better or worse.

Nov 20 @ 3:37AM  
Wow...Beefy got all philisophical on us! Go Beefy!!! Go Beefy!!! Go Beefy!!!! I am very impressed!

Nov 20 @ 3:52AM just don't appreciate my usual mixture of sarcasm and wit.

If I'm tired, I tend to throw alot of my personality out the window, and just boil down my statements to basic fact.

I'm tired.


Nov 20 @ 3:57AM  
Actually...I do appreciate your satire, and fun way of just getting right to it...and your sarcasim...Just making a funny with you offense...just thinking you were right on the money with this one!

Nov 20 @ 4:40AM  
Blue, I've gotten a response like that before. That guy was an ass and you were as polite as you could be. It appears that this man/boy couldn't take the truth no matter how gently it's given. Sounds like the guy needs a lobotomy.

Nov 20 @ 4:56AM  
How would cutting this mans brain help him get laid... wait... Paris Hilton, Jessica simpson, Miss teen South Carolina , Ashton Kutcher, Keanu Reeves, omg. Being dumb makes you hotter.

Sign me up. I need to get laid more than I need to understand arithmetic!

Nov 20 @ 5:14AM  
I think you spent too much time on your reply and this blog. Getting hit on by married guys looking for a fling comes with the territory and should come as no surprise. I am not saying it is right, only that it is common place. Get over it and get used to it.

Nov 20 @ 6:01AM  
I have to admit, I agree with Bruce...did I just say that out loud, lol , sorry Bruse, couldn't resist... But I think you spent too much time on your response to him.
For Me...When he winked I would have checked out his profile and if it said married I wouldn't have bothered with anything but the delete button.. Even if it said separated, he stated he was married and he was just looking for casual sex..Nothing More, away from his flags..IF I even wrote back it would have been a simple thanks but No thanks.
But that's just me.....

No I don't think you were mean, but wasted your time trying to explain anything to him. Just my opinion.

Nov 20 @ 8:59AM  
I think you handled yourself well, but I never give these assholes the satisfaction of a reply....block and delete

Nov 20 @ 9:41AM  
He may be simply cheating on her...and I'd lay even odds that if he is she's banging his brother anyway.

What cheating spouses usualy get cheated on. We attract what we are, for better or worse.
God to be so young and so cynical..................and so full of shit.........................

Just because one person cheats in a marriage doesnt mean they both are........

i dont know i have friends on here who are married but they never wrote to me looking for sex either.........i dont do married men so i just ignore emails from them.........

Nov 20 @ 11:11AM  
Like scammers.......block and move on

Nov 20 @ 12:47PM  
That was a very nice letter, I think you stated yourself quite clearly and not in a mean way, but a stern serious manner. His loss not yours and your an awesome person for not stooping to his level.

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Rant Rant and some more Rant